Sam joins Ethan and Kristina at their table in Kelly's and plays poker with them. Kristina gets a text and goes outside to call Kiefer and break their date. Inside, Sam wonders why Ethan is encouraging Kristina's crush. He explains he's just trying to be nice to a girl with daddy issues and a screwed up boyfriend. She gets that, but warns he's leading her on and Ethan agrees to tone it down a bit. Kristina returns and Ethan says he has to go to work. She asks when their next poker lesson will be and Ethan says it's not a good idea. He doesn't want to lead her on and she's too young to be hanging around him. He leaves and Kristina rails at Sam. Sam tells her Ethan is too old for her, but Kristina reminds her of her relationship with Sonny. Sam in turn reminds her she was an adult when she was with Sonny. Kristina is furious and doesn’t know if she will ever forgive her and leaves.

Johnny finds Olivia at the Metro Court who stands her ground regarding his going up against Sonny. Johnny stands his ground as well, but says he loves her and wants her to take this ride with him. If it's not going to be tonight, then he will ask her tomorrow and kisses her.

Across the room at the Metro Court, the former prosecutor confronts Jax to find out why he had him booted off the case. Jax says Claire is the best and failure is not an option.

Mac comes to Dante's hospital room, where Lulu is visiting, to subpoena him for Sonny's bail hearing. Lulu points out he's still recovering, but Mac says there is a doctor's consent form and if he's not well enough to go to court, then they will take his statement in his room.

Lisa and Steve come to the hub and tell Robin and Patrick about the concert they are going to. Patrick acts jealous and then Mac comes up and Robin learns Dante has been subpoenaed. She thinks it's too much of a burden to ask a son to testify against his father.

Steve comes to Dante's room and says he will do another round of tests before signing off on his release. Lulu goes to get Dante some clothes for court in case he's deemed healthy enough to leave. After Lulu leaves, Robin enters to talk about Sonny. She shows him a photo of her and Stone and tells him about Sonny's relationship with him. To her, Sonny is the most generous and kind person she has ever met. Patrick walks up and overhears. He bursts into the room and asks to talk to Robin – now.

Out near the hub, Patrick tells Robin that Dante and Sonny are none of her business.

At the elevator, Lulu runs into Johnny and asks him not to visit Dante right now because he has had enough visitors trying to sway his testimony. Johnny wonders what the odds are that Dante will actually testify against his own father. Lulu says it's not her decision and Dante has react however he will. Johnny thinks Dante is lucky to have her and Lulu points out how nothing ever sticks to Sonny. Regardless, Johnny thinks Sonny will get what's coming to him.

Lulu returns to Dante with some clothes and he tells her about his conversation with Robin about Stone. She again tells him this is his choice and she will support him no matter what he decides. Dante gets dressed as an agitated Patrick returns to sign his release form. Dante questions this citing his ties to Robin and Sonny. Patrick says the situation is none of his business and Lulu calls that a refreshing point of view. Patrick tells him to do what he needs to so he can live with himself.

Steve and Robin see Dante and Lulu heading toward the elevator and learn Patrick signed off on his release. Steve and Robin are upset and Robin accuses her husband of wanting Dante out of the hospital so she couldn’t talk to him again, which Patrick confirms. Steve tells him he overstepped and orders him not to let it happen again. Robin and Patrick argue and Patrick reminds her Sonny shot an unarmed man and Dante can handle this on his own.

Johnny comes to the Haunted Star for a private game of Black Jack with Ethan. Johnny says there are other ways to make money, but Ethan wonders if he has a death wish. Johnny just wants retribution and Sonny going to jail won't cut it. He wants to dismantle him piece by piece and take away everything he's built up until he ends up alone. Johnny says something's going down now while everyone is at the arraignment and asks if he's in.

In the courtroom, Claire appeals to the judge to revoke Sonny's bail, while Diane tries to object. Sonny asks for a second with Diane and the judge allows it. Sonny tells Diane to ask for a recess, but Diane doesn’t like that idea. He reminds her she works for him and she will ask for it so he can get out of there. Diane complies and Alexis glibly tells Sonny, "Nice going hotshot. You just showed everyone in this court how you roll."

At the house, Michael doesn't understand how Sonny going to jail for a crime he didn't commit makes him a better father. They debate it and Jason says Sonny wants to protect him and he needs to let him do it. Jason gets a call from Sonny summoning him to the courthouse and Jason leaves, but tells Max to make sure Michael doesn't follow. Kristina comes in after Jason has left and reminds her brother why he shouldn't confess to killing Claudia. She thinks this is the only unselfish thing their father has ever done and Michael needs to let him do it.

Back in court, Alexis sees Jax and realizes he made the change in prosecutors happen. Jax admits he pulled a few strings and Alexis asks him to back off from Sonny for the sake of the kids. Jax thinks the kids will get over Sonny going to prison because they have good mothers to look out for them. He vows Sonny will go away this time.

Elsewhere in the courthouse, Diane lashes out at Sonny for his behavior, but he says this recess is the only thing between him and a prison cell and he is not going. Jason shows up and Diane freaks out. She orders Jason to leave before Claire slaps a subpoena in his hand. Jason gets caught up on the change of events and Sonny asks for a moment alone with Jason. Diane walks away and Sonny tells his enforcer he needs to get out of the country tonight.

Jason comes home and tells Sam they are about to revoke Sonny's bail. She realizes Jason is going to help him escape and Jason says it's the only choice and asks for her help.

Court resumes with Diane stating why bail should not be revoked. Claire then has her say, as Dante and Lulu walk in. Dante is then called to the stand.

Next on General Hospital:

Alexis joins Diane in defending Sonny.

Dante takes the stand.

Robin and Patrick clash.

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