Jason covered Sam from the explosion and nearby Spinelli says, Oh that was wicked! as the snipers stepped out from cover and started shooting.

In their hotel suite, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lorenzo Spencer pour are about to toast with champagne. She asked him to tell her the truth about her.

At the wedding reception, everybody stopped arguing with Ric as he cuffed sunny, in order to see what was wrong with Elizabeth. She appears to be fine, just passed out for a minute. Edward tells everyone to calm down, and Ric agrees to wait a few more minutes in order to give Sam and Jason the benefit of the doubt. Ric's phone rings.

In the alley, the shooting is going strong.

Lorenzo and Diego are hanging around in the hospital, hoping to create an alibi for when Jason and Sam are killed. Lorenzo tells Diego he's free to go wherever he wants know, they've established their alibi. He tells his son to act surprised when he hears the news. Diego is too hot to go relax, he wants to know if there's anything else he can do. Lorenzo tells him this first time is just for learning. After Diego leaves, Lorenzo runs into Alexis and they talk for a minute. She's all dressed and leaving the hospital. (This is the first we've seen her wearing a scarf on her head.)

Before they even sipped their bubbly, Laura said, Did you really think you could keep something from me after all these years? I didn't want to believe Helena this morning. Luke wanted to know when Laura saw Helena. Laura told Luke about her run-in with her in the rose garden before the ceremony. She recounted how Helena taunted her with a curse that their happiness would fade away. Then, during the ceremony she saw Helena over his shoulder during the ceremony and stopped for a moment. It was when Luke asked her are you still with me, that she started to feel as if he was expecting her to slip away. She asked her new husband, Luke this miraculous recovery of mine isn't going to last, is it?

Luke sadly considers his options for a moment before he quietly answers. No. He told her that he didn't want to put her through the experimental drug. He was afraid that it wouldn't work, but then the doctors told him what to expect. She wanted to know everything. He told her that she would start to forget things, she would lose time, and eventually she will be right back to where she was.

Laura was in total disbelief. She cried that she could fight itthey should call Robin right away. As he brushes all that off, she asks him in disbelief if he is giving up on her. He told her, Never! He explained that her original disassociation started as a mental condition, but it's a medical condition now. She still doesn't believe how this could be happening. She's sobbing, and remembering that she did lose a little bit of time in the rose garden today. And again, when she got lost in the hallway. She calmed down and told him that she's been feeling something trying to drag her under like quick sand. How long do I have?
Luke replies, I don't know. Not long.

How long have you known about this? She asks.

Since before they administered the drug. It was one of the things I had to consider. He says he knew all along, but the one thing he hasn't known is if he did the right thing. It was for the kids but the truth is that he's a selfish bastard. I want you. I need you. I'm lost without you, he finally breaks down in tears. Laura holds his face in her hands and tells him that he isn't. Luke asks her what she would've done. Would she go for the chance to be with someone she loves more than life, even if it would be for a brief time? She tells him that she would do the same thing. With one exception. I think I would've told you from the start how it would end.

The shootout is in full swing in the ally, only this time Diego has shown up to support the goons. Guess who's watching the whole thing? Kristina.

Further down in the alley, Jason, Sam and Spinelli have slipped away from the gunfire -- for a moment anyway. Jason wants to know how they were discovered; he knows he wasn't followed. Spinelli has to fess up that he went out for chips. When Jason hears that, he pins Spinelli against a wall and probably wants to kill him. Sam stops him; they need to decide what to do next, the shooters are probably right behind them.

Alexis meets up with her daughters at Kelly's. Mike is watching them; and they are waiting for her. Kristina wants to go outside and pet a cute little Jack Russell Terrier. Alexis agrees that it's okay, just for a minute. The dog runs off and Kristina follows.

Ric has just ended his phone call and everyone at the reception wants to know what he's learned. He reports the news from his phone call. There was an explosion in the alley. Jason and Sam got away, for now. As Ric starts to leave, Carly yells, Does anyone here care that he's going to go kill our friend? Before Ric leaves, he walks over to Elizabeth who is seated and tells her that he's not trying to kill her friend. He clarifies that he's just doing his job. He leaves and Lucky asks her, Why are you covering?

In their honeymoon suite, Luke agrees that he should've told Laura that her time was limited, as soon as she could understand. He said he just wanted to see the joy in her face when she reunited with the kids. He wanted Lucky and Lulu to finally have two parents. He wanted her to be able to answer some of the questions that they are always firing at him.

Laura incredulously tells Luke that time is so illusive. That the years sprawl ahead of us and it seems like there is plenty of time to live, to love, and you just blink and twenty-five years or even four are gone. And so is the future.

What do you want to do from here, Luke asks Laura. She tells him that she wants no regrets. Not even about the letting go part. Luke tells her it's a pretty tall order, but she tells him he's up for it. She wants to enjoy every moment, especially now. He tells her she's brave and she says she's scaredangry and feels damn sorry for herself. But she doesn't have the luxury of time to waste on all of those negative emotions. She wants to know if the kids know. When he tells her they don't, she says she wants to be the one to tell them.

At the Q's, the reception is over and a Dillon, Lulu, Lucky and Liz are hanging around talking. Liz says she's fine, just a little lightheaded. Lucky wisely tells her that she's worried about Jason. He points out that Jason is as addicted to danger as he used to be to pills. Nikolas comes in the room and tells them that Laura wants her three kids to meet her and Luke at the house. Lucky doesn't want to leave Elizabeth, but she tells him to go. Emily waits with Liz and they worry about Jason together.

