Carly tells Jax that since the flowers for their upcoming wedding aren't right, she has to start over with the napkins and the mints. He tells her that they should accept the fact that they won't be getting married on November 16. He says it's okay to wait for Jason to be there. Carly says that she won't postpone their wedding because she won't let Sonny win. �How romantic,� Jax says flatly.

Laura picks up her treasured music box and reflects about her life. Then Luke comes home and she tells him that getting married again feels like step in the right direction toward getting everything back. He asks her to pick a date and she tells him, �November 16th. And don't you dare ask why.� Luke gives a nervous giggle and then they kiss.

As Ric rushes onto the scene at the cemetery and finds Sam lying down, the cop tells him that she is hit in the chest or shoulder�it's hard to tell. (Remember, Jason can hear all this because Ric had his cell phone rigged so that he would overhear the whole thing from wherever he was hiding.) Jason hangs up and calls Sonny. He's freaking out and yelling that he needs to know how badly Sam is hurt!

Just before Jason called, Sonny was visiting Alexis in the hospital. She was telling him that even if Carly puts off her wedding so that Jason can be home, it's only delaying the inevitable. After Sonny takes the call, he tells Alexis that Sam has been shot. Alexis calmly suggests that Ric wouldn't have arranged for that. Sonny tells her not to look for a soft side of Ric � he has just staked Sam out at her baby's grave!

At the cemetery, it turns out that Sam just has a flesh wound. Once she's cuffed, she taunts Ric and says he can't trap Jason. �The only reason you are sending me to the hospital is so that Jason will visit me there.� She becomes too feisty that Ric orders the paramedics to sedate her.
Sonny is back with Jason and is trying to calm him down. He tells Jason that Ric expects him to show up at the hospital, but Jason doesn't want to hear it. �I need to get to Sam!� Sonny is able to convince Jason that somehow, they need to turn their situation around and break free from Ric. Sonny says he'll go to the hospital and report back to him.

Luke says that November 16, 1981, was the day that changed it all for him. He wonders if they should choose a new date to signify a new beginning. She says that November 16 is what they know, it feels lucky to her. (Besides they had chosen a different date for their 2nd wedding four years ago and look how that turned out!) He tells her that he trusts her instincts, November 16 it is! She says that wants to tell him, again, that she loves him in the same spot and on the same date. Luke is sorry to tell her, but the city has sold the Mayor's Mansion a long time ago, so the garden where they married is now a sports complex. Laura brightens up and suggests that sweet Lila Quartermine will let them use her rose garden. Luke has to tell her that Lila has died. They have a nice moment as they recall how special she was. Luke told her that Lila died peacefully in her sleep and Laura says that's how it should be. He told her not to worry, he'll find a garden for them to marry in and that they can remember their new November 16 for the rest of their lives.

Carly, nervously talking far too fast, double talks Jax into agreeing to go ahead and get married on the 16th. He says, if it works for her and it gets them married, he'll go for it.

�Another boring emergency, sorry to take you away from the supply closet,� Epiphany tells Robin and Patrick as they are called upon to care for an incoming gunshot victim. When Robin learns that it's Sam�and that's she's sedated, Ric says that it's police business. Elizabeth gives him a fishy look.

Laura says there's so much to do in such a little amount of time. But Luke tells her that they've fried bigger fish. She agrees. She tells him that running from Frank Smith and the adventure of the left-handed boy were much more difficult. (They get a good laugh over their crazy memories.) Lulu comes in and says hello to her �mom and dad�. Then, she says, �Boy, you don't know how long I've wanted to say that.� Laura asks Lulu if she's angry with her for not being there while she was growing up. Lulu assures her mother that she didn't really miss anything, it was all pretty normal. Laura asks her to put on her maid-of-honor hat and help her plan the wedding, it's on November 16!

Lulu goes out to the front porch to cancel plans that she made on November 16 with her Professor. They had made plans to see �A Streetcar Named Desire� together, because Pete thought it was similar to the essay that Lulu wrote. Luke comes out on the porch and overhears her cancel her plans. Luke talks about the �kindness of strangers� and the plot of the play. He's familiar with the story and asks Lulu why she is thinking about madness. She confides in him and tells him that she worries that she's going to go mad too, like mom. (Inside the house, Laura is able to hear their conversation through a window.)

