Nikolas scoffs that Helena would pick today of all days to show up and wallow in his lack of moral integrity. Helena insists that she's come for an entirely different reason - to celebrate! She says that the Spencers are small-minded peasants and don't understand nobility anyway. She tells Nikolas to stop slumming and embrace who he is once and for all. She takes his hand and promises to act in tandem as a family.

Lucky comes out of Kelly's to find Elizabeth sobbing in Jason's arms. He starts off by complimenting their timing and Elizabeth's need to play victim yet again. He warns Jason not to fall into her trap, but Jason tries to calm him down. Finally, Elizabeth firmly speaks up and tells Lucky that she finally gets how much she has hurt him because she has never known him to be so cruel. She thanks Jason for trying to help and then leaves. Jason tells Lucky that he is disappearing right in front of him. Lucky reminds Jason that he's not exactly a boy scout, but Jason counters by saying that is exactly why he can speak to what he's seeing happen with Lucky. Lucky reminds Jason how closed-off he used to be and tells him that he should've stayed that way.

Out at the prison, Johnny can't understand why his father isn't overjoyed with the thought of him finally taking over the business. Anthony says that he came around a little too late. Johnny explains that he doesn't simply want to take over the Zacchara organization; he wants to take down Sonny and make him feel the pain that Claudia did. Anthony hears him out and then promises to support him 100%, but warns that it'll be an uphill battle due to their lack of remaining manpower. He says that Sonny will be very hard to stop, but Johnny claims to be up to the task.

At GH, Dante opens his eyes to see Sonny standing above him. He tells him that there's nothing left to say, but Sonny wants to explain how it was that he became a mobster. He pulls up a chair and gives a little background about his parents, Dante's grandparents. He speaks of Mike's gambling and how his mother struggled to raise him alone. He explains how Trevor, and then Ric Lansing came about and then Deke, his abusive stepfather. He tells Dante how he spent hours locked in a closet while Deke beat his mother. He says that the only thing Deke taught him was how to hate. He flash forwards to when he was old enough to leave the house and his mother encouraged him to leave without retaliating against Deke. Mob work with Joe Scully was the first thing he found to do and after Joe had Deke killed, his loyalty was born. Dante takes it all in and says that he can't imagine such a childhood, but comments that prisons are full of people with crappy backgrounds.

Later, Lulu arrives and finds Dante in a sullen mood. He tells Lulu that Sonny's mother did something Olivia would've never done — kept a guy around who abused her and her kid. Lulu asks if Sonny's story changed anything for him, but before Dante can answer Rayner shows up and gives him one last chance to change his story about the shooting. Dante repeats the same story about shooting himself. Rayner tells him that he is therefore fired.

Morgan and Molly are commiserating over sodas at Kelly's. Molly thinks that there's a good case for reasonable doubt for her Uncle Sonny's murder case. When Michael shows up, they try to act as if they're doing homework, but it doesn't take Michael long to realize they're talking about Sonny taking the rap for Claudia's murder.

Carly has called Diane over to Sonny's house so they can discuss his defense. Diane is reluctant to get into specifics with her, only says that she would hate to lose Sonny as a client. She says that she is a realist, however, and the case against him is probably air tight. She adds that if her dear Max were in the same boat she'd drag the big lug to South America herself.

Liz and the boys arrive home and as they settle in there's a knock at the door. The kids are bummed it's not their dad and Liz isn't pleased to see Helena on her stoop. She tucks the kids away upstairs and then tells Helena to leave her alone! Helena pulls out a small token of her appreciation and thanks Liz for accomplishing what she's been trying to do for years — bring Nikolas to the Cassadine fold. Liz starts screaming at her and Ethan rushes in to the rescue and escorts Helena out of there.

Jason returns to the penthouse and tells Sam how hard it is to see Lucky spiraling out of control. He says that Lucky has faced lies for years and owns up to his part in it. He takes her hand and says that he can't do much for Lucky but he can learn from it. He opens up and thanks her for being in his life. Before long, Morgan and Molly pound on the door and tell Jason that they think Michael is going to confess to killing Claudia.

Sonny comes home in no mood to work on his defense. Diane jumps down his throat anyway, with Carly on her side. Sonny makes it perfectly clear that he won't do anything to shine the light on Michael. He says that he will plead guilty and that's the end of the discussion.

Helena returns to Wyndemere and finds a lovely buffet for high tea. Nikolas asks what she meant earlier about working together as family. She tells him that while she loves young Spencer, his bloodlines are indeed compromised. She announces that it's time that he focuses on conceiving a proper Cassadine heir.

Mac finds Michael waiting for him in the PCPD interrogation room. He asks if the boy is ready to talk about his father, but Michael comes right out and says that he is the one who killed Claudia.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny insists on taking the fall for Michael.

Jax finds Carly in Sonny’s arms.

Lucky stumbles upon a lifeless Elizabeth.

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