Patrick and Robin hook up at the nurses' desk and grumble about the fact that they were both too tired to have sex last night when he returned home from Jake's. Lisa, looking over charts nearby, takes note of their conversation.

Jason is confronting Johnny over at Sonny's. He kicks him out of the organization for knowing all along what Dante was up to. He says that because Johnny saved Michael, Sonny's letting him walk away with his life, but nothing else. Johnny tells Jason that he's always been fair to him and offers an explanation. Jason indicates that he'll listen, so Johnny says that he would never give up Olivia's son and that he loved his sister so he kept quiet. He reminds Jason that Claudia only took out a hit on Sonny in the first place to save him. He said that Sonny may not have swung the ax handle but he was responsible for his sister's death. Jason understands Johnny's position but reminds him that he won't let anything harm Sonny, even him. "This could get interesting," Johnny says on his way out the door.

Liz shows up at Luke's office on The Haunted Star, but finds it empty. She notices a Valentine's Day flier on his desk and then flashes to the moment that her rapist grabbed her all those years ago. Ethan shows up in the doorway and can tell that something's going on with her. She snaps out of it and clarifies that she came to apologize to Luke for showing up last night and dumping her problems on Luke. Ethan says that it's probably no big deal and asks her what she's got against the crumpled flier in her hand. "I hate Valentine's Day," she tells him.

Maxie and Spinelli are having coffee over at Kelly's. She reminds him that he's still welcome to move in with her even though it looks as if Sonny and Jason have dodged yet another incarceration. Spinelli says that he's totally committed to her but will stay with Jason for the time being. She asks if he's sure that they're over the Franco thing and he doesn't see how she can ask that after the night they shared together last night. Maxie still wants to pay for the hurt she caused him, he simply asks her to forgive herself once and for all.

Johnny goes to GH to tell Olivia what happened with Jason. He is grateful to be alive and says that for the first time in his life he is free. She is thrilled that he can finally do things his own way. She warns him not to be reckless, and he reminds her that he stayed by her side through everything and now it's her time to do the same.

Kristina goes over to Jason's penthouse to get some answers. Jason does his best to try to explain the choices Sonny makes to his daughter Kristina. She continues to see him as a mere criminal, but Jason goes back a bit into Sonny's history to justify how he ended up the way that he has. He tells her that Sonny will never stop loving his kids and will always be there waiting for them even if they cut him out of his life. After Kristina leaves, he explains the conversation to Sam. She tells him that he would be a fantastic father.

Ethan is beckoned out to Wyndemere. Nikolas asks him if he, like all the other Spencers, is putting all the blame on him. Ethan says that he just found a very distraught Elizabeth over at The Haunted Star. They talk for a bit and Nikolas clarifies that Elizabeth was raped on Valentine's Day when she was just 15 years old.

Elizabeth goes into GH and Patrick and Robin ask if she's okay. Elizabeth complains about being suspended and says that she needs to come back to work. She asks them to put in a good word for her with the board so she can come back to work. Patrick and Robin remind her that she's been through a lot and tell her that she needs time to regroup. Liz, stunned that they won't help her, leaves. Robin wants to go after her, but Patrick pulls her back. She remembers how helpful he was to her when she had PDD and thanks him, again, for always being so strong. That's when they decide to spend some time alone together in the supply closet.

Maxie bursts into Jason's penthouse and interrupts him with Sam. She starts rambling about the renovation plans for the sauna and Jason tells her to go over it with Sam, and then leaves.

Anthony is pleasantly surprised to find his son Johnny waiting for him in the prison visitors' room. He informs his father that it's time for him to go up against Sonny and get the Zacchara organization back.

Helena pours Nikolas a cup of tea and asks him how she can help him.

Liz attempts to go into Kelly's, but the two men sitting at the counter morph into johns looking for a hooker. She rushes out of the door crying about being misunderstood and runs smack into Jason's arms.

Next on General Hospital:

Dante hears Sonny's explanation.

Michael goes to Mac with a confession.

Lucky finds Elizabeth in bad shape.

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