Diane meets with Jason in the interrogation room and tells him the feds are waiting to see if Dante lives or dies before revealing the full list of crimes Sonny will be charged with. Jason sees Sam, dressed in revealing clothing, thigh high boots and a red wig, being hauled into the station and says, "Things just got worse." Sam talks to an officer with a southern accent and flirts with him until he starts talking about Sonny's arrest and points out the gun he had on him that's sitting on the desk. Diane sees Sam through the window and asks if Jason has a plan to sabotage the case against Sonny. Jason doesn’t know what Sam is doing and they discuss Sonny's case. Diane doesn't think she can create reasonable doubt for Sonny in Dante's shooting. Meanwhile, Sam gets the cop to spill coffee on one of his forms. When he walks away to clean it up, Sam grabs the gun and sticks it in her boot, as Raynor comes up behind asking what's going on. Jason and Diane come out to distract Raynor by asking about Sonny and as they argue, the cop returns, and on Raynor's orders, allows Sam to leave.

At home, Michael tells Jax he needs to go to the PCPD to confess he killed Claudia. Jax thinks it's brave of him, but it's impossible because all the evidence to support his case has been destroyed. Jax doesn't like Sonny, but he knows Sonny loves him and doesn't want him blamed for Claudia's murder.

Michael and Morgan come to Kristina and Molly's house and tell them Dante is Sonny's son, which only intensifies Kristina's anger regarding Sonny shooting him. Michael and Kristina argue about it with Morgan and Molly agreeing that Sonny didn't have to shoot Dante. Molly says from her research on the criminal justice system, Sonny could get the maximum sentence if Dante dies. She wonders if anyone doubts Sonny's guilt. More argument ensues with accusations flying about Sonny killing Claudia. Michael bursts out, "Dad did not kill Claudia! I did."

Carly visits Olivia at the chapel and tells her she knows about Dante. Olivia goes over the reasons she kept the secret, but Carly is understanding and says she really likes Dante, calling him a really good man who respects women, which means his mother raised him right.

Lulu sits by Dante's bedside as Luke walks in. Lulu hugs her father and tells him she doesn't want Dante to die. Luke says he was filled in by Nikolas, but she adds Dante is an undercover cop assigned to take Sonny down and she knew for months. She thought Sonny would never hurt Olivia's son, but she was wrong and he shot his own son. Luke is shocked to hear this piece of news, but understands what led Sonny to shoot Dante. Lulu, however, will never understand. After Luke leaves, Carly comes to see her cousin, who is distraught she could lose Dante after spending all that time pushing him away. Carly suggests Lulu give him a reason to live. Lulu gets angry about Sonny, but Carly thinks she should turn that anger into positive energy by talking to Dante and encouraging him to live.

Luke goes to the Haunted Star and shocks Ethan and Tracy with the news about Dante. Tracy thinks Lulu should run, but Ethan wonders what he is supposed to do as a loving brother. Luke tells him just to show up for her. Ethan leaves and Luke tells Tracy he's worried for Sonny, considering what he's facing, but Tracy has no sympathy. Luke sees 'the kid' as the real problem and they discuss whether or not Dante has pure motives when it comes to Lulu.

Alone with Dante in his hospital room, Lulu tells him she needs him to live and she'll make it worth his while. She won't push him away this time and needs him to wake up. Ethan walks in and tells her Dante will need her for emotional support when he makes it through this. Dante wakes up, looks at Lulu and says, "Hi beautiful. It's good to see you." Lulu asks Ethan to get the doctor and she tells Dante he flatlined on the table, but he pulled through. He recalls strange dreams he had about Sonny saying he was his father.

As Jax sits in the chapel, Olivia walks in and asks what kind of damages he sees in all of this. He thinks if Dante makes it through this, he will probably press charges against Sonny, who will be arrested for attempted murder and for killing Claudia, garnering the maximum penalty. She thinks this was a good investment for him, but Jax never wanted this. Olivia worries Dante will hate her but she can handle it if he survives.

Jason comes to Carly's to ask her to talk Sonny into leaving the country.

Patrick and Robin meet up at the hospital and she makes it clear she is still upset he didn’t tell her about Dante. Lisa and Steve join them and they note Dante is stable. Steve and Patrick butt heads over Patrick observing the surgery because of what Steve calls his trust issues. Alone again, Robin rails at Patrick for keeping quiet about Dante, but he defends himself. It ends in heated words, Robin walking away and Patrick asking Lisa if she wants to go get a beer.

Next on General Hospital:

Dante is furious with Olivia.

Carly urges Sonny to flee the country.

Jax confesses to Carly.

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