On the Spencer porch, Lulu demands that Luke tell her when he was made aware that their mom's recovery was only temporary? She doesn't understand how he could've kept such a thing a secret. She runs inside and starts up the stairs. Firmly, Laura tells Lulu to stop and not blame her father. Lulu wants to know why Laura isn't angry. Keeping the secret is one of the hardest things your father has ever had to do. And the most heroic. She asks what if they all had known from the start. She tells them that It would've cast a shadow on everything we've done between now and then. They would've been moments on sadness instead of joy. We would've had to focus on what we had to lose instead of what we had to celebrate. Don't be angry with your father." Nikolas wants to know how long she has left. Laura says she doesn't think it's very long.

Sonny, pointing his loaded gun at Ric's chest, is reminding Ric that he's alive only because they share a mother. But if Jason is dead, he's the only real brother Sonny will ever have. All bets are off the table. Ric thinks there's no way Sonny could kill him. But he does start to get a little nervous there for a minute. Sonny pulls the trigger, Ric jumps out of his skin, but nothing happens. I guess fate's not gonna let you die tonight, Sonny says as he walks out the door.

In the back of the chapel, Jason's eyebrows flinch just a little when Liz speaks the words, This baby is ours. Liz starts fumbling with her cell phone to call 911. It doesn't work, and as she starts to go off to her car, Jason revives just enough to tell her no cops. He tells her that he only needs to go somewhere and rest. He tells her that she can do this, he trusts her.

Alexis takes Kristina back to Kelly's where Viola has planned a surprise party for her. Kristina isn't speaking, but lets Alexis hold her.

At the PCPD, Sam (in handcuffs) wants to know if Kristina has been taken to the hospital. Mac says he doesn't know, but warns her that she has a lot of charges out against her. She claims she was just defending herself and, just then, Alcazar stomps in and demands to know why is son was killed in cold blood. Mac asks him what Diego was doing in that alley in the first place. HE WAS GETTING MURDERED! yells Alcazar.

Laura tells her kids that she's known for a while that something was wrong. She was hoping it was the residual effects from the medication, but it wasn't. Lulu said she hasn't noticed, but Nikolas and Lucky don't say anything. Laura said that the memory lapses are happening more often. She tells them that she knows in her heart that she has to leave soon. She wants them to understand that Luke had a difficult decision to make and he did exactly what she would've wanted him to do. He brought us all together and gave us as many perfect days as he could've by bringing us all together as a family. Lulu cries that she can't leave, she can't loose her again. Laura tells her that she can do it, she's strong. Luke is sitting tearfully with his hand on his wife's shoulder as their daughter clings to her.

Carly explains to Jax that she broke Jason's heart and he stayed with her anyway. Jax tells Carly that she needs to give herself time to grieve. She needs to be strong for Michael and Morgan, isn't that what Jason would've wanted her to do? Carly agrees.

Meanwhile, Liz has Jason's arm around her shoulder, hopping along with her until they reach her old art studio. (Gosh, we've not seen this set in forever!) She finds her scissors and cuts away his pant leg. She doesn't see an exit wound, so the bullet must still be in his body. If it had cut an artery, he would've died by now. She tells him that the infection alone could kill him. Jason is writhing in pain, he's almost unrecognizable, but he tells her to take that bullet out.

Sonny goes looking for Alexis and Kristina at Kelly's. He's upset to hear about what Kristina saw and wishes that Dr. Winters would've suggested they take her to the hospital. He goes inside to talk to his daughter. He tells her that her b-day present is in the car, but she doesn't respond. He tells her that tomorrow she can open her gifts with her brothers. His phone is ringing, but he doesn't answer it until he finishes talking to her. Then, he walks away to answer it and it's Liz. She tells him that she's at her old studio and that a friend of his is with her.

At PCPD, Mac shows kindness to Sam and tells her that he checked the hospital and Kristina hasn't been admitted. Then Carly comes in and demands to talk to Sam alone. Once they are in the interrogation room, Sam explains the scene from earlier to Carly. She explains what Kristina saw, that Jason and the computer kid ran off, how Jason threw his gun, but Ric gave the order to shoot anyway, and Jason fell into the water. Carly said that she is going to do exactly what Jason would have wanted her to do; she's going to get Sam the hell outta there.

Laura tells her family that it's amazing, they are all together in the living room -- and they are all getting along! How many families get that, she asks. Lucky tells her that she's always been able to look at the bright side. No matter where they were all those years ago. While Laura tries to empower her kids to survive after she slips away, we can hear her sniffling -- she is so plugged up from all the crying! She doesn't want anyone to over think anything that they've said or didn't say these past few weeks when they were together again.

She tells them, Don't worry that I'm suffering. I'm not, I wasn't aware of anything all those years. Just know that I'm restingI'm at peace. Don't tie yourself to me. When Lulu asks if she'd like them to visit her, she replies If it makes you feel better, then yes, fine." But don't come out of some sense of obligation. I want to you live life to the fullest. I want you to be good to each other and be a family. That would be the biggest tribute to me.

