Jax walks in on Carly and Sonny at Casa Corinthos and accuses his wife of wanting to jump back into her ex's bed. They argue and Sonny jumps in saying Jax screwed his marriage up all on his own. They fight some more and Jax tells Carly he doesn’t care what she does anymore and walks out. Sonny tells Carly he always thought she deserved better than Jax, but Carly needs to see how this plays out because she's worked too hard to throw it all away. Sonny just wants to see her spread her wings again, but she thinks he's enjoying watching Jax lose everything.

Olivia walks into Jax's office with news of work and information on Josslyn's room getting set up next door. She asks what's going on and he tells her he just walked in on Carly and Sonny. Jax calls a lawyer regarding divorce and custody options after Olivia has left and then Carly barges in wondering why he's taken Josslyn out of their house. He tells her his daughter will not be caught in the dangerous crossfire and thinks they should cut their losses and move on.

Sonny and Olivia meet up at the hospital and she tells him Dante is too mad to talk to her. Sonny was going to go see him, but sits with her instead. He tells her Dante would have a different life right now if she had only told the truth from the beginning.

At their apartment, Lulu and Maxie get ready for their respective Valentine's Day dates and talk turns to Lulu having sex with Dante. Lulu says it's not an option considering he just got shot, but Maxie thinks she's trying to avoid it. Lulu insists things have been too crazy, but admits she's a little hesitant to sleep with Dante. Maxie thinks she's afraid she will lose him after they take the plunge, but urges her to take the risk and not hide from love. Lulu suggests she focus on her own problems. Maxie insists she and Spinelli are moving forward, but Lulu thinks she's trying to hard, citing all the balloons in their apartment. Maxie knows Spinelli will love it and hugs Lulu so she can secretly slip some condoms in her bag, as she wishes her a good time. Spinelli comes to the apartment after Lulu has left and finds Maxie in an intergalactic outfit, who welcomes him to the 'planet of love'. He appreciates her efforts, but she thinks he still can't forgive her. He tells her it's the opposite and can't believe how far she's gone for him to give him this romantic night. He loves her and always will. He thinks if they trust and believe in each other their love can only blossom. They kiss and then engage in flirty space games.

In his hospital room, Dante agrees to work for Mac as long as his being Sonny's son won't factor into things. Mac says he's got it and they shake on it. After Mac leaves, Lulu shows up. She closes the door and takes off her coat revealing a tight red dress, which Dante more than appreciates. She tells him to close his eyes so she can set some stuff up and arranges the room with candles and flowers. Dante calls her amazing for bringing Valentine's Day to him and kisses her. She feels bad he lost his job, but he tells her he joined the PCPD. Lulu is happy he will be doing what he loves, but worries about all the conflict it will impose, especially on them. Dante suggests they block everything out for now and worry about it later. Lulu likes the sound of that and he wonders what else she brought for him. He finds the glow in the dark condoms and smiles. He teases her about it as she explains it was a mistake and worries he isn't ready to have sex yet. He assures her he'll be fine if she's gentle, but she doesn’t want their first time to be in the hospital. He doesn't care about that as he almost died and just wants a first time with her. They kiss and when she pulls away, Dante goes in for a harder kiss. She gets on top of him as they get more passionate, which makes his monitors go off, causing them to laugh.

At the PCPD, Sam and Jason talk in the interrogation room, as Sam waits to answer questions from Mac. Sam bemoans the fact they are celebrating Valentine's Day there and a cop comes in to tell Jason he has to wait outside. A disheveled, trench coat wearing Diane comes to the station irritated she was interrupted on her date with Max so she could help get Sam out. She flashes Jason to show him what Max is missing right now. An impatient Jason apologizes and offers to pay triple if she will get Sam released. Diane walks in as Mac is questioning Sam and demands he release her, revealing her lingerie from Max in the process. Sam and Jason are left alone in the interrogation room and get flirty, while Diane works on getting Sam released. She accuses Mac of not having any romantic plans of his own so he is taking it out on those who do. She asks if he tried calling Alexis.

Sam and Jason go home and walk into a Valentine's Day explosion. Sam realizes this was not his idea and he admits he gave Kristina and Molly too much money to decorate. Sam appreciates it and he wishes her a happy Valentine's Day, as they kiss.

Lucky tries to get Elizabeth to maintain consciousness at the church. He has no luck, so he calls for an ambulance, but when he can't get one there quick enough, he rushes her to the hospital himself.

Nikolas watches as Elizabeth is brought off the elevator on a gurney. He runs over to Lucky, learns what happened and lashes out at his brother for not listening when he told him Liz needed his help. He tells Lucky the way he's treating Elizabeth is cruel because she loves him, but Lucky points out that love didn't stop her from sleeping with him. Nikolas wonders what happened to the compassionate Lucky he used to know. Lucky says he's the same person, he's just not living in a fantasy world anymore. Nikolas throws his drinking in his face and says he's worried about him. Lucky wants Nikolas to just go and be by Elizabeth's side, but he says Lucky has to be the one to help her.

Lucky goes to Elizabeth's room as she sleeps and tells her he doesn’t know who he is right now. He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him, but he never wanted this to happen. What she's done hasn't erased what she meant to him and he recalls finding her in the snow on Valentine's Day so many years ago. He says he never wanted her to hurt like that again and she wakes up. He grabs her hand tells her he's not going anywhere. Dr. Lee and Nikolas come to the room and Kelly tells Elizabeth she'll be fine, but she's pregnant.

Next on General Hospital:

Lucky and Nikolas both want to stand by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth ends up on the hospital roof.

Sonny asks for Lulu's help.

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