Jax and Carly argue at his office and he says if they get divorced he will get custody of Josslyn, but she can have visitation rights. Carly does not like that idea, but he reminds her she gave Michael to Jason for the first few months of his life. Carly can't believe he would stoop so low as to bring that up. Jax apologizes, but it kills him they aren't going to make it. Carly says Josslyn can stay with him tonight and Jax thinks they should handle this with as much class as they can for the kids. Carly will call to pick up Josslyn tomorrow and leaves. Alone with Josslyn, Jax tells his daughter he is making Carly fight for them because that's the only way they can fix it.

Carly comes home and tells Morgan and Michael she and Jax are arranging a custody agreement. Morgan can't believe she is letting this happen and thinks Jax has quit on them because he moved into the hotel with his real child. Carly assures him that's not the case, but Morgan hates that this is happening. Carly hugs her son and says she does too. She explains that she left Jax at the hotel tonight because he responds to a challenge and will fight to hold on to what he thinks he's losing. The boys question Carly's actions, but she says it will work.

After Dante's monitors go off, Sonny, Olivia and Steve walk in. Steve tells an embarrassed Dante and Lulu that sex is out of the question right now and leaves. Dante then tells his mother she can leave as well and should take Sonny with her. Olivia insists she gets to be worried about him, but he lashes out at her and tells Sonny to stay away from his mother. Sonny speaks up, but Lulu tells them to back off Dante. Sonny and Olivia leave and Dante tries to avoid talking about his mother and Sonny, but Lulu presses him. Dante thinks his mother makes questionable choices and Lulu wonders who doesn't. Dante says he doesn't because he chose her a long time ago. He starts to flirt with her and she says she has to leave so they don't set off the monitors again. She turns the monitor off to give Dante a lingering kiss, turns it back on and leaves. Olivia returns to tell her son she loves him and the distance between them hurts her. She knows she made a mistake by not telling him the truth, but she also knows she did something right in raising him. Dante loves her but doesn't feel like talking to her right now. He is mad she didn't tell him the truth last year, but he's also upset she is now vulnerable to Sonny. She knows who Sonny is and is confident Dante will never feel the self hatred Sonny does or struggle with his demons. Dante thinks she feels sorry for Sonny and she admits it. She feels sad for him as well as herself because Dante hates her right now. She's proud though because of who he is.

Lulu returns home and Sonny knocks on her door. He hopes she can see a little more clearly with some distance, but she tells him she sees him more clearly than ever and doesn't think she will ever forgive him. Sonny asks Lulu to help him get to know his son before his trial gets underway. Lulu doesn't think Dante will forgive him, but Sonny says they are blood and that won't change. He thinks that's why Dante lied about the shooting, but Lulu corrects him explaining Dante's reasons. She also tells him Dante will now be working at the PCPD.

As Olivia and Dante talk about Lulu in his room, Sonny returns to ask if Dante will keep coming after him now that he's joined the PCPD. Dante responds that if he gets off for killing Claudia, he will dedicate himself to bringing him down.

In her hospital room, Liz reels from the news that she's pregnant, as Lucky and Nikolas take it in as well. Kelly assures them Liz and the baby are fine and Nikolas asks how soon they can do a paternity test. Kelly advises in the fifth month of pregnancy which will be around the end of April. Kelly leaves and Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Steve finds Lucky and Nikolas in the hall and asks what happened to Elizabeth. They fill him in about the church and that she's pregnant. Steve is furious but Lucky says the priority is to make sure Elizabeth and the kids are okay. They head back to Elizabeth's room and Steve tells the men to let him take the lead with her because she trusts him the most right now. They walk in, but she's gone.

Elizabeth heads up to the hospital rooftop in her hospital gown and sits on the ledge. Lucky finds her and she apologizes for the mess she's created. Lucky admits he made mistakes too as Nikolas and Steve come upon them. Lucky implores her not to punish herself and says her boys need her. He says they can work their way through anything and gently walks over to her offering her his hand. Elizabeth grabs it and cries and Lucky embraces her.

Elizabeth gets settled back in her room and Lucky tells her to get some sleep. He goes out in the hallway where Steve and Nikolas tell him Elizabeth needs to go to Shadybrook. It pains him to say it, but he agrees.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam enjoy Molly and Kristina's decorations and drink pink champagne, which Jason isn't thrilled with, but indulges anyway. As Jason and Sam kiss, Molly and Kristina reveal themselves, explaining they weren't expecting them home so soon. Molly gives Jason a list of romantic things for him to do for Sam and Jason tells the girls it's time to go.

Mac unexpectedly shows up at Alexis' with a gift and tells her Diane inspired him to take a chance. He hands it to her and she opens the tin which contains her favorite cookies that Molly told him about. Jason and Sam bring Molly and Kristina home and they walk in on Alexis and Mac making out on the couch. Alexis is mortified, but Kristina and Molly tell her she should be proud and to carry on. The girls push Sam and Jason out and leave the room so Mac and Alexis can continue.

Sam and Jason return to the penthouse and Sam thinks Alexis and Mac might actually work. She just hopes Alexis doesn’t sabotage it and wants her mother to feel as happy as she does right now. Jason hopes Sam knows how he feels about her, saying he loves her. Sam loves him too and they fall back on the couch kissing. Sam finds Molly's list of instructions and Jason learns he has to read her love poetry. Jason complies by reading out of a firearms magazine, which seems to turn Sam on and they make out again.

Next on General Hospital:

Helena pays Elizabeth a visit.

Luke and Lucky compare their relationships.

Agent Raynor tells Dante and Olivia he will force them to testify against Sonny.

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