In the Quartermaine study, Tracy is refusing to cooperate with Luke. A woman should not have to watch her husband marry another womanin her own home. Luke says that the only gift he can give Laura before she slips away again is the wedding. Tracy acknowledges that her marriage with Luke started as a drunken escapade, but it's legally binding. She tells him that their love isn't written in the wind, but she does have feelings for him. He goes on to acknowledge that their marriage may have started out as a financial plan for him, but there's a reason neither of them have ended it yet. He says, I love you Tracy. He says he'll deal with the pain of losing Laura later.

Lady Jane assures Carly that she adores her, but she thinks the marriage to Jax is a mistake. Carly reminded Jane that she begged her to go to Africa to win Jax back. Jax tells his mother than she does this every time he's about to marry someone. They remind Jane that Alexis is sick and they are only trying to help her children. Jane asked Carly, what if Jax moved in with Skye or Brenda as a favor to help a friend, how would she feel about that?

At Lorenzo's place, Spinelli (the computer geek) is told to leave. After he scurries out of there like a rat with a hunk of cheese, Ric warns Alcazar that this plan had better not go wrong. (He's mad because the computer geek has seen him there.) Maybe he's smarter than he looks, Ric tells Lorenzo. Maybe he will figure out that the DA is in cahoots with you to bring down the Corinthos organization. Lorenzo tries to calm Rick down by telling him that Spinelli just dummied files with phony names and addresses. Ric wants some assurance that he will be protected. Lorenzo tells Ric that Sonny will never forgive him for helping to get Jason killed. He tells the DA that he's the one who set the whole thing in motion, it's too late to pull out.

Jason continues to interrogate Professor Pete about his computer and who uses it. The professor repeats that he doesn't give out information regarding his students. Jason is about to beat the student intern's name out of him, but Sam stops him. She is able to talk Jason out of hurting Pete, for now. Jason insists that he's blindfolded, at least. He whispers to Sam, This had better work.

At GH, Liz comes around to the front of the nurse's desk and assures Nikolas that she wasn't trying to hurt Lucky by being with Jason that night. Nikolas tells her that he can't blame her for turning to Jason, Lucky had been a wreck. Liz doesn't want him to ever tell Lucky that she slept with Jason, it could harm his recovery. Nikolas says that nothing would hurt his brother more than for Liz to be careless and lose his baby. (He wants her to stay out of Jason's business.) Next, Nikolas wants to know why Liz is helping Sam does she have something to prove to Jason?

(Now we get to see what Sam and Jason's plan is here.) They've taken Pete to the waterfront and tied his hands to the wooden railing with rope. They leave a pocket knife just out of reach. After they walk off and leave Pete there, they lurk in the shadows to see what he will do.

At Kelly's, Diego pulls out a big wad of money to pay for his coffee. Mike gives some fatherly advice and tells him to be careful walking around with that much money. Cocky Diego announces that he's working for his dad now and people better not mess with him. Just then, Maxi comes in and declines the offer of a cup of coffee with him. She's not drinking caffeine, remember? Diego says he still doesn't believe she's pregnant. She announces that there's a file at the hospital that says otherwise.

Carly acknowledges to Lady Jane that she would be insanely jealous if Jax moved in with Brenda. She doesn't trust Brenda, but she trusts Jax. Her situation with Sonny is different. But that Lady Jane is a persistent one, isn't she? She says it's better to end it now than to enter a marriage that is doomed. Unless Carly can honestly say that she can see a future without Sonny in it. Just then Michael yells from upstairs that Morgan had a bad dream and needs Carly upstairs.

Tracy tells Luke that Laura's children deserve to know the truth. And, why did he bring Laura back if he knew it was only temporary? She thinks they could be using this limited time better by saying their goodbyes than to spin another fantasy that will be harder for everyone to recover from. Luke says his kids need their mother if only for a while. And, why would he bring her back if the whole time she's here they are all busy saying goodbye? Tracy thinks he agreed to the treatment because HE wanted Laura back, no matter who it hurt. He denied that, a few short weeks aren't nearly enough for him. He insists that having Laura here is a small gift to his kids. Lulu walks in and wants to know what is wrong?

Maxi (wearing some kind of frock) visits Lucky and complains about morning sickness and giving up junk food. Her excuse for being there is that she has a medical history form for him to fill out. Liz comes for a visit and wants to know what Maxi is doing there. Maxi gets all snippy with her and reminds her that they have to get along for their children. She goes on to announce that if she's having a boy, she'd like to name it Lucas Lorenzo Spencer the third. (You should've seen the evil eye Elizabeth gave her!) Lucky said that surely Maxi realizes if he and Elizabeth have a boy, they'd like to use that name. What, Elizabeth's baby is more important than mine? Maxi demands.

