Laura asks Luke if he's nervous, she can tell that something is bothering him. I'm retying the knot with the love of my life, what could be wrong? He tells her that he's just feeling lucky to have her back. She wonders if he thinks she's too fragile, is that it? No, he tells her that she's probably stronger than ever. He tells her that he's just looking back through the past 25 years, and feels like they've wasted a lot of time. She tells him to get over it, they're human! They are in the present, and that's great. She tells him, however, that she can't believe that she lost four years, and then mentions that she has a few blank spots. She tells him that she sees flowers in the garden that she doesn't remember planting, stuff like that. Then, she tells him that he is an amazing man, she can't believe that he waited for her for four years.

At Sonny's, Max isn't available to drive Carly who suddenly wants to go meet Jax for a meeting. Sonny, who is busy with the kids, tells her to get a cab. She grabs the keys and proclaims that she will drive herself.

Alan and Monica run into Jax at the airport. They are going to a medical conference, but are to be back in time for Luke and Laura's wedding. Jax tells them that he's going somewhere too, but he's a little early, he's not ready to leave just yet. Alan and Monica tell Jax that it was nice of him and Carly to give Luke and Laura their wedding day. They go on to spew their negative feelings about Carly (and their history with her as AJ's wife). Before they go to their gate, Alan and Monica suggest to Jax that he should forget about marrying Carly ever!

Spinelli tells Jason that if he doesn't back off, Mr. Alcazar will obliterate him. Sam tells Spinelli that his testimony will send Lorenzo to prison. That's the only way he'll be safe. He tells Jason and Sam to leave town; that would be easier. Jason tells him that he should consider the same thing. Spinelli reminds Jason that he didn't spill any info, he'll be okay. Jason says, Ya, but Alcazar doesn't know that.

At the airport Jax realizes that Carly probably isn't coming and that he'll be traveling alone. Carly comes rushing up and he is thrilled to see her. She mumbles something about being late because the stroller was hard to get through security. The stroller? Jax asks. She tells him that she can't elope, she has to baby-sit. Jax looks behind Carly to see Sonny and the four kids twirling toys and smiling at him.

At Shady Brook, Nikolas has had Helena confined to a straight jacket so that she won't interfere with his mother's wedding. And there's also the little matter of Helena trying to replace his nanny, Colleen, with one of her people. (He won't believe her when she admits that she planted Colleen in his home in the first place.) Nikolas tells her that she'll be comfortable in her new facility. In Arkansas.

At the hospital, Robin is upset that Laura has called her and wants her to stop by the house. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want to be the one to tell Laura that her recovery is only temporary.

Lulu comes home and tells her parents that the gardeners at the Quartermaines are working overtime and the place looks amazing. Lulu asks her mother to come dress shopping with her, and Laura tells her that Nikolas will go with her, she has things to attend to. "Just pick the dress that makes you feel the best!" Lulu decides to wait for her brother and there he is! He has brought little Spencer over to meet his grandmother. Laura is thrilled to meet him and promises to take him on picnics and fun stuff like that. Nikolas announces that Helena has been at Shady Brook, but don't worry about that, he's arranged to have her moved out of state. Laura tells the baby that they have a beautiful future ahead of them.

Still at the airport, Sonny asks Carly and Jax to speed it up; he has a meeting to get to. Carly tells him to take the kids to his meeting; she has stuff to talk to Jax about. Sonny leaves all four kids with Jax and Carly.

On the waterfront, Lorenzo and Ric realize that Jason has probably gotten a hold of Spinelli. Ric should throw the flash drive away to get rid of evidence, Lorenzo says. Ric tells him to sit tight, that the cops are going to shoot to kill as soon as Jason and Sam appear in public. Lorenzo wants Corinthos destroyed and the first step is eliminating his enforcer (Jason). Ric had better find a new plan.

At their hideout, Jason tells Spinelli to start running. He goes on to suggest that the phony evidence (the flash drive) is probably already destroyed; leaving him as the only proof that there was a set up. Jason said to give him one reason to keep him alive, so Spinelli gives it! How about proof that Alcazar and the DA set up the Goddess of Hotness? (That's one of the many things Spinelli calls Sam.)

At the Spencer's house, Robin stops by at Laura's request. Laura goes off to talk with her, leaving the rest of her family in the other room. She tells Robin that her memory is still shaky. Robin is able to dodge answering her directly about that. Laura invites her to the wedding and Robin says she'd love to be there.

Luke pays a visit to Helena at Shady Brook. Luke taunts her with stories of Arkansas and black beans. Luke loves the sight of her in a straight jacket, by the way. Helena suggests that he should keep one handy in case his lovely bride's so-called recovery doesn't go as well as he hopes. Luke gets really close to her ear and tells her he'll snap her lovely neck if she doesn't leave his family alone. She tells him she loves it when he talks dirty to her. As she is taken away, she tells him that they've not seen the last of her.

