Jax tries to explain things to a furious Michael at home, citing how dangerous Sonny is for the kids. Michael insists Sonny loves them, but Jax wonders how far he would go to make sure his siblings never had to go through what he did. Michael never wants that, but doesn’t agree putting Sonny in jail is the solution. Jax says it's up to the adults to fix things so he shouldn't confess. Jax loves Michael and considers him family. Even if Carly never forgives him, he would do it again if it meant keeping his family safe.

Carly comes to the penthouse with Morgan and Josslyn and tells Jason about Jax. Furious, Jason asks what she wants to do, but she doesn’t know if she should divorce him. She doesn't know if she can do that to Josslyn, but she doesn't think she can live with him either. Jason tells her to take some time to process it and live with it before doing anything rash. She says the hardest part is that she loves him and she knows he loves her too. Later, Carly comes downstairs as Sam holds Josslyn on the couch with Jason. Carly asks if it's okay if Sam stays with the baby while she goes to the hospital to tell Sonny what's going on. Jason has to leave to tie up a few loose ends as well. Sam agrees, but looks nervous after they leave. Morgan comes downstairs and he talks with Sam about how Sonny will feel about him not being mad at Dante. Sam thinks Sonny will understand, as Jax comes to the penthouse and learns Carly is at GH talking to Sonny.

At the hospital, Carly pleads with Jason not to do anything to Dante because Morgan will be devastated and Sonny will turn on him. Jason knows what he has to do.

Lulu continues to chastise Olivia for covering for Sonny in the hospital hallway. Olivia insists she didn't see Sonny shoot Dante, but Lulu knows he admitted it to her and she kept quiet about it. Olivia is grateful for the support she's giving Dante, but tells Lulu to let Dante handle this situation the way he wants to. Afterwards, Johnny brings Olivia some food and asks about Dante. She tells him Sonny is visiting him right now and tells him both she and Dante covered for him. Johnny can't believe it and wonders if she ever thought the truth about him knowing about Dante will also be out and he will be a target for Sonny and Jason.

Sonny thanks Dante for protecting him with the cops in his hospital room. Dante tells him he can shove it, but Sonny hopes they can build on their father/son relationship. Dante says it means nothing to him that he is his father. Sonny doesn’t want to fight with him, but things changed for him when he learned they were related. Dante spits out biology means nothing to him and it makes him sick to know he is connected to a low life like him. He doesn’t think life means anything to Sonny, citing his killing Mr. Pelletti, and says he's not fit to be anyone's father. Sonny recalls the friendship they were developing, but Dante says it was part of his job and reminds him he still pulled the trigger. Lulu comes to Dante's room and orders Sonny out. She tells him he is worse than garbage – he's a murderer. Dante wants Lulu to come near him, but Sonny knows she's just looking out for him. Sonny says she has every right to be upset, but this is between him and Dante. Subdued, Sonny promises not to make things worse than they already are. He just hopes he can make things right, but Lulu orders him out. After Sonny leaves, Lulu lies on the bed with Dante as he tries to fully understand how Sonny could be a part of him. Lulu assures him he isn't the part that she loves. Maxie comes in offering Lulu some new clothes and suggests she take a shower. Lulu doesn’t want to leave, but Dante urges her to let Maxie help her because he can't. Lulu leaves, as Dante wishes he could shower with her, and Maxie stays behind to ask if he was faking his feelings for Lulu as part of his cover. Dante doesn't think he can win with her, as Jason walks in next. Maxie leaves and Jason locks the door. He menacingly looks at Dante, as Dante wonders how exactly he's going to be killed.

As Lulu takes a shower, she breaks down in tears and crumples to the floor.

Sonny meets Olivia in the chapel and tells her it was wrong to keep his son from him for over twenty years. She's sorry it hurts him, but she thanks God every day she did it because of what he's become. She can live with it, but wonders if he can live with pulling the trigger. Sonny stays behind after Olivia leaves and talks to God about what he's done to his own son and how he lost him before he got a chance to love him. Carly walks in and a teary Sonny says he doesn't want to give up on his son.

At Jake's Elizabeth tells Lucky she was hoping to see him there, but he says she's humiliating herself. He rips into her and she apologizes for hurting him and everyone else. He doesn’t care if Nikolas is hurting and asks if she used protection. She loves him and wants to know if there is hope for them. She wants to try, but he doesn’t have anything left to share with her. He's not feeling the love and all he has left is his beer which takes the edge off and helps him sleep at night. He suggests she figure out who she is and what she wants, but she'll have to do it without him because he's done. She asks about the boys and if he's out of their lives too. He thinks she should have asked herself that before she slept with Nikolas. She doesn't want him to punish the boys and wants to know what to expect so she can prepare them. He says to tell them he loves them and he will see them soon. He will have a lawyer call her when he wants to visit them because he thinks the less they see of each other the better. He can barely stand to look at her right now, so she leaves. Lucky continues to drink and threatens to shut Jake's down if Coleman doesn't continue to serve him. Coleman reluctantly does so, but warns there's a point when alcohol stops numbing the pain and just makes you stupid. He adds Lucky has decided he has nothing left to lose, but hopes he doesn't let it be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Johnny comes in and sits at the bar drinking, as he badmouths the PCPD to Lucky. Johnny continues to goad Lucky until he throws him on the bar and puts a gun to his head.

Elizabeth goes home and gets her kids ready to go with Gram. Cam asks about Lucky and she tells him Daddy is upset with her, but he loves them. She won't be with them when they see him though because she ruined everything.

Next on General Hospital:

Ronnie wants Dante to tell the truth.

Sonny demands Jason not make a move against Dante.

Lucky gains new insight into Luke.

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