Agent Raynor visits Dante in his hospital room to inform him that he will testify against Sonny. Dante says whatever happened in the room where Sonny shot him is on him, but the case against Sonny regarding Claudia should put him away. Raynor threatens that if he changes his testimony regarding that case he will bring his wrath down on him. Olivia walks in and threatens Raynor herself, which makes Dante laugh. Raynor isn't intimidated and tells her she is a witness at Claudia's trial as well, which surprises both Dante and Olivia. Dante tells him to back off his mother or else he will suddenly develop a case of amnesia. Raynor storms out and Olivia apparently follows, as Lulu comes to visit Dante who is alone. After some flirting, Dante tells her Raynor wants him and Olivia to testify in court. Lulu calls Maxie to cover for her longer at work and Dante tells her she doesn’t need to be there so much because he knows she has a life. Lulu just wants some time to enjoy the fact that she's worried about him and to think about their future. They start to kiss and Michael comes in. He's glad Dante is okay and needs his help. He says Lulu can stay because he knows Dante doesn’t keep secrets from her and asks Dante to not write Sonny off. He wants him to remember he liked him when he worked for him, but Dante says he made a mistake. Michael says they all make mistakes and recounts Dante lying to his whole family in the beginning. Michael says he can save heir father and that there's still time to make the right choice. Michael leaves and Dante wonders if something is off about him, but Lulu thinks he's just trying to protect his father. Dante tells her Mac didn’t even take Michael's statement when he confessed and Lulu thinks there's no way Michael could have done it. Morgan comes to visit Dante after Lulu leaves and tells him about Jax and Carly breaking up. He says he loves Jax, but he loves Sonny too and doesn’t want him to go to prison and asks if there is anything he can to do to help.

Diane comes to see Sonny at his house, but he wants to leave to see Dante. Diane won't leave though because they need to discuss his case. Sonny takes off his coat and sits down as they go over the case against him.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Lucky that Elizabeth is pregnant. She saw Nikolas and Lucky having a civil moment at the hospital and did some snooping. After Tracy leaves, Sonny comes in Luke's office to ask how he connected with Ethan. Luke doesn’t think he can help because he's in a dark mood and tells him about Elizabeth. Sonny shares his experience with own mental health issues and how he is now controlling his illness. He thinks Elizabeth will be diagnosed and they will give her what she needs. Luke appreciates his insight and says he will pass it along to Lucky.

Olivia comes over to Sonny's and talks with Diane about her testifying. Diane just wants her to just tell the truth and Olivia says she will explain why she kept the secret about Dante and Sonny. Diane worries the prosecution will eat her alive if she offers up her teen angst excuse. Sonny returns and Diane leaves. Sonny and Olivia rehash the circumstances and he tells her she owes him a chance to get to know his son.

In her hospital room, Elizabeth tells Lucky she feels much stronger today, as Steve and Nikolas wait outside for Lucky to break the news to her about Shadybrook. Nikolas tells Steve he and Lucky have agreed to put their differences aside in order to help Liz through her ordeal, as Elizabeth tells Lucky she's not going to Shadybrook. Lucky tries to make her understand she needs help to get stronger and that they will all be there for her. She pleads with him to not make her go and Nikolas walks in. He tells her she needs to get better for her kids. She thinks she can at home, but Lucky and Nikolas think otherwise. Lucky says between him and Audrey they can take care of the boys and she reluctantly agrees to go, but only for her kids.

Robin and Patrick prepare to leave their house and bicker about their failed Valentine's Day. Patrick leaves in a huff as Robin stays behind to make arrangements for Emma.

At the hospital, Lisa witnesses Robin and Patrick bickering. Lisa thinks they are fighting because of romantic frustration and Patrick notes she's in a good mood. Lisa says she has her priorities straight and Patrick assumes she got laid. Robin says, "At least one of us did," and walks away.

Steve sees Robin at the hospital and tells her about Elizabeth and how Lainey wants her committed to Shadybrook. Robin offers to talk to her, but they are distracted by Patrick and Lisa loudly talking about Lisa's Valentine's Day. Robin drags Patrick away to tell him Elizabeth is in serious trouble.

Robin comes to Elizabeth's room with some clothes Steve brought for her and the brothers leave. Elizabeth knows she needs help, but she feels like a failure. Robin tells her it will feel that way for awhile, but if she allows herself to get help, one day she'll have choices she couldn't imagine having today. Liz doesn't think their situations are the same because Robin didn't have to worry about whose baby she was carrying.

Steve brings Elizabeth to Shadybrook and she admits she's terrified. He tells her it was brave of her to sign herself in and now she can rest and find new ways of looking at all of this. Elizabeth is afraid the baby is Nikolas'. Alone, Elizabeth tells her baby she loves him/her and then Helena enters taunting her about her promiscuity. She has no doubt the baby is Nikolas' and says Elizabeth has done half her work for her by checking into Shadybrook.

Lucky goes to visit his dad on the Haunted Star and talks to him about Elizabeth. He wonders why he still cares about her after everything that's happened. Lucky doesn’t know what to do, but regardless of who the father of the baby is, Elizabeth needs him.

Robin and Patrick meet up back at home and she tells him she wants them to put everything behind them and appreciate what they have. Patrick agrees they need to make their relationship more of a priority. Robin thinks what happened to Elizabeth could have happened to her and thanks him for sticking by her. They kiss and then head to the bedroom.

Next on General Hospital:

Lucky thinks he and Elizabeth should get remarried even if the baby is Nikolas'.

Nikolas wants to make a commitment to Elizabeth.

Carly visits Dante.

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