At the airport, Jax asks Carly if she would've agreed to elope if it hadn't been for the kids. She tells him she really wants a wedding in Port Charles. Jax tells her that he doesn't know how this will work. Michael has overhead and gleefully says, Yes! Jax walks over to Michael and tells him that he needs to accept the fact that his parents aren't going to remarry and that he's not going away. He then tells Carly that they can marry when, or wherever she wants. They kiss.

Sonny has made it back to see Jason and Sam (and Spinelli). He tells them that they need to turn themselves in. Sam tells him no.

Finally, Elizabeth visits Laura for the first time. Laura tells her she's just as beautiful as ever, and they catch up a little. Laura wants to talk to Liz about her situation with Lucky. She asks her to try to keep an open mind. Laura tells Liz that Lucky told her everything and that he's committed to winning her back. For what it's worth, I'd like you to know that Lucky is fighting very hard for his recoveryto be the man that he used to be. And that man always loved you Elizabeth. Liz tells her that Lucky is a wonderful person, but he broke her trust. Laura knows that's the hardest hurdle to get over, but some loves are strong enough to endure almost impossible odds.

At the PCPD, Lucky brings his rehab release papers to Ric. Ric agrees to reinstate him, but says he can't give him any preferential treatment. He'll have to take whatever assignments that come along, even if it's against Jason Morgan. Mac comes up and objects to his being put back on the force. Ric pulls rank, so Lucky stays. Lucky asks Mac if they can talk privately, so they go into the interrogation room. Lucky apologizes and promises to make amends somehow. Mac warns him that the first screw up, he will lose his job.

Costa Rica has a righteous cyber scene! Spinelli lisps, because he has decided to run off. Sonny is just staring at the geek, and then Spinelli says that he won't take orders from the Godfather. Sonny can't take him right now so he leaves. Spinelli tells Jason to turn himself in so that her hotness can run off with him. He offers to get a job at a casino and buy her as many bathing suits as she wants. He wants white beaches, warm nights and exotic fruit drinks with her. He's gushing over her to the nth degree, and Sam tells him that she can't go anywhere without Jason. That's harsh, Spinelli tells her. The bonehead can't be worth getting shot at all the time, he tells Sam. Sam sexily tells him, Oh, he's worth it. Cut to Jason steaming up the camera with one of his bad-boy looks.

Back and the hospital, Patrick asks Robin how it went with Laura. Robin says it was a false alarm; Laura seems to be doing okay for now. She tells him that she feels like a fraud accepting everyone's thanks. She said the ethical choice would've been what he suggested to leave her the way she was. Soon, Laura's family will have to pay the price.

Lucky has gone to visit his mom on his first day out of rehab. He tells her that he's lost everything that is important to him and he needs to earn it back. She tells him to stay focused and he'll be okay. Laura tells him that Liz was over a little earlier. Lucky wants to know what they talked about. Laura tells him that Liz is hurt, but promised to try to keep an open mind. Laura tells him what she told Liz, that she thinks they have the kind of love that can last a lifetime. She tells Lucky he's going to make an amazing father.

Sonny goes to Mac and tells him that Sam was framed by the DA. He says that Jason and Sam are willing to come in and give full cooperation to the cops.

Carly creeps down the stairs at Sonny's because she just put Molly to sleep. The rest of the kids are in the kitchen eating ice cream and Max is on his way home to take over -- so she can focus on Jax. Carly tells him that she is fierce about getting want she wants, and she wants him. She tells him during L&L's wedding she's going to be thinking about the day when it's their turn. As they start to kiss, she knocks some mail onto the floor. They pick it up and realize that Sonny has been invited to L&L's wedding, too.

Sonny goes back to report to Jason and Sam that Mac will receive them at the PCPD for their statements tomorrow morning. Jason tells Sonny to be somewhere else, so that Ric can't charge him as an accessory. At the waterfront, Ric and Lorenzo scheme how to proceed. Lorenzo says the simplest solution is for Sonny, Jason, Sam and Spinelli to die before they can turn themselves in. Ric says that he doesn't want his brother killed. Lorezno says he'll try to spare Sonny, but the other three will die tomorrow.

Luke returns to the house and offers to help Laura with the last minute details. He tells her he wants it to be a perfect day.

At Shady Brook, Helena's guard is letting her out of the FAKE straightjacket. We hear her voice telling the guard that all that's left is for her to decide what to wear to the wedding. But we're seeing Luke and Laura sharing a tender kiss on their sofa. Helena's voice threatens, I wouldn't miss that wedding for the world.


On their last night alone together, Jason tells Sam that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Laura floats down the aisle to a gleaming Luke.