At Sonny's, Jax tells Carly that he knows she's upset about Jason. She tells Jax that she loves him, but he's about to see something ugly. Jax tells her to say what she needs to say to Sonny. Carly walks over to Sonny and tells him not to let Ric hurt another person that he cares about. You find him, and you kill him.

As Sam, Jason and Spinelli scamper up a fire escape, Diego catches up to them, puts them in his crosshairs, and tells them not to move. Sam flips around and shoots. Diego is hit in the chest. He drops to his knees, spins around and falls to the ground like a tree falling in the woods. Once he's flat on his back, his eyes close. The next thing we know, a shrill, lingering scream pierces the air and Jason and Sam follow it to see Kristina reacting to what she just saw.

Nikolas, Lulu and Lucky are waiting in Laura's family room. They wonder what Luke could've done wrong in only two hours since the wedding. Luke and Laura come in and thank them for making such a memorable day. They tell them how they loved the carriage; danced in the gazeboit was like a dream. Lulu asks why they wanted to see them and Laura says, I didn't, did I?

Sam runs to hold Kristina in her arms and even though the gunfire is getting closer, she tells Jason to run after Spinelli. He's their only witness (to the fact that Ric has framed them.) Ric, Rodriguez and other cops come rushing to the scene and see that Sam is holding Kristina. Thankfully, they all drop their guns and Rodriguez helps escort Sam and Kristina to safety. As she carries Kristina away, she looks up to see that the cops have caught up with Jason on the roof. He drops his gun, and then freezes as they hold him at gunpoint. Then, he jumps off the roof into the water while a horrified Sam (and Kristina) look on as they shoot. Mac arrives and Ric reports that Jason was shot as he resisted arrest. Mac tells them to search the water for his body. Alexis, who must have heard the shootout from Kelly's, comes rushing in and pushes Ric away from her daughters. Sam calmly tells Alexis that Kristina saw her shoot someone. Just then, Lorenzo arrives at the scene and asks where his son is.

Back at Sonny's, Carly is begging Sonny to do something to help Jason, and Sonny is yelling back at her. Jax asks them to calm down. Then, Sonny's phone rings. Talk to me he says to the voice at the other end. He slams the phone down and tells them that Jason was shot on the roofhis body went into the waterhe was unarmed and they haven't found him. Carly breaks down in Jax's arms as Sonny goes out the door.

Elizabeth has gone off to a chapel alone. She says, Dear God, please let Jason be alive.

Lorenzo ducks under some crime scene tape to see the body of Diego. An officer tells Alcazar that he's sorry for his loss.

At the house, Laura is confused, and so is everybody else. Nikolas graciously decides that he must've made a mistake; that her phone call asking them to come over must have been from another day or something. The kids make an excuse to leave, so Luke laughingly tells them not to let the door hit them in their tiny little butts on their way out. They get up and walk toward the foyer and Laura says, Don't go.

The Spencer family is sitting on the sofa once more. Laura gently tells them that she's been having some memory lapses and loosing time. She goes on to say that she's profoundly grateful to have had these last few weeks and wouldn't give them back for anything. Lulu, in fear of what her mother will say next, says she doesn't want to hear this and storms off. Laura asks Luke to go after her. As Laura continues to talk, we can see that Nikolas has put two and two together. Out on the porch, Lulu asks Luke why her mom can't take another drug. Lulu wants to know if he's known all along.

Sonny has left, but Carly and Jax are talking on the couch. Carly tells Jax that if Jason were dead, she'd feel it. Her face is filled with such pain as she pronounces that Jason is totally fine. She's listening to her heart, because if she ever loses Jason, she won't know what to do. Jax puts her head against his shoulder and her eyes are wide open in disbelief.

As Ric paces in his office waiting for news of Jason's death, Rodriguez enters and asks the DA if he realizes what he just committed was murder. I thought we were better than we are. You ordered them to fire on an unarmed man. Just then Sonny comes in and tells Rodriguez that he's a man of honor. He requests to be left alone with his brother and forget that you ever saw me. Ric calmly tells Rodriguez to leave, his brother won't hurt him.

After Rodrigo's leaves, Ric bravely tells Sonny to make all the threats he wants. Sonny, very calmly and seriously start to load his gun while he speaks. Do you know how many times Jason begged me to let him kill you? Start when you chained a pregnant Carly to a wall so that you could steal our baby.up until you slept with Sam. You know why I let you live? Just one reason. Because you are my mother's son. Ric doesn't bat an eye. Sonny goes on to say that Jason is dead now and he was his true brother. He tells Ric that all bets are off the table. As Sonny puts the nose of the gun smack against Ric's chest and cocks it, Ric says, You're not going to do it Sonny.

At the crime scene, Lorenzo is crying like a baby and holding Diego's limp body in his arms. He screams to the sky WHY? As he holds his dead son in his arms and rocks back and forth, Lorenzo vows to avenge his death, no matter if he has to use his last dying breath.

Mac has arrived at the crime scene and wants to take Sam into custody. Alexis tells him that Kristina is in shock, they can't take her big sister away in front of her. (She's still cradled in Sam's arms.) Alexis argues that Sam shot Diego in self defense. Mac won't hear it, she is an escaped fugitive. Kristina finally lets go of Sam and runs into her mother's arms while they talk Sam away in cuffs.

In the chapel, Elizabeth is still praying at the altar. There's a faint sound coming from the back of the pews and she walks back to investigate. Lying there, nearly unconscious, is Jason. Liz holds him and asks how badly he's hurt. She tells him, Stay with me. For the baby's sake! It's not Lucky's baby, Jason, this baby is ours! (It's unclear whether or not he has understood what she just told him.)

Laura's kids tearfully react to her news.
Jason tells Liz, No cops please, you can do this. I trust you.