Carly comes down Sonny's stairs, all dressed for the wedding. Sonny tells her she looks amazing. She sets him straight that she's going ON Jax's arm, as in the guy I'm going to marry.

Walking around in the (beautiful!) natural sunlight on the Quartermaine grounds, Lulu is in full Maid-of-Honor glory, looking for her mother. She finds her, and asks why she's not dressed for the wedding yet. Laura confesses to wanting to enjoy the beautiful day for a little while. She guesses that she just must've lost track of time. Then, she admits that she's more nervous this time than the first time she married Luke (25 years ago today).

Inside the Quartermine house, Tracy can be found dressed in black at the bar. With Luke. He's not dressed yet, but has found the time to slam a drink. Tracy sloppily states that no matter how you look at today, it's still BIGOMY. Luke takes another shot.

As Carly is questioning Sonny why in the world he is going to the wedding, Jason comes through the door and Carl is thrilled to see that he's okay. Jason answers Carly's question. He's going because he needs an alibi. He explains that Sonny has arranged for Sam and him to turn themselves in today, and Sonny can't afford to appear to be an accessory.

Sam and Spinelli are waiting back at the safe house. Sam tries to prepare the geek what they have ahead of them today. Spinelli is only concerned with one thing he wants snacks. Sam tells him that the cops will probably keep them for 48 hours once they turn themselves in. She asks if he can handle that, and Spinellis replies, I could, if your boyfriend had left us some decent snackage. Exasperated, Sam excuses herself to go freshen up. Spinelli offers to wash her back and she tells him she'll split his head if he tries.

Still outside, Lulu and Laura are strolling around in the fall sunshine, talking about the love that Laura shares with her groom. They go on to talk about how Lulu has turned into a woman in the last four years and Laura says, And there it is again. That look, she explains. What are you holding back, Laura wants to know. Lulu says it's nothing she is her father's daughter and she simply doesn't show emotions. Laura moved the conversation into the future. About howsoon enough, they'll all be going to Lulu's wedding and then, holding her babies. Lulu starts to cry, but says she should save her tears for the wedding. She goes back inside and Laura tells her she'll be along in a minute.

Laura is thoughtfully looking into the sky, and hears someone behind her. Without turning her head, she playfully says, I can hear your footsteps. You know it's not good luck to see the bride before the.(she turns around and gasps to see Helena)!

Helena says, 'Don't look so surprised my dear. You know I couldn't let you and Luke get married without me.

Laura asks, Have you come here to curse us again? (Twenty-five years ago, Helena showed up at the wedding and put a curse on Luke and Laura.)

Helena tells her, That would be a waste of my time. The first one is still in effectyou'll see. Have your delusional day, your happiness won't last. Before you pick those rose petals from your hair, it will all fade away.

Inside the Quartermaine house, Lulu is looking for Dillon. When she finds him, she asks if he'll videotape the wedding. She explains that they have hired a guy to do it, but she wants someone with a little more vision.

Bobbie arrives and finds that Luke still isn't dressed! Tracy slumps off, and Bobbie asks her brother what is bothering him. He prepares to confide in her about Laura's condition. He only gets as far as to tell her, This day is probably as much of a marriage as we're ever going to have. Just then, Robert comes in and says he'll help Luke find his penguin suit.

Laura has finally come into the house and enters a room to find Emily, Liz, Lesley and Lulu waiting for her. She is surprised to see them, and somewhat relieved for she had gotten lost in the hallways. Emily tells her that it's her house and she still does, too.

The women have been waiting for Laura so that they could do the traditional Old, New, Borrowed, Blue thing. Emily presents Laura with a loaner pair of earrings from Lila, and Laura is very touched. Lulu and Liz have gone halvsies on a new bracelet that symbolizes the love that will last forever. Laura laughingly touches Lulu's cheek and says, That's rather good from the cynic in training! Lesley gives something old to her daughter, to bring it full circle. A handkerchief that Laura's grandmother stitched herself. Before they let Laura go so that she can get dressed, Elizabeth asks for (and gets!) a group hug.

Spinelli slips back into the safe house carrying a bag of potato chips. When Sam comes out of the bathroom looking much better than before, he moans with delight. She is grossed out and tells him that his interests are limited. Jason returns with a present for Spinelli -- a Play Station game. Spinelli is (no doubt) stoked. He shrieks, Urban Onslaught 2! As he runs off to the other room, Jason locks the door behind him.

