At Shadybrook, Nikolas tells Elizabeth he can't stop loving her, but she's torn up inside. She says Lucky has forgiven her and she won't hurt him again. Nikolas thinks her need to be with his brother is out of guilt. She does feel guilty, but wants to be worthy of his trust this time. She tells him to let the idea of them go, but he thinks if the baby is his, he/she deserves parents who love each other. She tells him he pretty much already ignores Spencer and wonders why he wants another one, unless he just wants it to bring them together. After Elizabeth comes back from treatment, they talk about the baby again and Nikolas says he wants to find out the paternity sooner rather than later. He asks if she's willing to take an earlier test. She gets upset that he's pressuring her and he tells her to do whatever she feels is right, but the baby will be a blessing no matter who the father is and leaves.

On the pier, Max and Milo question Ethan, as Johnny sneaks off. The brothers order Ethan out of the area and then Max checks the scene.

On the side of the road, Maxie realizes Lucky is the one who ran her off the road. Maxie's fine, but Lucky's head is banged up. Maxie admits she was texting and talking on the phone, but Lucky says he was going too fast. Maxie asks about Elizabeth and he says he was trying to help her out, but he needed to get away from her and himself. Maxie wants him to go to the hospital, but he doesn't want to run into Nikolas so she says he's coming with her.

Maxie brings Lucky back to her place to tend to the cut above his eye. He says the reminder of his addiction and of his cheating on Liz with her is good for him. She says no one is perfect and he says if he were, he could forgive Elizabeth. Lucky asks her about Spinelli and she says she's happy with him. Lucky is happy for her and Maxie wishes she could says the same for him and Elizabeth. They talk about their past and Maxie offers to be there for him and listen if he needs anything. Lucky tells her Liz is pregnant and they don't know who the father is. He admits he told Elizabeth he forgave her for the sake of the boys, but all he can feel is the pain she caused when he looks at her. He needs to do something with the pain and anger or else it will kill him. Maxie suggests it's time he started being truthful. Lucky doesn’t think it's possible to get past the betrayal. Maxie shares her experience with Franco and Spinelli and tells him forgiveness either happens or it doesn't. She doesn't think it's fair for Liz to base her recovery on the lie that he does forgive her and says he needs to find a new way to help her. Lucky gets a text to come to pier 52 and thanks Maxie before leaving.

Ethan comes back to the Haunted Star and tells Luke he came up empty with the cigars. He tells his father and Tracy in on what he witnessed and says it does a body good to mix it up with a rough crowd every now and then. The three of them discuss the dangers of Sonny and Tracy wants them to distance themselves from him. Johnny comes aboard wanting to play blackjack with Ethan as the dealer. As they play, Johnny thanks Ethan for the diversion with Max and Milo earlier (even though Ethan didn't know it was him) and leaves a pile of cash on the table before leaving. Tracy worries about Lulu dating Sonny's son to Luke, as Luke sees the generous tip Johnny left. He wants to know what's really going on and Ethan fills him in.

At his house, Sonny continues to plead with Olivia to get Dante to forge a relationship with him, saying she owes him, but Olivia insists she owes him nothing. Olivia will never regret keeping her son out of Sonny's world pointing to what a fine man Dante is now. She doesn't think he would have turned out the same had he grown up as Sonny's son.

Johnny urgently goes to Olivia's and tells her he loves her. He wants to know if she has any more lies, but she has nothing left to hide and they passionately kiss and then get more frisky on the couch.

On the hospital rooftop, Dante assumes Sonny sent out the order that he shouldn't be touched and Jason confirms it, but wants Dante to have some respect for his father. Jason is furious that he bought Dante's cover, but insists his relationship with Sonny was real. Dante admits he bought Sonny's mobster with a heart of gold routine right up until he shot him. Jason wonders what he expected, but Dante asks if he would have pulled the trigger himself. Lulu walks up and wants to know the answer to that as well. Jason says Dante was supposed to die because he made the arrangements himself, but he doesn't know what he would have done in Sonny's place. Despite Dante not wanting Sonny's protection, Jason tells him Sonny won't give up on him. Jason leaves and Dante takes Lulu in his arms. He tells her Sonny's protection is more like a noose around his neck and that he'll never be free from.

Jason comes to Sonny's place who tells him about the incident on the pier with Max and Milo. He wants Jason to look into it so he can continue to get through to Dante. Jason tells Sonny about his conversation with Dante and thinks he's more dangerous than before under Sonny's protection, but they will eventually have to deal with him being a cop.

Jason goes to the pier and finds a shell casing as Lucky walks up. He tells Jason Elizabeth is pregnant, probably with Nik's kid. Lucky assures Jason that no matter what, he will still be Jake's father and will make sure the boys have at least one stable parent. They get back to business and Lucky thinks it would be in both their best interests to work on this to take down whoever high jacked Sonny's shipment. Jason surprises Lucky by agreeing.

Lulu brings Dante back to his room and he asks her to call in sick so she can stave off his boredom. He tells her she's good for him and she realizes he's worried about the trial. She will support whatever she decides to do and Dante states he will tell the truth and if Sonny gets convicted, he'll get what he deserves. After Lulu leaves, Sonny comes to Dante's room who still wants nothing to do with him. He doesn't want any part of Sonny and nothing from him. He asks him to stop trying because a line has been drawn and there's no way he will cross it. Sonny says that refusal to forgive is just like him and walks out.

Lulu comes home and worries about Dante to Maxie and how she's handling him being Sonny's son.

Next on General Hospital:

Maxie demands to know Dante's intentions toward Lulu.

Jason confronts Johnny.

Alexis is intrigued by Diane's offer.

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