What are you doing grabbing me like that, do you want me to lose this baby too? Liz says to Ric after he grabbed her coming out of Sam's hospital room. He wants to know why Liz was looking for Sam. She tells him that she had no idea Sam was in there, she certainly isn't spying for Jason. After all, she left the floor he told her to leave, didn't she? Ric's phone rings and someone tells him that Carly has a gun on Sonny downstairs.

Meanwhile, with Carly holding Sonny (pretend) hostage in the hallway, Jason is able to slip into the room he thinks Sam is in. From the bed, the Sam imposter sits up, points a gun at him and says, Mr. Morgan, right on time. It doesn't take long for Jason to overtake her and slip back out the door, unnoticed.

Outside the door, Carly continues her shootout ploy, holding a gun on Sonny, pretending she's going to shoot. Ric comes running into the scene and yells that he can't believe everyone fell for it; she's just helped Jason to escape.

Helena (who is also a guest at Shady Brook, we learned today) is sniffing a rose outside in the garden. Martin, a guard who works there and apparently does whatever she tells him to, comes to ask why she's outside. She tells him that she'd like him to check on the status of a patient for her. She explains that her grandson Nikolas must have had no idea that the authorities had put her in the same mental hospital where his mother has been rotting away her days. She asks Martin to check on Laura Spencer.

In her attic, Laura is rocking in a chair and crying when Luke finds her there. He says, Please, please, Laura. She sees him and sobs, I killed my stepfatherdidn't I? Luke tells her that she needs to talk to the doctors at Shady Brook. That's a sanitarium! she finally realizes. She exclaims that it wasn't a car crash at all was' it? She asks Luke if she's crazy. Then, she tells him that she overheard him talking to Lulu about an emotional trauma that could send her back into madness. She wonders if even this (meaning the fact that they are together in the attic at that moment) is happening, maybe she's imagining the whole thing.

This is real Luke tells Laura. He assures her that he is there to protect her. He makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk about anything until after she's been checked out. She refuses to go to Shady Brook until she knows everything that she needs to know from that attic.

In the garden at Shady Brook, now it's Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas. They are talking about Luke & Laura's upcoming wedding, when Nikolas throws out a name and wants to know if it means anything to anybody. Tracy. They wonder if Luke has gotten a quickie divorce already, or if Tracy is willing to go along with it for Laura's sake. Nikolas voices, again, his concerns about lying to their mother about what has happened to her all these years. He storms off to see Dr. Robin to get some advice.

In the attic, Laura insists that Luke tell her exactly how Rick died. He tells her that he can't do this again. She doesn't understand why he said that. He wants to call a doctor and she refuses. He says it was his fault that she lost 4 years of her life. He forced her to confront things that she wasn't ready to handle. He told her he was arrogant and thought he could take care of her by himself. He says he can't risk it this time, she needs professional guidance. His love for her isn't enough. She smiles, and tells him that all she's ever needed is him.

At home, Lorenzo is talking to one of his goons about tonight being the time to go after the Corinthos organization. Morgan is on the run and Sonny is vulnerable. He wants his men to raid Sonny's cargo and he'll work on the alibi. Skye walks in with the baby. (I smell an alibi.)

Once everyone realizes that Jason is indeed gone, Ric threatens Sonny, Carly and Jax for interfering in their case. They are locked into the hospital room for safekeeping. When they are alone, Jax demands, What the hell were you thinking? Carly defends herself by saying that she had to act fast. Jax is upset that she waved a gun at cops, but she tells him it as only a toy gun of Morgan's. Sonny defends Jax, for a change. He said she's not the lone ranger, she could've been shot. Rodriquez comes in and tells Jax that they are ready to question him now. After the two of them leave the room, Sonny tells Carly that Jax can't handle this kind of stuff, she shouldn't marry him.

Elizabeth finds Jason lurking in the GH hallways dressed like a doctor. She warns him of the trap that Sam told her about, and he tells her what has happened downstairs. He says the place is crawling with cops and he needs to get Sam out of there fast.

In the attic, Laura tells Luke that the doctors are strangers to her, but she trusts him. She knows he's been hiding things from her lately, but she has faith in him, she knows he's just protecting her. She wants him to have faith in her now; she can handle the truth even though she couldn't 4 years ago. He's unsure about that. She wonders if she's a pathetic shell of what she used to beif she's so fragile. He agrees to help her remember.

Jason grabs Epiphany from the nurses' station and holds her hostage while he tries to slip into the elevator. She's scared and begging the cops not to let him shoot her. Once they get in the elevator and the doors close, Epiphany tells him to ease up on that gun or she'll slap him in the head. He thanked her for going along with it.

Holed up in the hospital room, Carly tells Sonny to butt out of her life. Sonny says that he's just as irritated with her as Jax is right now, but she's Jax's problem now. And from what he just witnessed, Jax can't handle it. Sonny points out that Jax can't even stand Jason, why would he be able to handle it when she goes off half cocked in order to protect him.

