At home, Alexis answers the phone to Kiefer, but Kristina makes it clear she doesn’t want to talk to him. Alexis covers for her and says she's not there, but then asks what that was about. Kristina says she just has a lot of homework. Diane comes over to discuss a client and Kristina tells her mother's friend she hopes she loses her case and Sonny goes to prison. Kristina leaves and Diane says Sonny is intent on spending his life in prison unless Alexis steps up. For the 12,000th time, Alexis says she won't join her firm but will offer advice any time she calls. Diane gets frustrated because Sonny wants to admit he killed Claudia and she can't get him to change his mind. She appeals to Alexis as the mother of his child to get Sonny to stick to his original statement and say he had nothing to do with her murder. They discuss the case and Diane gets ready to leave, but first tries to tempt Alexis some more by pointing out all the spoils she's received from Kate being her client. After Diane leaves, Kristina comes back out and apologizes for being so rude earlier. She wonders if they can go shopping tomorrow, but Alexis says she has to work.

On the pier, Jason secretly puts the shell casing in his pocket as Lucky questions him about their shipment being hijacked. Jason doesn’t know who would know anything, but then says Ethan came by as the shooter got away.

On The Haunted Star, Tracy drinks, as Luke warns Ethan of the dangers of risky and impulsive behavior. Lulu comes aboard after Tracy summoned her so Luke could talk to her about Dante. Luke is disdainful of giving relationship advice, so Tracy takes it upon herself to warn Lulu about Dante being Sonny's son. Luke chimes in and says Lulu knows her own mind and Dante is not Sonny, but he does take issue with him being a cop. Lulu defends her relationship with Dante, which Luke accepts. Tracy still has her doubts, but Lulu asks her to stay out of it. Lucky enters and even though he isn't there to give advice, he says he actually likes Dante. Lulu thanks him and leaves. Lucky asks Ethan if he knows anything about the hijacking on Pier 52. Ethan tells him what happened, minus the stuff about Johnny and Lucky leaves. Luke wonders why Ethan is protecting Johnny, but Ethan insists he wasn't doing that. Tracy is furious Luke won't intervene with his kids, but he reminds her they are adults and Tracy leaves. Luke again warns Ethan about getting involved with the mob, but Ethan insists he's not doing that. Luke asks him to proceed with caution and to get enough information to join the side that wins.

Maxie comes to see Dante in his hospital room to find out if he really loves Lulu or if he's a player like his dad. He declares he loves Lulu, but Maxie grills him about his past, which he doesn’t feel is any of her business. She thinks he's really good at lying and wonders if it's a talent that lies in his Corinthos genes. Dante demands she never compare him to Sonny. He is okay with her asking about his actions, but she needs to leave Sonny out of it because he's nothing like him and wants nothing to do with him. Maxie has mother issues herself and knows she's a lot like Felicia, so he could be like Sonny as well. Dante thinks people make their own decisions about how to treat people and he learned from his mother that you don't tell someone you love them if you don’t really mean it. Maxie tells him if he's lying and just stringing Lulu along, she'll make sure he ends up miserable and alone. Maxie leaves and Lulu comes to see Dante and learns Maxie was there questioning him. He in turn learns Tracy is worried he will be just like Sonny. Lulu knows Tracy is right about Sonny and he wonders if she's worried about him as well. Lulu admits she's gun-shy and worries it won't last. He offers to give her tips on figuring out how to detect when someone is lying and she can ask him anything she wants. He goes over the basics and she starts to playfully quiz him with some basic questions and then asks if he loves her. He says no, but then smiles and pulls her in for a kiss.

Spinelli comes downstairs in the penthouse to work on Sonny's case with Sam. As they talk, Jason comes home and instructs Spinelli to look for security footage of the shootout. He says he has one possible lead, but he really hopes he's wrong about it. Once Jason has left, Spinelli gets footage of Johnny's car leaving the scene and matches the shell casing to his weapon of choice. He worries about how Jason will react, as Sam wonders why Johnny all of a sudden wants to go after Jason and Sonny. Spinelli thinks it's out of retribution for Claudia and worries it will result in dire consequences. Maxie comes over and finds Spinelli alone and plants a kiss on him. She loves him because he's honest and trustworthy and tells him she's worried about Lulu getting her heartbroken by Dante. Spinelli thinks Lulu has to make her own decisions, but Maxie wants to protect her friend. Maxie is glad she doesn’t have to worry about that with Spinelli and he says that's what happens when you find your soul mate and they kiss.

After Olivia and Johnny have sex in Olivia's living room, he gives her an extravagant necklace. She thinks it's beautiful, but wonders where he got it, not comfortable knowing it could have been bought with Zacchara money. He sweet talks her into accepting it and slips it on her neck. They enjoy some food and just being together, as Olivia notes how good it feels be out from under all the lies. Jason comes to Olivia's and shows Johnny the shell casing he left behind after hijacking the shipment. He knows Johnny is doing this to seek vengeance for Claudia. As long as it doesn't interfere with his job, he's cool with Johnny's reckless behavior, but suggests he leave him and Sonny alone. Johnny retorts he wants Sonny to pay for what he did. Jason is sorry to hear that and leaves. Olivia wants Johnny to take the necklace back and wonders why they can't get away from the mob business, but Johnny declares he has to do this. He has to leave, but he'll be back and she can decide if she wants to open the door or not.

Johnny goes to meet with his father in prison to discuss taking back what's theirs. Anthony doesn't think taking one shipment will convince people to change allegiances, but Johnny says he's doing things his way and if he wants to help great, if not, then stay out of it. Anthony likes this side of him, but wishes it came out a few years ago. Johnny says he will make Sonny pay with or without his help.

Jason meets with Lucky on the pier and tells him Johnny was the one to hijack their shipment. Jason wants the cops to handle it and Lucky realizes he wants them to bust Johnny before he has to kill him.

Next on General Hospital:

Jax gets a new prosecutor assigned to Sonny's case.

Jason doesn’t know what to do about Johnny.

Patrick hears Steve ask Lisa out.

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