Lucky and Ethan share drinks at the bar. Lucky tells Ethan that when he first fell in love with Elizabeth it was real, but it's ugly and sad now. Lucky fills Ethan in on Helena kidnapping him to punish his parents. Lucky believes this is when Elizabeth moved on and it was the beginning of the end. Ethan wonders why Lucky isn't mad at Nikolas. Lucky points out that Elizabeth has a pattern, but he is mad that both of them for trashing his love and trust. Lucky recounts the Valentine's Day when he rescued Elizabeth, but how she rescued him back, too. Ethan wonders if Elizabeth was worried she would just disappoint him. Lucky recalls Luke telling him it is easier to remember someone for how they used to be them rather than who they really are. He realizes he never moved past the moment he rescued her.

Elizabeth enters a church and lights a candle. She flashes back to her rape and how Lucky helped her. She prays for strength and clarity to give her boys a good life, but doesn't want to move on without Lucky. She prays for Lucky to forgive her and come back to her so she can be whole again. She has another flash of when Lucky asks her to be his girl.

At Jason's home, a nervous Jason asks what Molly and Morgan what Michael told them. Jason realizes Michael is going to confess to Claudia's murder! Sam rushes off to take care of the problem. Molly and Morgan wisely wonder why he covered up the murder instead of following the law.

At the police station, Mac warns Michael that he is about to confess to murder! Michael recounts that Claudia was yelling at Carly and had the baby. Michael swears he didn't mean to kill Claudia when he swung the axe, and that he only wanted to protect his mom. Mac tells Michael giving a false confession is against the law! Mac warns him not to waste the rest of his life and that their conversation never happened.

At the hospital, Dante apologizes to Lulu for not being able to buy fancy gifts for his Valentine. Lulu thinks that Dante being alive is her present. Dante knows that he got fired because he won't admit Sonny shot him. Lulu thinks he should stand up for himself and fight for his job. Dante takes a nap and when he wakes up, he asks where Lulu went. Jax arrives because Lulu called him. Lulu tells him that Dante was fired unfairly and after all Dante has done to help him out, he should help Dante. Dante just wants to forget it! Lulu doesn't understand why Carly keeps defending Sonny. Jax states that Carly will never change.

Sonny, Carly, and Diane discuss Claudia's murder at his home. He wants to confess to Claudia's murder. Both ladies worry that he won't be acquitted and remind him he threatened Claudia in public. Sonny orders Diane to convince the jury otherwise because he is going to save his son! Diane warns him there is no turning back and asks Carly to coach him on looking soulful and less icy. Carly thinks that he will be found guilty and he'll never survive jail. Sonny does not want Michael to face a trial. Carly orders him to swear that he will flee the country if the trial takes a turn for the worst. He promises he will and they embrace. Jax enters to witness the hug and sarcastically remarks, "You finally lowered yourself and are throwing yourself at Sonny to get back at me."

Sam enters the police station under the ruse of paying a ticket. She asks for Mac and gets permission to see him. She barges in on Mac and Michael and asks Mac why he is questioning Michael without an attorney. After she leaves with Michael, another officer tells Mac that Sam was there to pay a parking ticket. Mac remarks, "Interesting timing."

At the Cassadine mansion, Helena tells Nikolas that he is free to do the right thing and produce an heir with a suitable woman. Nikolas doesn't see the need, but Helena wants him to have a proper heir and a spare. Nikolas refuses to bring someone else into the world for her to torture.

Sam returns back to Jason's with Michael. Jason orders everyone to keep their mouths shut because it will help Sonny. All of the kids agree they will keep the murder a secret. Sam explains they don't like to keep secrets, but this is a special circumstance.

Lulu returns to her apartment to see Maxie has decorated it for Valentine's Day. She asks Maxie it looks like Planet Fetish. Lulu then harps on Maxie that she is overcompensating for sleeping with Franco, but Maxie protests that she won't let Lulu ruin her Valentine's surprise for Spinelli. Lulu boasts she has a Valentine's surprise of her own for Dante. Maxie gives Lulu some romantic goodies and Lulu thanks her and hopes Spinelli enjoys, "Planet Love."

Mac visits Dante in the hospital and asks if he is going to fight his firing. Dante thinks he will lose no matter what he does. Mac wants to take a chance on him and promises if he can go up against his father, he can be on his team. Mac believes that Michael was in the cabin of Claudia's murder. He wants Dante's help in getting Michael to confess on the stand that he witnessed Sonny kill Claudia!

Lucky enters the church and approaches the candles. He finds a sleeping Elizabeth. He calls out her name, but she doesn't answer. He picks up a motionless Elizabeth and cradles her in his arms.

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