At the christening, Father Coates urges everyone to make a new beginning and live a better life and then officially christens Josslyn. Afterwards, Lulu worries to Johnny about Dante, Luke is happy to be with all of his children, and Morgan questions Michael about why Sonny and Dominic aren't there. Everyone is invited to a reception at the Jacks home, but Alexis tells Jax she can't make it and leaves. Molly grabs Morgan to help her on her mission for true love. Michael talks to Jax and assumes he wouldn't want Sonny to go to prison and appreciates his help. After he walks away, Jane chastises her son for lying to Michael. Jax defends himself, but Jane feels sorry for Sonny's kids and hopes it's worth it. Carly thanks Jason for being Josslyn's godfather and wonders where Sonny is. After everyone has left, Molly and Morgan get Sam and Jason alone in the church and Molly says this would be a great place for a wedding. Jason thinks they should get to the house for the reception, but Molly continues on, citing how short life is especially for them. Molly thinks they should seize the day and tells Jason now is the moment to propose. Sam tries to talk Molly down, as Morgan is eager to get to the party. Sam says they aren't getting married any time soon, but Molly remains hopeful.

Everyone gathers at the Jacks house for the reception, as Carly talks with the Spencers saying she blames Elizabeth for what Lucky's going though. Luke suggests she not throw stones considering her past. Michael asks Max and Milo if they've heard from Sonny and they tell him he's fine and he should enjoy the party. Lulu calls Dante but can't get a hold of him and worries to Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli offers that Sonny might have needed him on a job. Lucky and Ethan have a drink and Lucky thanks him for not trying to stop him. Ethan is fine with it as long as he gets to drive. Carly thanks everyone for being there and thanks Jax for making her life full and complete. Michael informs Kristina he told Jax what he knows about Dominic and says he never thought Jax would turn out to be such a cool guy. Lulu asks Jason where Dominic and Sonny are and Jason responds he doesn’t know about Dominic, but Sonny had business to tend to. Carly catches the Quartermaines as they begin to leave and thanks them for coming. They make their exit and then Jane leaves to go back to the hotel. She urges Carly and Jax to remember how much they love each other no matter what happens. Spinelli talks with Jason privately who says he hasn't heard from Sonny, but is confident Sonny will call if he needs anything. As Carly opens presents, Lulu sneaks out. Carly opens one gift, which is a DVD. Morgan wants to watch it but Carly says later and hands it to him. Morgan and Molly go out of the room and load the DVD onto a laptop. Sam tells Jason she knows Molly was out of line, but he doesn't necessarily think so because he loves her. Jason then hears the DVD playing with Franco's voice on it.

After shooting Dante in his house, Sonny learns he is his father. Sonny calls 911, as Olivia tends to her son. Sonny gets her a towel to help stop the bleeding and questions her, but she furiously yells that Dante is his son and dying because he shot him. As they try to stop him from bleeding out, Sonny wonders why she never told him about Dante, declaring no matter who he is or what he's done, he would never raise a hand against his own child. As Sonny berates her for keeping this a secret from him, the ambulance comes and Olivia runs out to meet them. Alone, Sonny tells Dante this would not have happened if he knew and says they are a lot alike. The paramedics come in and take Dante out to the ambulance. Olivia jumps in and Sonny follows telling the paramedic he is Dante's father. Sonny continues to quiz Olivia as Dante goes into shock.

Dante is brought into the ER and Steve talks to Olivia who tells him her son's real name. Sonny says he is Dante's father, as a nearby Epiphany drops the tray she's carrying in shock. As the doctors work on Dante, Olivia tries to explain things to Sonny and he understands now why they got along so well at the start. Steve comes out and says the bullet did major internal damage and is lodged near the spine. He and Lisa will be doing the surgery together, but they can't operate until he is stable. Sonny asks if he will live, but Steve can only promise to give him the best possible care. Sonny calls Robin to ask if she and Patrick can come to the hospital right away. Steve tells them he notified the police about the gunshot and asks what happened. After the police have arrived, Robin and Patrick come to the ER and learn that Dominic is Dante, Sonny's son. He asks them to get involved in his care and they agree. Robin is shocked, but Patrick says he knew. She can't believe he didn’t tell her citing that information is not covered by medical privilege.

Lulu goes to Sonny's house and finds bloody towels on the floor, along with Dante's ringing phone.

Sonny goes to the chapel to light a candle and pray. He thinks this mess is God's judgment on him for the way he lives.

Olivia sits with her son in his room and tells him how much she loves him and how he has to live his life to the fullest. She doesn't want him to make the same mistakes his father made, because life isn't about money, power and revenge. Dante wakes up and asks her to tell Lulu. Sonny returns after Dante falls back into unconsciousness and then Steve calls Olivia out to answer some questions about his medical history. Sonny sits with Dante and tries to wrap his mind around the fact that they are father and son, as Dante starts to open his eyes. Sonny tells him he won't hurt him because it was all a mistake. He says, "I'm your father," as Olivia returns to the doorway.

Next on General Hospital:

Johnny stands by Olivia.

Lulu rips into Sonny.

Sonny is arrested.

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