Nikolas asks Laura what she needs right now; what would make her smile? Through her tears, she brightens up and says, Memories. Laura tells them that she can remember things in bits and pieces, in the form of a sound, or even a smell. She tells Lulu that she remembers her toddling across the floor as a little girl. She remembers the smell of bread baking. She remembers Nikolas when he first walked into the house. (He tells her that it was the first real home he ever had.) Laura remembers Lucky and Emily Quartermaine running up and down the stairs. Next, Laura wants to hear their memories. But Luke said he doesn't want it to be a memory in which he was a big bag boogy man. They all laugh at that one. Lulu remembers making pink frosting as a kid -- the only memory she has of them all together. Dad actually stayed for cake and ice cream! she says. Lulu continues with her memory; Lucky was playing the guitar. She is overwhelmed with the enormity of it all and tells Laura that it never crossed her mind that she wouldn't be here forever. She finishes, But I remember one perfect afternoon with pink cake. Laura tearfully says she remembers too.

Sonny pounds on Liz's studio door and she lets him in. He tells Jason that Sam is fine, but that she killed Diego Alcazar. Liz tells Sonny that the bullet is still in Jason's leg. He tells her that he can't help too much tonight- Alcazar's men are out looking for him. He tells Sam that he can't bring a doctor in for a few days. Liz tells Sonny that Jason can't wait that long. He tells her, If anyone is going to be able to save Jason, it's you.

Jax has gone to Kelly's to celebrate Kristina's b-day. Alexis tells him how traumatized she is by the shooting, and Jax offers to try to get through to her. He sits on the sofa next to the little girl and fabricates a Queen of the Outback story. Kristina finally reacts: she puts her head down on Jax's lap and listens to the story. Alexis, her head wrapped in a scarf, looks on with tears rolling down her face.

A surly Alcazar demands that Ric avenges the blood that his son shed tonight. Ric tells him that Diego's shooter is in custody and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Lorenzo tells him that he's no father if he thinks that's good enough. Diego was his only son. If Ric won't get out of his way, he will be removed along with everybody else who is to blame for Diego's death.

The Spencer family has gotten their photo albums out. They laugh as they see a photo of Lucky as a cowboy in Canada. Laura happily remembers the dog, Foster; (otherwise known as Luke's name for him, Skillet head) Laura sees a picture of Windemere and Nikolas tells his mother that is where Liz and Lucky were married. They see pictures of the old Haunted Star before it was remodeled. Laura freezes up for a moment and they all tell her that perhaps she's too tired for all of these memories. Then she snaps back and says she's looking forward to Christmas. Luke reminds them that they have to get through Turkey day first. She cries and runs out to the porch saying that she won't be here for the real one, it's Christmas in her heart right now.

On the porch with Luke, Laura recalls planting the tulip bulbs every fall and looking through seed catalogs. She's upset because she should be Christmas shopping for Spencer and helping Lulu to plan her life. But none of that is going to happen. She says, I'm going back inside myself, like the trees in the winter, hiding, waiting out the cold. Waiting for a spring that never comes, she laments. Luke is crying openly at this point. He tells her that he appreciates the way she defended him to the kids. He says he should've told them all what they faced from the start. She tells him that she's grateful for the sacrifice he's made. She's wants him to know that she angry that she's losing the thing that she loves the most. I'm losing you. They sob with their faces buried in each other's shoulders.

At the PCPD, Ric tells Sam that she'll never be prosecuted for her worst crime -- what she did to her little sister. Sam tells him that he's the one that ordered the shooting.

Sonny finds Carly and tells her that he saw Jason and that he's alive.

At the studio, Liz is sitting with Jason when he wakes up. She tells him that she got the bullet out, stopped the bleeding. He tells her that she saved his life, then falls back to sleep. She talks to him anyway. There's so much I never told you.


On the porch, puffy-eyed Luke and Laura smile at each other; while inside the house, puffy-eyed, Nikolas holds his sister in his arms while she cries. Lucky is staring blankly out the window. Back on the porch, Luke and Laura kiss tenderly and then sway back and forth together.

Alexis is breaking down as she cleans up her daughter's b-day party at Kelly's Diner. Jax pulls into his warm embrace. Cut to Kristina who is sitting straight up in bed, wide awake, flicking a flashlight on and off.

Sam is alone in the interrogation room, in cuffs, and angrily pushes a chair out of her way. (You can tell she is in anguish over losing Jason tonight.)

At the abandoned art studio, Liz holds a cold compress to Jason's head as he sleeps. His hand, however, reaches for her hand and holds it.

Carly reacts joyfully as Sonny tells her the news about Jason. They fall into each other's arms. Holding their bodies close together doesn't seem like enough, so they press their cheeks togetherand then finally, their lips.

Sonny and Carly's kiss goes on and on.

Jason asks Liz, What were you saying to me in the church before I passed out?

Luke plays Santa.