Mac drags Maxie into the station to tell her she will have to testify against Sonny and he wants to go over her statement. Agent Raynor comes out of the shadows and Maxie recognizes him from all the trouble Spinelli got into last year. Ronnie runs in and says 'the undercover' never showed when they were supposed to arrest Sonny. Maxie says Sonny didn't come to the christening and a cop walks in saying shots were fired at Sonny's place. Ronnie mentions Dominic's name and Maxie freaks out over him being the undercover cop. Raynor fills them in that Dominic is also Sonny's son.

As Lulu finds Dante's ringing phone in his jacket pocket at Sonny's house, Max walks in. Lulu demands to know what happened to Dominic. Johnny walks in after Lulu has left and Max fills him in. After Johnny has left, Raynor and Ronnie come to Sonny's house and question Max, who says he doesn't know anything. Ronnie tells him Sonny will get the maximum penalty for shooting a cop.

Jason orders Morgan to turn off the DVD and everyone discusses Franco in Carly and Jax's living room. Lulu runs in demanding to know from Jason if Sonny killed Dominic. Jason doesn’t know anything and Lulu assumes Sonny found out Dominic is an undercover cop, which stuns the whole room. She says if Dominic is dead she hopes he and Sonny burn in Hell and leaves. Jason calls the hospital and gets the info on Dominic's condition and then talks with everyone about Dominic being a cop. Kristina goes off saying she can't believe her father shot a cop and hopes he goes to prison for the rest of his life. Sam leads her sisters out to take them home, as Morgan worries about Dominic. Carly takes Morgan out of the room as Jason leaves and Michael asks Jax what went wrong. Carly sits her boys down and tells them despite everything, they have a lot to be grateful for and they can send Dominic good thoughts and their prayers. Morgan doesn't think it will help since their father shot him and says Sonny is a criminal. Michael defends their father, but Morgan hates Sonny for shooting Dominic. Michael goes upstairs as Jax tries to assure Morgan Dominic truly was his friend and Carly agrees, saying it's okay to trust him. Carly suggests he put his whole heart and soul into believing Dominic will get better.

Olivia walks in as Sonny tells Dante he is his father. Steve comes in to check on Dante and Olivia drags Sonny in the hallway to tell him to back off Dante. Sonny says he's been kept away from him for over 20 years and he won't leave him now.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick and Lisa butt heads over who will do Dante's surgery, as Robin sides with Lisa. Patrick insists he's the best one for the job and Lisa eventually backs his skills over anyone else's. Steve comes up and asks Robin to talk Sonny down.

In the locker room, Lisa reads Patrick Dante's test results as Patrick changes in front of her, which she doesn’t seem to mind. She wonders if he is taking the surgery just because it's a challenge. He says every surgery is a challenge but he is the best and he wants to save Dante's life.

As Patrick and Lisa scrub up, Steve walks in and tells Patrick he is off the surgery, because he is taking the operation and needs to confer with Lisa. Patrick storms off and Lisa follows him to the locker room. Patrick thinks he should be the one to pull Dante through, but he can't, so she has to do it for him. Lisa can't say no to that and walks away.

As Sonny and Olivia argue, Robin approaches, saying Sonny can't do this. Robin leads him away and tells him he won't be able to solve anything tonight. He talks about Dante and wonders, what if he dies and he killed his own son? Lulu comes to the hospital, sees Sonny and lunges for him, which Robin tries to prevent. Nikolas comes upon them and tries to calm Lulu down, as she continues to rail at Sonny, who tells her he didn’t know Dante was his son. After Nikolas and Lulu leave, Jason meets with Sonny who tells him Dominic is really Dante, who is his son. Jason wants him to leave the country because he shot a cop, but Sonny won't leave. Sonny walks away and Jason calls Diane. Maxie walks off the elevator and runs into Robin who confirms everything she just learned.

Olivia goes into Dante's room and talks to her son about when he was born. Johnny comes to the room and lets Olivia know he is aware Dante is Sonny's son. He's there to be by her side if she'll let him. He sits with Olivia as she thinks she should have told the truth from the beginning. Lulu and Nikolas walk up to the door and Johnny gets up so Lulu can sit with Olivia and Dante. Olivia confirms Sonny is Dante's father and says Dante asked for her. Steve comes in and says Dante has stabilized and will be taken to surgery soon. Lulu asks what his chances are and Steve says he's in critical condition but he will do everything he can. Steve leaves and runs into Sonny outside Dante's room, who threatens that he better save his son's life. Sonny walks up to the doorway and hears Olivia crying over Dante and telling him she loves him with all her heart. Lulu also tells Dante he needs to get better and he wakes up. She tells him she loves him and orders him to get through this. After Dante has been taken to surgery, Nikolas consoles his sister who tells him she feels so sure about Dante. She isn't second-guessing anything and loves him so completely. She worries she wasted the only time they had together by pushing him away.

Johnny runs into Maxie near the elevators and they discuss what they know about Dante. Johnny badmouths Sonny, but Maxie thinks it all sounds pretty awful. Johnny doesn’t agree with what Olivia has done, but doesn’t think she or Lulu should be forced to deal with the man who shot Dante.

Michael comes to the hospital and runs into Jason who tells him Dominic is really Dante and Sonny is his father. Sonny walks up and confirms it. Olivia and Johnny follow to tell Sonny Dante is in surgery, as Ronnie walks off the elevator to arrest him for Claudia's murder. While being patted down, a cop finds Sonny's gun used to shoot Dante. Sonny tells Ronnie he won't leave his son, but Ronnie has no mercy for him. As the cops lead him away, Sonny tells Olivia to let Dante know he loves him and that he didn't want to leave.

While in surgery, Dante dreams of playing stickball in Bensonhurst. He sees Sonny get out of a car and a young Dante (who looks like Morgan) runs up to Sonny, who shoots at him. Patrick watches as Dante flat lines and Steve, Lisa and the team try to save him.

Next on General Hospital:

Lulu gets support from her family.

Carly is sympathetic to Olivia.

Sam tries to help Sonny.

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