Alexis is upset after learning that Sam has been shot, so she calls Jax. He and Carly go pay her a visit, and as soon as they get to her room, Carly lays into Alexis because her daughter has put Jason in such a dangerous position. After Carly stomps off to see what's happened with Sam, Jax sits with Alexis. She's complaining that she could've handled things with Sam a lot better, and as her hand brushes over her head, more hair falls out. She asks him if he wants a memento�She hugs Jax and asks him to go downstairs and see if her daughter is okay.

Ric has somehow convinced Epiphany to help him with a scheme. She brings in some sugar water, just like he asked. He threatens that if she doesn't �play her part�, he'll bust her son for his criminal behavior. Outside the room, Ric tells Elizabeth that maybe she should get herself assigned to a different floor for today. Suddenly there's a Sam look-alike in the bed and Robin and Patrick are wondering what the sting operation is all about.

Still eavesdropping, Laura hears Luke tell Lulu that what happened to her mother isn't hereditary. He goes on to explain that the trauma was just more than Laura could handle, so her mind shut down. Lulu says she did her research on the internet and Luke goes off on that. He says he chased doctors all over the globe to learn more about the catatonia. He says that he's very protective of Laura because if she remembers what happens, she'll go back into her mental state forever. (Laura hears this!) Luke tells his daughter to enjoy her mother, they got her back! (But Laura has stepped away and doesn't hear the rest.) When he comes inside, she has put on a happy face and starts talking about wedding plans. She's crying a little and tells him all he has to do is love her, ��as long as we both shall live.� He goes off to find a garden for them to marry in, but turns around to stare at her. She asked if he forgot something. He tells her that he forgot how beautiful it is to see her there, in their house.

After he leaves, Laura remembers a conversation, but no visuals. She hears her voice say, �I won't let you hurt me again!� Then, she hears a man's voice say, �I'm not trying to hurt you!�

Elizabeth is getting settled on a different floor and is told to go see a patient who was just put in a room. She does so, and is surprised to see that Sam is the patient. She's waking up from her sedative and tells Elizabeth that she needs to go warn Jason, that he's being set up. Then she falls asleep again. As Liz rushes out the door to warn Jason, Ric grabs her and tells her she wasn't supposed to see that.

Laura has gone exploring around in the attic. She trips over a little rocking horse and turns into a mirror. The montage of images she sees in the mirror is frightening. A man's face. Blood running down her head.

At the hospital, before he can find Sam, Sonny runs into Ric. They argue, of course, but Ric storms off. Sonny calls Jason, but he doesn't answer � he's too busy loading his gun and leaving!

At the Quartermaines, Luke pays a visit on Edward. Edward says he was hoping they'd seen the last of him. Edwards assumes that Luke and Tracy will end their scam of a marriage now that Laura is back, but Luke tells him that's already been handled. �That's why they made the Dominican Republic.� Edward is thrilled that they are no longer related, so he offers one last scotch. Luke tells him that they're not done with him yet. He asks if he and Laura can use Lila's rose garden for their wedding. Edwards says that wouldn't be very nice to Tracy, but it wasn't very nice of Tracy to inflict him on the whole family. He agrees, since Lila and he were always fond of Laura (and enjoyed their wedding the first time around.)

In the living room back at home, Luke is on the phone with someone and says his ��wife, ex-wife, I mean NEXT wife...� is the one who needs to get on the phone for wedding planning, he'll go find her. He starts yelling for Laura and Lesley asks him what's wrong. Then he sees that the window to the porch is open and realizes that Laura must've overheard his conversation with Lulu earlier. Luke takes off!

In the attic, Laura is remembering everything. She remembers Ricks voice saying, �Laura what are you doing in this attic again? You don't want to have these memories.� Through a series of flashing visuals, we see that she remembers killing him.

Still looking for Sam, Carly asks Epiphany if she's seen Sonny Corinthos. Epiphany deadpans, �I've seen cops. I've seen mobsters. This isn't a hospital; it's a Joe Pesche movie.

Carly is noticing how strange everything feels at the hospital and brushes Jax off. �Not now!� she tells him, but he doesn't get it. He's prattling on about Alexis or something. Carly notices that some plan has been set in motion�a pregnant woman creates a diversion�just then, she sees that Jason is hiding behind a door. In order to help Jason escape, she creates a bit if a diversion herself. She draws a gun on Sonny and yells �I'm gonna make you pay!�


Sobbing, Laura says, �I killed my stepfather didn't I?�

Carly proclaims that she'll drop the gun when this pig (Sonny) is dead. As this is going on, Jason slips into the door that Sam is supposedly in and the imposter draws a gun on him.