At Carly's house, Jason tries to convince her to tell Sonny to leave town. She balks, but he insists she has to talk to him. Jason thinks if Sonny jumps bail the cops will assume he is guilty, they'll close the case and never have to question Michael.

Sonny meets with Diane in the interrogation room who wants to talk about the charges against him regarding Claudia, but he only wants to talk about Dante. He wants her to get him out on bail so he can check on Dante and make him understand he would never deliberately hurt his own kid, but Diane tries to make him see why that's a bad idea and suggests he try and save himself. Carly comes to see Sonny and tells him Dante survived the surgery. Sonny tells her about the dinner he, Dante and Olivia shared before Christmas. He recalls the connection they shared and thinks he should have figured it out from the beginning. He recounts the events from the night he shot Dante and how he said to himself his kids will always pay for the terrible things he's done. As he beats himself up for not seeing the signs, Carly reminds him he shot a cop and even if Dante forgives him, the law never will. She uses Jason's argument that his leaving town will save Michael, but Sonny wants to make it right for both his sons. She says they always knew it would end sometime and he's lucky to be getting out alive. She believes in him and knows he will do the right thing. Diane returns saying Sonny got bail, but it's steep. If he leaves the country he will lose everything he owns, however, he'd be a free man.

Ronnie and a couple of other cops come to Jason's place looking for the gun missing from the police station. Sam snidely remarks that he's a cop too and Ronnie tells Jason it's his mission to put him in a cell right next to Sonny. The cops don’t find anything and Ronnie tells Jason and Sam Sonny's going down whether Dante lives or dies. After he leaves, Jason says Sonny won't survive prison and has to get out of the country. Jason worries Sonny will lose everything when he skips out on bail and Jason could potentially lose his place. Sam tells him not to worry because he won't lose her. She offers to hire him as a P.I. and says he can move in with her. Jason makes her promise to wear 'those' boots at least once a week and pulls her in for a kiss, as Diane calls.

Jason and Sonny walk to the plane, as Jason explains he's getting set up in Argentina, but it will cost them everything legitimate. However, Sonny doesn't feel right walking away from his kids.

Still in the chapel, Jax tells Olivia he should tell Carly the truth about his role in Dante's investigation, while Olivia thinks she should have told Dante the truth long ago. They both fear they destroyed the very things they were trying to protect. Jax worries he'll lose Carly, but Olivia urges him to come clean anyway and pray she forgives him.

Lucky plays pool and drinks a beer at Jake's as Mac walks in asking if he's okay. Mac says it's a bad idea for him to drink since he's an addict, but Lucky isn't interested in a lecture. Lucky says Elizabeth sleeping with Nikolas won't ruin his life and says it's kind of liberating. Mac knows what he's going through and suggests he step up, be a man and take care of himself and the people who need him. Lucky insists he's just taking the edge off and Mac says work can do that too and he asks him to question Dante.

In the hospital, Dante thinks he dreamt that Lulu told him she loved him and wanted to jump his bones and that Sonny said he was his father. Lulu admits she loves him and also what Sonny said is true. Dante has a hard time swallowing it and she offers to help him wrap his mind around it. He tells her what happened the night he was shot and recalls his mother screaming at Sonny that he just shot his own son. He realizes Olivia has known all along who his father is. Olivia comes to her son's room and Lulu leaves. Dante wonders if Sonny never shot him, would she have told him who his father was? She tries to explain why she didn't tell him and he asks who knew. She responds Connie, Jax, and Patrick. She adds that she told Agent Rayner who promised to take him off the case so she wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Dante coldly says Rayner is a liar and so is she. Olivia says she surrounded him with good people and better role models than Sonny ever could be. She wanted a better life for him than what Sonny had and worried he would have been dragged into his world. She says he needs his rest and goes to brush his hair back, but he turns his head and orders her not to touch him.

Dejected, Olivia walks out of Dante's room and finds Ronnie who tells her things are about to get worse and brings her into the station for questioning.

Lulu runs into Jax in the hall and says if he doesn't tell Carly the truth, she will. Jax assures her he will fess up.

Lulu returns to Dante's room who expresses his disappointment in his mother for lying to him. She says it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him and then Lucky walks in to take Dante's statement.

Jax comes home and finds Carly who tells him she talked Sonny into jumping bail. She wonders if he has an opinion on it and Jax says he has something to tell her too, which she might hate. He confesses he knew all about Dante and pulled some strings to keep him on Sonny's case, inadvertently helping him get arrested.

In the Davis living room, Michael tells his disbelieving siblings and cousin how he killed Claudia. Alexis comes in and doesn't really know what to say about the situation with Sonny and Dante, but she tells them it's okay to love Sonny, but hate what he does. She tells them Sonny loves all of the kids and would do anything for them.

Next on General Hospital:

Olivia and Dante protect Sonny.

Carly leaves Jax.

Kiefer gets abusive with Kristina.

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