Lorenzo tries to get Spinelli on the phone, but only gets his voicemail. Then, he orders one of his goons to go find him and bring him back to him. NOW.

Pete has freed himself from the ropes and called Spinelli to meet him at Kelly's. When they sit down, Pete wants to know what the heck Spinelli is doing working for a gangster. Spinelli says it's okay, he'll be under their protection. He says he's making major dinaro and that he's untouchable. He promises not to use the Professor's computer anymore. Then he leaves and Sam and Jason snag him just outside Kelly's door.

Elizabeth tells Maxi to leave Lucky's room, but she says she has just as much right to be there as Elizabeth does. Lucky steps up and says that he's going to spend the rest of his life trying to make his mistakes up to Liz. My baby is a mistake? Maxi whines. After she storms off, Liz tells Lucky that it really isn't fair to favor her baby over Maxi's. Every baby deserves to be loved by both parents.

Tracy covers for Luke by telling Lulu that she's trying to teach her father about etiquette. With Lulu watching, she tells Luke it's bad manners to make her watch him marry Laura. Luke tells her she doesn't have to be there, but Tracy says she wouldn't miss it for the world. Lulu thinks that maybe Luke ought to tell Laura the truth about his recent divorce from Tracy. Luke tells Lulu not to waste this time with her mother worrying about that stuff. He reminded her that she's been wantng to talk about things with Laura, why not do it?

After Lady Jane storms off, Carly and Jax start arguing about the issue between them. His name is Sonny. Jax thinks they should rethink the wedding and Carly looks hurt. But then he explained that he does want to marry her, he just doesn't want Sonny to interfere. Would she consider eloping? Tonight?

As Lulu is ready to leave the Q's, Dillon stops her and they chat a little. (He's still looking like Mr. Corporate, by the way.) They end up talking about Luke & Tracy, and Dillon is shocked to learn that Lulu thinks they are divorced. He wonders if Tracy is in denial, she still talks about her husband Luke in the present tense. Lulu thinks that maybe since she and Dillon aren't step siblings anymore, maybe it will lesson all the bad stuff that happened between them. She tells him that she's moving the rest of her stuff back to her parent's house. Dillon tells her that he's going to miss her and she returns the sentiment.

After Jason and Sam bring Spinelli back to their hideout, they wonder if they've nabbed the wrong guy (because he's such a freak). I'm a cyber God! Spinelli tells Sam and Jason. Sam tries to get him to help them by telling him that Alcazar is working with her step father to bring her down. He tells her that maybe he can give her some URL's about family dysfuncition. They tell him all they need from him is to know how he built the flash drive. Sam is getting all worked up, telling him that her life is at stake hereand then she passes out.

Back at Lorenzo's place, Alcazar tells Ric that Spinelli has dropped out of site. He said to put out an APB, he doesn't care how they nab him, but nab him! Spinelli is the only guy who can link them to framing Sonny. He reminds Rick that he's toast if they don't find him.

Sam is awake now, she just passed out because of her arm injury, apparently. Jason gets tired of geeky Spinelli's outlandish rantings and shoves a wad of paper in his moth. Then hepushes him into a closet.

At Shady Brook, Helena surprises Nikolas out in the garden. (Remember, Nikolas didn't realize that Helena had been sent to the same facility as his mother was.) , Helena tells Nikolas that she hears his mother is making remarkable progress. She warns Nikolas that Luke isn't to be trusted, and that he has been less than forthcoming about his mother's condition.

Tracy comes back into the den to see Luke sucking down booze. She says, Let me guess, you didn't tell Lulu? He says all he's tryng to do is create one perfect day, can't she just cooperate? 'No, I'm not that generous, Tracy yells.

At Sonny's, Carly tells Jax they can't just run off in the night. He needs to make a commitment to the boys, too. Jax agrees to wake Michael and Morgan up and bring them along. Carly is still trying to wiggle out of it. She says she even wants Sonny there, she wants everyone there to see them exchange their vows. He tells her it's time for her to step up and stop trying to prove something to Sonny. He tells her that tomorrow morning at 9 am, he'll get his pilot to take them anywhere in the world she wants to go. If she doesn't show up, he'll assume the wedding is off. Carly is stunned.


Laura wants Luke to tell her what's bothering him.

Carly insists that she is NOT standing Jax up, while Jax tells his pilot that it looks like his companion won't be joining him.

Jason and Sam try to scare Spinelli.