Jax meets with a woman named Claire at the Metro Court restaurant, as Olivia observes from the bar. Riled up, Olivia comes over to find out who Claire is, but Jax only introduces her as his friend. Olivia makes a point to tell Claire Jax is married and has two stepsons and a baby daughter. Olivia is disappointed in Jax for not fighting for Carly, but he assures her this is all about saving his marriage. Olivia walks away and Jax and Claire talk about Sonny's trial and she assures him she will convict him, but she needs to remove an obstacle first.

At the police station, Mac tells the prosecutor he needs to step up his game in regards to Sonny, but he is pretty blasé about it. Claire walks in and asks Mac to talk to her colleague alone. Mac leaves and she tells the prosecutor she's taking over and blackmails him into stepping down. He wonders why she's doing this and she tells him they have one chance to nail Sonny and he is over matched by Diane. She wants him to go home and let her take down the big boy.

Jason comes home to find Sam sleeping on his couch and she asks where he was all night. He explains he and Bernie had to reorganize some things because Johnny and Dante know too much. They talk about the situation and Sam thinks there might be a way for her to help.

Kiefer comes to the Davis house, but Kristina hides and Alexis sends him on his way. Alexis wants to know what's going on, but Kristina won't say. Alexis suggests her daughter deal with her boyfriend head on.

Johnny and Michael run into each other outside of Kelly's and Johnny wonders why he isn't at Sonny's trial. Michael asks, "What if I told you my father didn't kill Claudia? Johnny warns him to be careful what he says and they bicker about Sonny and Claudia. Johnny thinks no matter what, his sister deserves justice. Mike comes upon them and asks to speak with Johnny. They all go inside and Mike sends his grandson off to do something for him. He then tells Johnny to back off Michael and they argue about Sonny. Johnny knows what it's like to be in Michael's shoes and says the first sense of peace he ever felt was when his father was thrown in jail and he wishes the same for Michael.

Johnny goes to the penthouse to meet with Sam, who warns him his need for revenge will push Jason into killing him, which he doesn't want to do. Johnny is just looking for justice, but Sam thinks turning this into a war is the wrong thing to do. Johnny is tired of Sonny getting around the justice system so he will carry out his own brand. Sam can't believe Claudia would want this for Johnny, but he just storms out.

Kristina goes to Kelly's to see if her grandfather needs some help. He thinks she just wants a distraction from Sonny's arraignment, which she calls karma. Mike wonders if she thinks Sonny deserves what he gets and she responds he needs to deal with the consequences. He tells her despite his failings, Sonny still loves her. Kristina walks out of the kitchen and into Kiefer, who asks if she will ever forgive him. She misses him, but she can't trust him and is afraid he will hurt her again. He is aware of it now and promises it won't happen again. He wants to prove it to her by going out for a date that night and won't touch her unless she wants him to. She agrees to a movie and Kiefer says he will pick her up later. Kiefer leaves and Ethan walks in. He sits down with Kristina and they talk as Kiefer watches through the window. Kiefer walks away, as Ethan teaches Kristina to play poker and he notes she's happy to not be hanging out with her boyfriend. Sam walks in and sees her sister with Ethan.

Diane comes to Sonny's place and orders him to go upstairs and change into something more appropriate for court – something that doesn’t scream mobster. She warns the judge is tough on organized crime and he suggests she get them a different judge then. She says that's not possible and reminds him he tied her hands by insisting he claim that he killed his wife. They talk about the arraignment and Diane is confident there won't be any surprises and calls the prosecutor lazy. Jason comes in and Diane asks him to stay away from the courthouse and to not let Sonny leave wearing that shirt. She leaves and Sonny asks Jason to stay close to Michael to make sure he doesn’t confess. Michael walks in and after Jason leaves the room, says he wants to tell the truth so there is no trial. Sonny tells him this whole mess is his fault for bringing Claudia into the family and says he wants to stand up for him. After Sonny has left, Jason tries to explain to Michael why he can't confess to killing Claudia, but Michael just thinks Sonny has no faith in him. Jason tries to assure him that's not true and thinks this trial is a way for Sonny to redeem himself as a father.

Diane comes to court and finds Alexis who offers her services for the trial. Diane tells her unless she joins her firm – no dice. Alexis stands her ground, as does Diane and they bicker until Sonny walks in looking like a respectable businessman. Diane is pleased, but Sonny doesn’t feel like himself. Alexis asks him to tell Diane he needs her on his case, but Sonny tells her Diane has it covered. Claire walks in and tells them she's looking forward to putting Sonny behind bars. Diane and Alexis panic a little, since they've never heard of her. The judge comes in and Alexis takes her seat behind Sonny and Diane. The judge asks how Sonny pleads and he says not guilty. Claire claims Sonny is a flight risk and wants bail revoked and him to be remanded into custody.

Robin and Lisa encounter an ornery Epiphany who is upset they don't file their own reports, so it falls to her, making her late to buy her Beyonce tickets. Lisa says she can hook her up. Epiphany threatens if she is playing around with her she will make her work life miserable. Steve warns Lisa better come through or else they'll all have to deal with an unhappy Ephiphany. Robin and Patrick bet on whether or not Lisa will get the tickets. Later, Lisa tells Epiphany to check her email and she learns she has two VIP tickets. Robin, Patrick and Steve wonder how she pulled that off and Lisa says she dated an A & R guy who still likes her. Epiphany is thrilled and Robin reluctantly gives Patrick twenty bucks. Steve asks if Lisa can get him some Tim McGraw tickets, but she says her connection can't get those, but he is her favorite. Steve looks online and finds two tickets for the Tim McGraw concert and asks Lisa to go. She accepts, as Robin and Patrick take notice.

Next on General Hospital:

Dante is subpoenaed to testify at Sonny's arraignment.

Patrick hears Robin trying to sway Dante.

Johnny tries to recruit Ethan to work with him.

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