Nikolas is at the hospital looking for Robin, but he sees Elizabeth first. Guess what she's doing? Acting nonchalant, pushing a slumped over patient in a wheelchair. Liz tells him she'll find him after she delivers her patient and rushes off.

As Jason leads Epiphany out of the elevator with a gun to her neck, she starts begging for help again as soon as they see that cops are waiting for them. Jason pushes Epiphany onto the cops who are waiting for them so they can't get a shot as he runs away.

Laura tells Luke that she doesn't want to live in fear of herself or her past. She wants to know why she killed the man who raised her. So, they exchange I love you's and he begins. When you were a teenager, you came into this attic and found Rick here having sex with one of his nurses. The woman attacked Rick and turned on you. To defend yourself, you grabbed the nearest object, a camera. You accidentally killed her. Rick and Scott Baldwin tried to cover up the accidentRick gave you a drug to make you forget the whole thing. Four years ago, when Rick came to town to give you away at the wedding.maybe it was because you hadn't seen him in so longmaybe it was because you were up here in the attic looking for wedding thingsbut you started to remember that night. Rick found you up here and tried to make you forget again.

She picks up where he left off. It was the night before our wedding night. It was raining. I came up to the attic and he followed me. (We see some flashbacks as she speaks.) He wanted to hurt mewith a needle. I was so afraid. I backed away from him and then, what? What?

Luke answers, You thought you were defending yourself. You picked up a candlestick.

Laura closes her eyes. She remembers, and I killed him.

At Lorenzo's dining room table, he and Skye are enjoying dinner together and toasting to the great meal he made for them. The baby needs some burping, so Skye wants him to do the honors. He is willing to learn. (What a cute scene, that baby is adorable!) They talk about how old she'll be when she's ready to break wild horses and go spear fishing. Skye wants her to learn everything a boy would learn and not be treated like a China doll.

Back at the hospital, it's Sonny's turn to be pulled out of the room for questioning. Jax continues to lecture Carly. But, she weasels out of it and they end up kissing.

Somehow, Liz has been able to take Sam back to the safe house, and Sam is watching the news of Jason's escape on TV. She stands up and wants to go find Jason, but Elizabeth talks her into staying put. Sam can't understand why a pregnant Liz is putting herself on the line for her. But it's not for her, is it? (It must be for Jason.)

In the attic, Luke explains to Laura that she was just trying to defend herself. He gently explains,
Rick was trying to administer a drug that you didn't want. You didn't understand. But it wasn't murder, you need to understand that. Laura wants to know if Luke was with her during all that. He says that by the time he got upstairs, Rick was already dead and she was so fragile. He told her that he thought if they could just get away, they could deal with the trauma together. He should've insisted that she had professional care right away, but he didn't. He stops talking and looks at Laura, who has withdrawn. Are you still with me? he asks. She looks puzzled, but she tells him she's alright. She thanks him for telling her.

Jax and Carly, hand-in-hand, leave the hospital. She sees the cops standing around so she goes over and asks for her son's water gun back. Even though it's evidence now, they give it to her. She squirts Jax in the face after the cops leave.

Baby Lila has gone back to sleep, and Skye and Lorenzo are enjoying their dinner. Not for long, because Sonny and his goons bust in and hold Lorenzo at gunpoint. Sonny assures Skye that he's not here to hurt the baby, but that Lorenzo has messed with his business and now he needs to search the place. Lorenzo is able to overtake Sonny.

As Elizabeth and Sam continue to talk at the safe house, Jason busts in and thanks Elizabeth with his eyes, as he and Sam embrace.

At headquarters, Ric and his technical guys are looking at a computer screen. It's showing an overhead grid of a neighborhood with a blinking red light. (They've got a tracking devise on somebody). Ric says he knows where they are going and takes off.

Nikolas goes back to Shady Brook to find Lucky and Lulu in the garden. He reminds them that as far as they know, Luke is still married to Tracy and it could hurt Laura if she learns all of this. Lulu tells Nikolas that he doesn't need to be at the wedding if he can't set aside his doubts. He says he will do his best, just for one day. They will all attend Luke and Laura's wedding on November 16. Guess who has overheard? Helena smirks to herself, That's one wedding I wouldn't dream of missing.

Still in the attic, Laura can remember it all clearly now. She realizes it was an accident. She wishes it had never happened, but she tells Luke that she has paid dearly for what she did. She lost 4 years of her life. Even Rick would say that was enough, wouldn't he, she wonders? Luke thinks he would. Laura tells Luke that there's one more thing she needs. She needs him to put down his guilt. She can hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. We were all victims of a terrible chain of events, but that's behind us now, she wisely proclaims. I'm whole again; I'm back with my family. And wherever that place is that I've been, I won't go back there again. What matters now is where we go from here, hmm? From this day forward.

From this day forward. Luke says. They tearfully kiss, and then hold each other. A sad, relieved and thankful tear rolls down Luke's face.


Luke tells Dr. Robin, Nobody knows what's really gonna happen.

Jason pulls a tracking device out of Elizabeth's pocket and announces that Ric is already on his way.