At the airport, Jason tries to get Sonny to board the plane, but he won't leave his son, who he shot.

In his hospital room, Dante focuses on Lulu, as he tells Lucky his shooting was an accident. He says he went to Sonny's house with the intention of arresting him, but Sonny wasn't there. He lies that he found and unloaded Sonny's gun so he wouldn't use it on him later, but it jammed and went off when Sonny walked in. Lucky scoffs at his assertion that he shot himself and says, "Good luck getting anyone to believe you." Lucky leaves and Lulu asks why he's putting everything on the line for Sonny. Dante explains he didn't do it for Sonny, but for himself. He blames himself for waiting on the arrest, and then going alone. He wants Sonny to go down clean, on the case he built up, for a crime he committed. He thinks there is enough evidence against him regarding Claudia, so the shooting can stay between him and Sonny. Lulu says he has her support no matter what he decides, as Morgan walks in to ask Dante if being his friend was just part of his cover. Dante assures him that was not the case and he's happy to have him, Michael and Kristina as family. Morgan wonders if he hates their father. Dante tells him he didn't implicate Sonny in the shooting and he doesn’t hate him, but he hates what he does. Morgan says Michael might hate him, but he doesn't and he's happy he's his brother and still alive. Morgan leaves and Lulu gets Dante some sweet tea, which Olivia told her he liked when he was under the weather. She says Olivia told her lots of things about him as they were sitting vigil and Dante calls his mother an enigma because she is either flapping her gums or shut tight.

At home, Carly sits stunned, as Jax tries to defend his role in Dante's investigation against Sonny saying he wanted to protect his family. Carly thinks he did it because he hates Sonny and this was his way to finally beat him. They go back and forth and Jax thinks Sonny in prison will save all the kids, but Carly retorts that he destroyed his family. Carly gets Josslyn and tells Jax she's leaving. Jax won't give up on them because he loves her - until the day he dies. Morgan comes home and Carly says they are leaving. After they're gone, Michael comes home and Jax confesses everything to his stepson. Michael punches him and once Jax gets him under control, Michael yells out that he trusted him and wonders how he could wreck his family.

Jason and Sam meet up at the penthouse and she gets filled in on Sonny not jumping bail. Jason wants to just shut out the world tonight and just be together. That works for Sam and Jason kisses her. Carly knocks on the door and walks in with Josslyn and Morgan and tells Jason they are moving in.

A combative Olivia begrudgingly answers Ronnie and Mac's questions about Dante's shooting. When they bring up Sonny, she refuses to implicate him, which makes Ronnie furious and he accuses her of perjuring herself. She says she is doing no such thing since she wasn't in the room. Ronnie thinks Dante is giving his statement against Sonny right now, but Olivia still doesn't budge. Mac gets a call from Lucky who tells him Dante claims he shot himself.

Sonny comes back to the hospital and runs into Luke, who wonders how he managed to still be alive and walking around, considering he just shot a cop. They talk about what happened and Sonny says his first reaction upon learning 'Dominic' was a cop was regret, not betrayal. Luke offers to get him out of town, but Sonny can't leave now. Luke wishes him luck and walks away as Olivia walks up. She tells him Dante lied about the shooting and she didn't contradict his story so it looks like he's free. After Sonny walks away, Olivia runs into Lulu and tells her Sonny won't be charged with shooting Dante, but assures her the guilt will eat him alive.

Sonny walks into Dante's room who says, "Hey Dad. Turns out you’re one hell of a shot."

At the hospital, Epiphany directs a boy who burned his arm and his mother to Elizabeth. Elizabeth learns the mother blames herself for paying more attention to her boyfriend than her son. Epiphany tells her she shouldn't be so hard on herself, but Elizabeth lashes out at her, saying she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Nikolas walks by and hears Elizabeth chastising the woman. He pulls her away and, as a board member, orders her to take a leave of absence. She's furious she is the only one paying for their affair and walks off.

Lucky goes to Jake's to meet Nikolas who tells him Elizabeth is coming off the rails. Lucky doesn’t care, but Nikolas implores him to reach out to her. Nikolas leaves, but Lucky hangs back to drink and then sees Elizabeth walk in the bar.

Kristina calls Kiefer over and he asks why she's so upset. She fills him in on Sonny shooting Dante who is actually a cop and her brother. He tries to console her and kisses her, but she stops him. He thinks she needs a distraction from her father and badmouths Sonny. Kristina gets upset and defends her dad, prompting Kiefer to become furious over her mixed messages. As she continues to yell at him, he slaps her.

Next on General Hospital:

Dante sets the record straight with Sonny.

Jason confronts Dante.

Lucky encounters Johnny at Jake's.

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