The guests are starting to arrive for the ceremony. Robin and Patrick greet Sonny, but he's not very happy at the moment. Robin tells him that weddings are supposed to be a happy day. To that, Sonny agrees and tells her it's thanks to her that they are all gathered today for Luke and Laura's wedding. Robin isn't thrilled to hear that, since she feels responsible for the heartache that is certain to happen any day now.

Jax and Carly arrive and proceed down the aisle to take their seat. Jax acknowledges what a beautiful setting they're in; then he comments that it was right to give their wedding day to Luke and Laura. Guess who takes a seat smack next to them? Sonny. Carly asks why he has to sit next to them. Sonny explains that he wants a good view because Luke and Laura are inspirational to him. He is touched by people who love each other forever and always find their way back together. Carly plants her hand on Jax's upper thigh and looks straight ahead.

Edward escorts a drunken Tracy down the aisle and plops her in a seat between Alan and Monica, with Alice to cover her back. Edward orders them to keep a lid on Tracy. (Dillon has pointed the video cam at them, so now we see them through the lens of the camera. Alan and Monica tell Tracy that there's a pool going around. Everyone's taking bets to see when Luke slipped down to the Dominican Republic to get his divorce from her. She looks straight at the camera and asks, Is that thing on?

Inside, Luke is popping a bottle of champagne when Lucky finds him asks why he's celebrating early? Luke is upset and rambling that time goes too fastpeople should celebrate whenever they feel like it. (Is this really something one should say to a guy who left rehab yesterday?)

Nikolas goes to Laura's dressing room and tells her they are ready for her. She thanks Nikolas for agreeing to give her away. He tells her, Luke gave you back to us. The least I could do is give you back to him. Laura says, Maybe we should find out if they are ready for us. Nikolas told her he just said that. She simply says, I don't want to keep them waiting!

The wedding guests are nearly all seated when Maxi shows up! When Dillon asks what she is doing there, she replies that there's no where she'd rather be than at her baby's grandparents' wedding.

The processional music begins and Lulu looks beautiful as she happily walks toward the alter. (You should've seen the look of love in Luke's eyes. Finally, he's a proud papa.) He kisses her when she reaches him and then, the bridal march begins.

Everyone stands as Laura begins down the aisle on Nikolas' arm. Before he hands his mother over to Luke, Nikolas pats him on the back. It felt like a hug that they both actually meant. A first!

The pastor leads off with the dreaded if anyone has just cause to object. You can imagine how stressful that moment was, right? There wasn't even a pause before Tracy jumped up. Luckily, Monica saw it coming and stuck a well-heeled foot out to trip her. Tracy fell flat on her face and Alice promptly scooped her up and threw her over her shoulder to haul out like a sack of potatoes.

Laura whispered to Luke, Did you see that? He replied, I see only you. Then, he turns to the pastor, Keep going Padre!

Then, it's time for Luke to give Laura his vows. It was 24 years ago today that we stood before a crowd very much like this one. I promised to love you for the rest of our life. But that pledge was already made. You had my heart from the moment I looked into those beautiful baby blues. Since then, we've lived through the highs and survived the lows. And my love for you burns as strong and as sure as ever. Nothing ever has, or will extinguish that flame. Through good times and bad, in sickness and in health. I belong to you. As long as I can breath.

Now, it's Laura's turn. Luke, you are my best friend At that moment, her eyes leave Luke's face and look beyond it, to something behind him. Her elated, emotional face turns stone cold. She sees Helena hiding in the trees just behind the altar.
Laura, are you still with me? Luke asks. Helena has slipped away so she proceeds with her vows.
You are my heromy constant. From the other side of the room or the other side of the world -- you have fascinated me, and exasperated me, and you taught me the meaning of enduring love. Fate hasn't always been kind to us. It has stolen time from us. But, we stand here ready to face whatever the future has in store for us. I am proud to be your wife. For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. Now and forever.

The pastor asks if they have rings to exchange and Luke tells him, Damn straight we do! The rings were placed on each other's hands and they were pronounced man and wife. As Luke bends down to kiss her sweet face, he whispers, Oh yes. Laura beams at him and they share a few tender kisses.

As the sun is setting behind them, they come back down the aisle while their friends and family happily applaud them.

Probably not too far away, Jason and Sam try to enjoy every last minute they have together before they turn themselves in to the PCPD. Sam reassures Jason that they will be okay. At the same moment, the camera cuts to show black-gloved hands loading their guns.

