Jason and Diane try to convince Sonny to change his mind on his plea, but he yells that he's made up his mind and it's what's best for Michael and Dante. Jason worries about Sonny going to prison, but Sonny will manage. The only he cares about is that it will all be over so Michael and Dante can move on.

Dante argues with Carly in his hospital room about covering for Sonny as Olivia walks in saying, "Don't you dare ask my son to lie." Olivia and Carly fight and Carly warns she will do whatever she can to protect her kids just like Olivia does and walks out. Dante tells Olivia Carly is right that Olivia expects everyone else to tell the truth but she keeps on lying. Olivia defends herself again to her son about why she lied to him his whole life and doesn’t regret it. He accuses her of being in love with Sonny this whole time, but she counters she was in love with the boy she grew up with. She's glad the mob wasn't part of Dante's daily life and is proud of the way she raised him. He thinks she wants him to protect Sonny, but she wants him to respect himself when he gets up on the stand and storms out.

Carly runs into Jason near the elevators at the hospital and they discuss Sonny's case and how she will have to change her story. She wonders if Jason will take over the business if Sonny goes to prison and he says he will have to, but Dante will then come after him. Carly wonders how he will stop him considering he's a cop and Sonny's son.

Dante goes to the hospital rooftop to get some fresh air, but Jason comes upon him. Dante wonders if Jason is there to shut him up for good.

Olivia goes to Sonny's to get him to stop everyone from trying to pressure Dante into covering for him. She thins her son has suffered enough and Sonny agrees but that's because of her lying to him for so many years. Olivia finds herself defending her position again, as Sonny lashes out at her for keeping Dante from him. Sonny says if he knew about his son when she got pregnant, he could be Dante's father instead of the man that he hates.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Luke this isn't his fight, but Luke says once Helena got involved it became his fight. Luke indicates to Nikolas he will retaliate if any of his family is harmed. Luke leaves and Helena visits her grandson to revel in the fact that he is acting like a Cassadine and if that starts an old war with the Spencers, then so be it. She's proud he has created another heir, but Nikolas reminds her they don’t know if the baby is his.

Lucky threatens Helena at Shadybrook, who spits out insults. Lucky lowers his gun as Helena declares Liz is pregnant with Nikolas' child, but Lucky reminds her it could be his. She thinks the odds are not in his favor and makes more insults before leaving. Elizabeth cries, as Lucky takes her in his arms. Elizabeth tells him he has no obligation to the baby no matter whose it turns out to be, but Lucky tells her he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Lucky also tells her she needs to fix what is wrong and deal with it. He wants her to get better and won't turn his back on her. He declares they will always be part of each other's lives and she wonders if he forgives her. Lucky doesn’t know what the future holds, but tells her everything will be fine and that Cam and Jake are still his boys and they are still a family. That's what she wants more than anything and wraps her arms around him. He reluctantly does the same and she asks if he forgives her. With tears streaming down his face, Lucky says yes, but doesn’t look so convinced. Nikolas comes to Elizabeth's room after Lucky has left. He tells her he regrets all the lies he told, but he is still in love with her.

Lulu finds Ethan on the Haunted Star who tells her Elizabeth is pregnant. Lulu gets riled up accusing Liz of tearing their family apart, as Ethan defends her. Luke comes in and Ethan leaves to buy his father his Cuban cigars. Lulu tells Luke she worries Lucky will blame himself and try to fix this mess, but Luke doesn’t think he will and says he has to live the life he lives. Once Lulu is gone, Helena comes to see Luke and he warns her if she harms Lucky or Elizabeth he will lash out at her. He makes her and drink, as Helena says she has no intention of harming Lucky, in fact she will make his life easier by claiming the baby as a Cassadine, thereby freeing him. She thinks this means they are on the same side and they clink glasses.

At his garage, Johnny makes plans to take back some Zacchara territory from Sonny, as Maxie walks in needing him to fix Kate's car. Johnny reminds her he is not a mechanic and the garage is just a front to launder money and cover up what he really does. However, he's done hiding now. Maxie wonders why he is acting like his old self all of a sudden and he tells her life as a law abiding citizen doesn't suit him and he's comfortable in this life. She counters that he has a self destructive streak longer than hers. He vows to make Sonny pay for Claudia and wants him to watch as he destroys everything he has.

Ethan happens upon a shootout between Johnny, Max and Milo on the pier. He stops them and asks Max and Milo if they are shooting at his cigar connection.

An angry Lucky drives, as a distracted Maxie does the same and they both veer off the road after seemingly heading towards each other.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason confronts Dante on the hospital rooftop.

Luke becomes concerned about Ethan.

Maxie tries to give Lucky advice.

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