As the Jacks family gets ready for Jossyln's christening, Lady Jane comes to the house with presents. Carly sends the boys out of the room and says she needs to run an errand and leaves. Lady Jane tells Jax this should be one of the happiest days of his life, but notes he's sad. Jax says he's afraid it's all about to come crashing down and she wonders what he's done now. He tells her about his involvement in Sonny's impending arrest and Jane thinks Carly will be devastated. She says his hatred for Sonny is blinding him, but Jax retorts his eyes are open and Sonny needs to be gone no matter what the price.

Jason comes to Sonny's and they marvel over Dominic's ability to get close to them. Sonny says he is as good as dead as Olivia walks in to tell Sonny he needs to be on his best behavior at the christening. She says it goes for Jason too and he promises they won't cause any problems for Jax. Jason leaves and Olivia notices something is off with Sonny. He asks how Johnny is doing and makes a veiled threat. As they talk, Carly comes over to ask Sonny to play nice as well and Olivia leaves. Carly is proud that they are still friends and needs him onboard to bring Josslyn's entire extended family together. Sonny tells her it's a day they dump the garbage by the side of the road.

Carly returns home as Jax talks to his daughter about what's going on. Carly tells Jax every one of her dreams has come true and she has him to thank. Privately, Michael tells Jax his plan against Sonny is taking too long and Jax tells him it's out of their hands right now. Morgan comes in the house with a present that was delivered for Josslyn and puts it with the others, as they all head out.

In his room, Dante gets ready for the christening and tells Ronnie he won't arrest Sonny until after the event. Ronnie accuses him of changing over the course of the investigation, but Dante just thinks Carly and the kids are good people and deserve one last good moment. Ronnie thinks it's more about Sonny and Dante wonders if that's so bad. Ronnie says it is if it allows Sonny to slip away or figure out Dante's part in his arrest.

Downstairs at Kelly's, Lulu urges Lucky to come to the christening, but he isn't up to it. She presses him to attend and Lucky wonders why it means so much to her. She says she has a bad feeling. Lucky thinks it's understandable for her to be nervous considering Port Charles events don't usually end well. She cites all the bad blood that will be flowing in the room and asks him to be her backup. Dante comes down and meets up with Lulu after Lucky has left. They discuss how on edge they both are and he tells her he'll understand if she is having second thoughts about sticking by him. She assures him that's not the case and just wants this day to be over. She kisses him and says she'll meet him at the church because she's going to try and convince Luke to come. She walks away, but Dante calls her name, rushes over to her and sweeps her up in a more passionate kiss.

At the Haunted Star, Elizabeth apologizes to Luke for seeing Nikolas when she promised she wouldn't. Luke is understanding, much to Liz's surprise. He's not okay with her hurting Lucky, but he knows people make mistakes and says it doesn’t negate all the good she's done for Lucky over the years. Lulu walks in and wonders what Luke is doing talking to this lying piece of trash. Elizabeth thanks Luke for his compassion and leaves. Lulu is furious Luke is being kind to Liz, but he says Nik is just as guilty and it doesn't do any good to be nasty. He reminds her that judgment doesn't do any good because sooner or later it will come back and smack you in the face.

Dante goes to Olivia's place as she recalls his own christening. He gets a call from Sonny who says something has come up and he needs him. Dante tells his mother he has to go to Sonny's and she tells him Sonny was tense earlier, but wouldn’t tell her why.

Lucky enters the empty church and talks to God. He knows he's not perfect but wonders what he did to deserve this. Jason walks up behind him and Lucky tells him he can't assure him Jake will be okay because he doesn’t know what happens next and worries about dragging the kids through this mess. More guests come in, including Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie says she wants to be there for Lulu and wishes Dominic could be the godfather since they are probably going to end up together, as Spinelli looks conflicted. Lulu and Ethan come in and Lulu thanks Lucky for coming, but is still worried. Patrick and Robin take their seats, as Johnny walks in, followed by Olivia. She asks if they are speaking and he tells her it's up to her. He adds Sonny isn't there and neither is Dante. She thinks it's odd because they should both be there already. After Olivia has left, Johnny tells Lulu and Carly about the absentee guests, but Jax is ready to get things underway. The proceedings begin and Josslyn is christened.

At Sonny's, Dominic notices there are no guards, as he gets his assignment. Sonny says if he leaves now he can make it by nightfall. Dominic responds, "And by nightfall I'll be dead?" Sonny thinks he's being paranoid, but Dominic thinks the timing is off and he's being set up to die. Sonny makes it clear he knows he's been betrayed and Dante says he wanted to give everyone one last good day. He pulls out his badge and tells Sonny he is under arrest for Claudia's murder. Sonny pulls out his gun and tells him he has no qualms about killing him and states no one will find his body. Sonny asks if he has any last words and Dante tells him this was all about Mr. Pelletti who Sonny gunned down. He cites all the respect Sonny received, but Dante just despised him. Sonny doesn't remember Pelletti, but if he did kill him, he deserved it. Dante thinks Sonny should pray that his kids never see him the way he sees him now - as a cold hearted man who would kill anyone to get what he wants. Sonny says, "Goodbye detective," and shoots him, as Olivia runs in. She screams at the sight of her son lying on the floor and rushes to Dante's side. Olivia says, "My God Sonny. You just shot your own son!"

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny is horrified.

Lulu goes off on Jason.

Robin learns Patrick knew about Dante being Sonny's son.

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