A storm is brewing at the PCPD. His name is Ric Lansing. He's glaring at the Wanted posters of Jason and Sam on his computer screen. Then, he whips the laptop across the room. Just then, Lorenzo calls him and reports that Diego has followed Spinelli into a convenience store and then followed him back to the safe house. Now all we have to do is watch the place and take them out the second they leave.

At the wedding reception, Luke raises a glass of champagne and addresses the crowd. He starts with a loud, We made it! He goes on to say that they wouldn't be standing here today without a lot of love from a lot of people. These are the strongest group of folks who were ever biologically connected to a couple of loons. That's al l have to say, exceptI love this woman.

Lesley clinks on champagne glass and makes all single ladies gather to catch the bouquet. Sonny dares Carly to go catch it, because if she doesn't, her marriage to Jax is jinxed. She bets him five bucks that she'll get it. (A really cool version of the song Isn't She Lovely plays underneath the rest of this scene instead of dialogue. Believe me, words were not necessary.) As Robin, Carly, Bobby and the rest of Port Charles' bachelorettes gather around and get ready to catch the flowers, Maxi strides right in front of the crowd and catches it. The look on everyone's faces was pretty funny.

More music plays under a scene in which we see several different groupings of family photos being taken. Among the many combinations of Spencers, the neatest moment was when Luke and Nikolas posed, arm in arm. One by one, everyone who is somehow related to Luke and/or Laura joins in for a photo. Lucky stands behind Elizabeth and tenderly places his hand on her bare shoulder. Guess who joins the grouping next? Yup. Maxi. (The gall!) Again, funny looks abound and Liz is the first to take her leave from the group. Lucky follows close behind. One by one, they all leave until Maxi is left standing alone. She angrily throws her precious bouquet to the ground and leaves, too.

Back with Sam and Jason, Spinelli is finally insisting that he wants out of the locked room. When they open his door, he sees that Jason is loading his gun and says Dude, since when are we packing heat? Jason says, Dude, there's no 'we'. Jason tosses Sam a gun and Spinelli proclaims that the hotness factor just went up (because Sam has a gun). They explain that they'll put the guns away when they're sure they are safe.

It's feeling tense at the safe house, so let's go back to the wedding reception. Luke is surprising Laura with a rose-covered, horse-drawn carriage. Luke tells his bride that young Nicolas said it would be more dignified than the couple of nags that he was going to get. Laura excitedly proclaimed that she'd like to throw the bouquet from there. Luke reminds her that she's already thrown it. Everyone joyfully watches Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lorenzo Spencer drive off, literally into the sunset. The only worried face in the bunch is Robin's.

The carriage sops at a colorfully lit waterfall. Again, we dispense with the dialogue and enjoy a gorgeous rendition of the song At Last. Luke and Laura get out of the carriage and stroll through the beautiful lights to a gazebo. They go inside and gaze at each other with such a sense of history (if such a thing can occur?) Cut back to inside the Quartermaine house where the reception is in full swing. Alice has taped Tracy's mouth shut, tied up her arms and shoved her in a closet with a piece of wedding cake!

Lucky apologizes to Liz for Maxi showing up and Liz says that she doesn't want to talk about Maxi. When he asks her to dance, she replies that she thought he'd never ask.

Dillon puts his camera down and makes Lulu dance with him.

Back at the gazebo, Luke asks Laura if he may have the honor of this dance. She tells him, This dance and every dance for the rest of my life. Their song, Fascination, plays and they barely move as their cheeks are pressed together.

Speaking of gall, on the dance floor inside, Sonny tries to cut in on Jax and Carly. He's outta luck with that one. Just then, the lights flicker and Ric is at the door apologizing for breaking up the party. He tells Sonny that since Jason and Sam haven't turned themselves in, he is officially an accessory to the fugitives.

Cut to Jason, Sam and Spinelli as they slip out the door of their safe house and into a car.

Cut back to the wedding reception where Carly is yelling that Ric should back off. She tells him that Jason and Sam still have 15 minutes before they're officially MIA. Unless, Ric set up an ambush? As they get into the car, Jason sense's something and makes them all get out of the car.


1. Pushing and shoving break out at the reception. As all this goes on, we see Elizabeth's hand attempt to steady herself on a table, but she crumbles to the ground.

2. Jason, Sam and Spinelli are finally seated in the car, but Jason senses something. He yells for them to get out and is able to pull Sam to safety just as the car explodes in a huge ball of fire.

3. Luke and Laura dance away their wedding night under the colorful lights of the gazebo and surrounding waterfalls. We hear them exchange I love yous.

Luke asks Laura what they should toast to.
The truth, Laura says, about me.