In his hospital room, Dante disappoints Morgan when he tells him he can't help keep Sonny out of jail. Jason walks in (after a previous call from Morgan) and Morgan tells Dante he can work for Jason and Sonny for real and then their dad won't have to go to prison. Dante and Jason try to explain why that won't work. Morgan thinks the coolest thing in the world would be for him, Dante and Sonny to go to the Yankees opening day together and wants them to figure it out. Morgan leaves and Dante makes it clear to Jason he will not go to bat for a mob boss.

Carly goes to the penthouse and finds Sam. Carly tells her they have to lie about their original statements and say that Sonny killed Claudia to protect her and Josslyn because he's going to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of self defense. Carly just thinks they need the right lie from the right person. Jason returns after Carly has left and finds Sam putting away the Valentine's Day decorations. She tells him Carly wants him to call her and Jason explains about Morgan and how Dante wants nothing to do with Sonny. He worries he will one day be in the same situation with Jake. Sam then tells him about Sonny's new plea.

At Sonny's house, Olivia tells Sonny it's not up to her whether or not he has a relationship with Dante, but Sonny thinks he'll listen to her. He just wants her help in getting to know his son, but she thinks he should focus on the kids who do love him in case he goes to prison. Olivia states she won't force Dante to bond with Sonny and leaves. Morgan comes over and tells Sonny his idea of him hiring Dante so he won't have to testify, but Sonny tells him it won't work because he can't ask him to change. They talk about integrity and what's right and Sonny tells his son it's about keeping your word and protecting your family and the people you love. Those are things he wants for Morgan when he becomes a man. Sonny says even if he gets sent away because Dante stayed true to who he is, he will always love and respect him because fathers love their kids no matter what. After Morgan has left, Diane comes over and they talk about his upcoming court date and how Carly and Sam will have to change their stories. Sonny knows Carly will come through for them, but Diane isn't comfortable placing his future in the hands of his ex-wife. Sonny points out it isn't the first time and he's still standing. They discuss his defense and what story they can come up with to prove he's not guilty due to self defense. Jason walks in and says he can't do that.

Carly pays Dante a visit at the hospital and suggests he lie about the case he built up against Sonny. He tells her he doesn't lie, but she points out all the fibs he's been telling lately and asks, "What's one more lie among family?"

On the Haunted Star, Lucky thinks maybe he should tell Elizabeth he will be there for her and the boys if it helps her through her crisis, but Luke thinks it's the worst idea he's ever heard. He thinks the doctors will be able to help her and if they can't she has to do it for herself. It's no time for him to save her, but Lucky thinks maybe he's supposed to be a cushion for her. Lucky knows they are over, but she's slipping away right before his eyes. He needs to think about the boys, but Luke wonders what happens if the new baby turns out to be Nikolas' and wonders if Lucky has had his fill of raising other men's children. Lucky doesn't want to raise the baby if it's Nikolas, but he's invested too much in Jake and Cam to just walk away. He can't tell Liz they're over right now though because he thinks the hope of them reuniting is all she's got to hang on to. Luke understands, but fears he'll make a bad situation worse.

Nikolas asks Alexis over to discuss Elizabeth. He goes into the details and asks her to draw up some papers to protect his legal rights to the baby. Once Alexis has left, Lucky enters and tells Nikolas this is the last time he summons him there. Nikolas knows he can't change the past, but he can be straight about what's next. He tells his brother when Elizabeth comes through this, he wants her to marry him. Lucky thinks he's part of the reason she's in Shadybrook, but Nikolas says if the baby is his he won't slink off into the shadows like Jason and declares he loves Elizabeth He notes it's ultimately Liz's choice, but he's not going anywhere. Lucky leaves and Luke walks in threatening if Helena harms any member of his family he will have to do something and it won't be pretty.

At Shadybrook, Helena continues to taunt Elizabeth about sleeping with both brothers and makes cryptic remarks about the baby. Elizabeth gets upset telling Helena she won't get her hands on her baby, but Helena doesn’t think she can stop her. Elizabeth becomes enraged and an orderly comes into restrain her and it becomes clear he takes orders from Helena considering her endowment to the facility. Helena tells Elizabeth she's in her hands now and leaves. Alone, Elizabeth imagines she's in a cationic state, while Nikolas, Lucky and Jason discuss who's taking care of the boys. Lucky tells her she could have come out of her condition, but she never will. Now he can pity her instead of hate her. After she snaps back to reality, Patrick comes in her room and finds her sitting on the floor. He jokes around with her and gets her to come around and smile. He assures her he and Robin both care about her and she thinks it's nice they tell each other everything. She's not sure what's real anymore, but he tells her signing herself in there is half the battle. She just needs to get better before the baby comes. Patrick knows she will bounce back and she asks how would he feel if Robin cheated on him with his brother. Patrick doesn't know but he would like to believe he would be fair and figure out his role in it. He says they are all human and imperfect and she wonders if you can be imperfect but still a good mother. He assures her she's being a good mother by taking care of herself. She thanks him, they hug and he leaves. Helena returns and chastises Elizabeth for throwing herself at another woman's husband. Helena continues to harass Elizabeth until Lucky comes in with his gun drawn threatening to blow her head off if she doesn’t get away from Elizabeth.

Next on General Hospital:

Lucky warns Helena away from Elizabeth.

Olivia clashes with Carly.

Johnny makes a move against Sonny.

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