The scene at Lorenzo's place has taken a nasty turn, Lorenzo has a knife to Sonny's throat and goons have guts pointed everywhere. Do you really want to do this in front of your daughter? Sonny asks. Lorenzo lets Sonny go. Sonny apologizes to Skye for the intrusion, and states that he simply need to have his guys look over Lorenzo's computer because they suspect that he and Ric are working together to bring him down.

At the safe house, Liz doesn't understand why Jason seems to be frisking her (and in front of Sam, no less!). Jason comes up with a tracer from Liz's nurse's jacket pocket and says, Rics's already on his way.

Laura is having a therapy session with Lainey, talking about how she must've been healing during those four years. What else would explain how she is able to handle the truth of the trauma now, and couldn't when it first happened? Outside the room looking through a one-way window, Robin is telling Luke that it will happen exactly the way I told you it would. She goes on to tell him this time, Laura will be aware of what's happening. Robin thinks he needs to tell Laura soon, that they knew all along the treatment would be temporary. (There it is, it's official. Drats.)

At Jake's, Professor Pete and Patrick shake hands and sit down for a beer. They reminisce about a place called Dirty Mary's that they hung out at during college. (Oh, so they knew each other before!) Professor Pete learns that Patrick has finally been able to bridge the gap with his father since they last spoke. Even though it cost me part of my liver, jokes Patrick. They laugh at how much Patrick used to party and marveled that he had some good liver left to share.

But it's an experimental drug, right? We don't know what will really happen, Luke says to Robin. She explains that the catatonia is a chronic physical condition; no drug can cure it once and for all. Luke asks how long it will last. Not much longer, Robin tells him. Laura will get confusedwon't know what she's sayingwon't know where she is. And then, there will be moments of stillness. It'll only be days after that when she is where she is back to where she started. It's incurable. Robin portends. After that, she and Luke go in the room with Laura and Lainey who are excited that Laura is doing so well.

Jax and Carly come home to Sonny's place and are surprised to see that Lady Jane is there for a surprise visit. Apparently Max has let her in and showed her the secret Brandy closet (that Sonny doesn't know about.) She expresses shock (and disapproval) that Jax is hanging out with Carly at her ex-husband's home.

Before Sonny leaves Alcazar's place, he apologizes again to Skye for this going down while she and the baby where there. He comments that the pasta looks good and maybe Lorenzo should think about switching careers. After they leave, Lorenzo asks Skye if she's going to leave town with the baby again. She said, That depends, are you really in business with Sonny's brother?

At the safe house, Ric and his cops bust in and find only Elizabeth. He tells her she is an accessory, and he'll have to arrest her if she doesn't turn Sam and Jason in. She tells him that she hasn't seen anyone; she's jus there because she's looking to rent a new apartment. She tells him he can't file charges because she's getting on with her life! The landlord comes in and complains that the cops broke the door down. Ric asks if he knows Elizabeth and the guy confirms her story, that she was there looking at the place. He scowls and takes the key back, mumbling something about her not being the kind of tenant he wants anyway. Liz is defiant and asks Ric if he knows how hard it is for a pregnant woman with a toddler to get a good apartment. Then she tells him that she missed her dinner break in order to come check this apartment out. Ric apologizes to Liz and she rushes back to work. (Somehow Jason and Sam had enough time to send in a fake landlord.)

Lorenzo tells Skye that he's just Sonny's scapegoat, and Skye is fuming. She doesn't think it looks at all like he's trying to change his life.

Carly and Jax explain why they are all at Sonny's place for the time being -- in order to help Alexis while she's sick. They are helping to watch her girls, after all. They assure Lady Jane that the wedding will go on as planned, November 16.

At Laura's house, Nikolas and Lesley are on the sofa, looking at wedding books and talking about Laura. Lulu and Lucky race in because Luke has called them. The kids all fear that Laura had gone into the attic, and Lesley tells them that she has, but Luke was with her. Just then Luke and Laura come back from the therapy session and assure everyone that she does remember everything, but she's okay. Laura apologizes to her mother, for killing Rick. Lesley assures Laura that all Rick would want would be for her to get well. Laura tells them all that she understands why they would want to keep the truth from her. She says, from now on, however, she wants everyone in the entire family to be honest with her from now on. (Luke looks sheepish.)

At Jakes, Pete asks Patrick about that chick he told him about that drove him crazy. Patrick said that he now is in love with that girl, and she is on her way. Pete tells him they need to take off to Vegas that was their promise to each other if the other ever fell in love.

At the happy Spencer hacienda, Laura asks Lulu if she still likes pinkshould her Maid of Honor dress be pink? Does Lucky want to wear a morning coat or just a coat and tie? She doesn't understand why no one seems to be excited about anything. Since he's just been assured that Laura can handle things, Lucky tells her that he's in rehab and explains about his injury and the addiction to pain killers. Then he tells his mother that when he was under the influence, he cheated on Liz and got Maxi Jones pregnant. She tenderly tells him that everyone makes mistakes in life. What's important is that he has chosen rehab and is fighting for his marriage. She is proud of him, regardless of his hardships. Didn't you think I'd understand Lucky? she asks. Lulu clears her throat. But she's not about to say what you think she is going to say. She simply announces that there is a problem with the wedding and hands Luke a calendar.

