Lulu gets herself together in the locker room as Maxie questions her about Dante and Sonny. Lulu tells her why Dante lied about Sonny shooting him and that's the only thing he will ever share with his father. Maxie isn't convinced, but tells Lulu she is the only sure thing in Dante's life, so she needs to be there for him no matter how things turn out.

As Jason threateningly approaches Dante in his hospital room, Dante says he lied about Sonny shooting him. Jason wonders how far he will take it now that he knows Sonny is his father. Dante explains he didn't lie to protect Sonny and still wants him to pay for the crimes he committed. Jason wonders why he lied about shooting himself and Dante responds that he won't tank the case against Sonny regarding Claudia. Jason says that doesn’t answer his question and leaves. Ronnie visits Dante to try and get him to change his statement, but Dante stands his ground. He thinks Sonny is already going to prison on a case he built, but Ronnie worries he could get off for killing Claudia and they'll need a backup plan. Lulu comes in and tells Ronnie he needs to leave. Ronnie warns Dante he's throwing his badge away by perjuring himself and walks out. Dante jokingly asks if Lulu would still love him if he were a garbage collector. He recalls how cold and emotionless Sonny was when he shot him and berates himself for getting sentimental and sloppy. Lulu will support whatever he decides to do and Dante says he is counting on Sonny going away for killing his wife. She wants him to get some sleep, but he wants to look at her pretty face. Dante dozes off anyway and Lulu lies down with him.

In the hospital chapel, Sonny talks to Carly about recent events. He knew 'Dominic' had to die for the betrayal, but now he doesn't know if he can live with shooting his own son. He says he has to make it right with Dante, but Carly doesn’t think he'll forgive him so easily for shooting him. Sonny thinks Dante lied about shooting himself because he's protecting him.

Jason meets Sonny at his house and tells him they have a traitor in their midst. Sonny tells him to tie up all loose ends and asks who it is. Jason says, "Dante." Sonny won't allow Dante to be harmed and wants everyone in the organization to know that. Sonny doesn’t think Dante will betray his own father, but Jason reminds him he's a cop who came there to bring him down. Sonny vows to make amends, but Jason urges him not to let Dante destroy him.

At the penthouse, Morgan overhears Sam say Jax wanted to put Sonny in jail and he wonders if that's true. Jax admits it is, but he did it because he loves him and Michael as much as he loves Josslyn. Morgan doesn’t think their dad would ever hurt them, but Jax reminds him how violent Sonny's world is and how he can't control his enemies. It made Jax sad to go against Morgan's father, but he was sick of the broken promises and he wanted them to be safe. Morgan loves Jax and Dante, but he loves his dad too. Carly comes to Jason's and finds Jax alone. They fight and she tells him Dante called his shooting an accident. Jax asks her to move out of Jason's to a safer place but she won't, so he says he will move out and she can move back home.

Johnny dares Lucky to shoot him at Jake's. Lucky realizes what he's doing and backs off, apologizing. Coleman offers free drinks as Ethan walks in. Lucky orders another drink, but Ethan wonders if that's such a good idea and warns him he might cross a line he can't come back from. A shook up Lucky never thought he'd be the one who explodes for no reason and doesn’t know who he is right now.

Ronnie sees Olivia coming of the elevator at the hospital and tells her Dante is about to throw everything away. Olivia tells him to start working on the case himself because Dante already set everything up to put Sonny away. Ronnie wants her to tell her son to stick to his principles and do what's right. He accuses her of being more loyal to Sonny, but she retorts that he is an opportunist and just trying to exploit Dante's pain. She threatens to tell his wife all the times he stepped out on her to protect his cover if he doesn't leave. He goes to the elevator as Johnny steps off. They sit down and he offers to get her something to eat. She wonders why he cares and he says he's trying not to judge and place blame. He just wants to be with her and keep her company. She tells him she loves him, he returns the sentiment and they kiss.

Elizabeth naps at home and has a Scarlet Letter type dream where Luke is her judge. She wakes up, grabs her coat and takes off.

Elizabeth comes to see Luke at The Haunted Star because he's the only one besides Steve who doesn't think she deserves a public stoning for sleeping with Nikolas. She needs his help to make things right and asks him to tell Lucky how sorry she is and how much she needs him. Luke thinks she might have to face the fact that too much has happened to fix and declines. As she continues to plead her case, Lucky walks in. She rushes over to him, but he doesn’t want her to touch him. She desperately tries to get him to talk to her, but Luke ushers her out. Once Liz is gone, Lucky throws everything off the desk in rage and starts to cry. Luke tells him he's on to a great art scam in Prague and needs his help. Lucky would love to, but he can't run off and leave this mess behind. He tells him how he pulled a gun on Johnny and saw how easily anger and hurt can take over until you do something you never thought you were capable of. Luke knows he's not capable of hurting Elizabeth, but Lucky isn't so sure. Luke has enough faith in him for both of them because he knows who he is. Luke knows he will come out of this okay and Lucky thanks him for believing in him.

Elizabeth goes home and puts her engagement ring back on as she cries.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason cuts Johnny out of the organization.

Helena returns.

Jason is there for Elizabeth.

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