On Sonny's couch, Lady Jane tells Carly that she will make a splendid wife for her son. But she's concerned how many times Jax has had his heart broken. Carly's cell phone rings and it's Lulu. She tells Carly that she needs to see her right away, regarding the wedding.

Rick brings Liz a sandwich to the hospital. She accusingly tells him that she found a tracking device in her pocket, why would that be there? Ric says that he just can't see why she would side with a thug instead of the man she used to be married to. Ric tells her that he thinks about her and the baby they lost everyday. She clarifies that Jason always has been and still isjust a friend. Ric reminds Liz that he's just doing his job by trying to bring Jason down. He said he's upset that his marriage is over and he doesn't see how he can hold onto Molly. His job is all he has right now. Uh-oh, Elizabeth is melting a little. She stops though, with just wishing him well and thanking him for the sandwich.

In hiding, Jason is concerned about Sam's bullet wound and she apologizes for getting them in this position by visiting her baby's grave. Jason tells her it's okay, but Sonny pipes up and announces that it is not okay, and from now on, they are going to do things his way. He tells Sam that he'll ship her out of the country if she doesn't stop making things worse. Their computer guy finds that the guy they are looking for the computer of a PCU English professor is connected somehow to Lorenzo's. And, the professor is at Jake's right now.

At Jakes, Patrick and Pete are throwing darts, and Robin's asking Pete why he doesn't believe in love. He tells her that he doesn't think that love lasts forever. Robin tells him that she and Patrick aren't arrogant enough to think theirs is the only love that will last forever. They want to just enjoy it, while it lasts.

Jax and Carly rush over to the Spencer's. Jax gives Laura a warm hug and welcomes her back. Carly and Laura say brief hellos, and they get down to it. Laura spells it out for them, that their wedding the 25th anniversary of their first wedding and is set for the same day as Carly and Jax are getting married. They don't see how everyone can attend both weddings on the same day. Carly barely skips a beat. She says, The day is yours. As a matter of fact, you can have our whole wedding. (Jax gives her a strange look.) I'll even call the church, she tells them. That's when Luke announces that Edward has agreed to let them marry at his house.

Sonny comes home and is surprised to see Mrs. Jax. She tells him that she's in town for the wedding. He tells her to get comfortable, but he's got to go into the den and work. She asks if they might talk first. She tells him that it sounds like their living arrangement is an excuse of some kind. She asks him what's going on between him and Carly. Sonny tells her that it seems to him that he and Carly will probably always end up in each other's arms.

At the Spencer's, Carly and Jax tell Laura that they can have the caterers, flowers, everything. All she needs to do is get a dress. On the side, Luke thanks his niece. She tells him it's no problem, he has bigger problems. (She whispers a question, did you forget about Tracy?) He quietly assures her that he has secured a quickie divorce already.

At Jake's, Pete and Robin exchange literary metaphors for love and the whole conversation is way over Patrick's head. Pithy, scholarly banter is flying about, so Patrick finally pipes up with a Beatles line, What about 'All You Need is Love'? They agree to disagree and Pete says goodbye. After he leaves, Patrick asks Robin if he was as bad as Pete when they first met. Robin tells him that he was worse. Patrick apologizes and they kiss.

As Pete starts to leave Jake's, Sam pulls the poor me, my boyfriend left me here trap and just when Pete turns to help her, Jason nabs him and holds him at gunpoint.

Nikolas runs into Liz at GH and says he saw on TV that Jason and Sam are fugitives. He asks if she helped Sam escape. Nikolas doesn't know why Liz would get involved in such a thing. Nikolas asks if she ever thought Jason was the father of her child. Liz wants to know who told him that? Sam did. Nikolas says it's not fair to Lucky's child for her to be so involved with Jason.

Jason brings Pete back to the safe house where Sonny and the goons are making a plan. They question him how his computer got connected to Alcazar's. Pete gives up the name of his new computer geek -- Spinelli. At Lorenzo's, the hugest geek you've ever seen (wearing a crochet skull cap) is assuring Lorenzo that no one can bust his codes.

Jax and Carly are bickering a little as they arrive home (about the wedding date that Carly gave away) as they see that Lady Jane and Sonny are chatting away. After Sonny excuses himself, Carly tells Lady Jane not to believe a word Sonny says. (It seems that it's a little too late, however.)

Luke and Laura hug as she goes out wedding dress shopping at Windhams with her mother. He tells her to get whatever she thinks makes her feel beautiful. She tells him that she feels beautiful whenever he looks at her. Laura says they'll be late because she wants to stop by at the Quartermaines and thank Edward for letting them marry in Lila's rose garden. Luke and Lesley quickly talk her out of it; say she needs to take it easy. As soon as Laura and Lesley exit out the back door, Tracy storms in the front door. Are you my backyard?


I'm your wife, Tracy tells Luke.

What's the harm in giving Laura her last wish? Luke asks.

Lorenzo tells Ric that he's hired one of the top hackers, and his work is untraceable.