Jax brings Alexis some treats to help her feel better about her setback (collapsing at the DA's office). From her hospital bed, Alexis tells Jax that no matter how angry she is at Sam, she doesn't want her daughter in prison. Jax suggests that maybe Ric is baiting her. Maybe he wants her so run down from defending Sam that she won't have the strength to fight for custody of Molly.

At Sam's baby's grave, Ric is waiting to bust her. Meanwhile, Sam is dreaming of the day she lost her baby (two years ago). She wakes up and tells Jason about it. She tells him that having him with her helps, just like it did the day her baby died. They agree that today is hard for both of them. He tells her they can deal with it however she wants. Sam wants to go into a church if they pass one today and light a candle.

Apparently, Patrick and Robin had a romantic night together and when they get up, they are surprised to learn that her roommates have left for day. Robin explains about her meltdown the night before and how she ranted and raved to Kelly and Lainey about him having the nerve to proclaim his love for her.

At Kelly's, Professor Pete compliments Georgie on an essay that she turned in and Lulu comes in to overhear. She calls him an equal opportunity egomaniac. He tells her she is mistaken and that he loved the paper she just turned in. Georgie goes back to work, while the professor asks Lulu about the subject of her paper. He wants to know what it is about a teenager going mad that has her so intrigued.
At the Metro Court, Carly argues with Sonny about what else? his behavior regarding Jax.

In Robin's kitchen, Patrick insists on making breakfast for Robin. He playfully tells her that Women were a blur before her when she wonders if he makes French toast for all of his women. He feeds her a bite, and then kisses the extra sugar off her lips. He tells her it's only the beginning.

Ric stops by the nurses' station to talk to Elizabeth. (He's trying to figure out why Lucky doesn't want to be involved with any case against Jason.) Elizabeth thanks him for his concern, but she doesn't want to be involved with Lucky and his career choices.

Carly takes more money up to Jason and Sam, along with some new clothes for Sam. She bought them at the boutique downstairs and Jason jumps on her for buying clothes that aren't her size. Carly reminds him that she has a friend in town as their cover. The clothes were supposedly for her. She wants to help them escape, but Jason doesn't want her involved even though she hates Ric as much as they do. Carly is afraid that Sam is going to get Jason killed. Sonny knocks on the door and Carly lets him in. You know you can't involve Carly if you want to keep a secret, he tells Jason.

Mac is hot on the trail downstairs. He tells Jax that he doesn't believe the bogus story about Carly's friend from out of town being in the room upstairs. It's too big of a coincidence that Jason and Sam are fugitives at the same time. Mac tells Jax that he wants to search the room.

At Kelly's, Lulu tells Professor Pete that her mother has experienced mental illness. Psycho Motor Disassociation, to be specific. The Professor doesn't think that Lulu's abortion can cause such catatonia. Lulu explained that when her mother was young, she was fine, too. Professor Pete suggests that she live life to the fullest while she still can before she goes bonkers. Georgie is looking on and explains to Dillon what she's watching.

After breakfast, Robin tells Patrick that he has forced her out of her protective shell. He admits that he thought when he announced his love for her; it would be the beginning of the end for them, that's why he took so long. But now he says it feels like the beginning of something better. (More kissing.)

Ric swings by to see Alexis. He said he heard about her little stunt last night, while she was trying to fake her way back into the DA seat. He told her to stay in bed; she could've caught another infection. Alexis says there's no way she'll ever give him that satisfaction.

Jason and Sam have made it safely to their new safe house. They unpack their survival kit that includes a microchip duplicator. It's going to help them figure out how Ric framed Sam.

Jax is stalling Mac, but has to give in and let him search the room at the Metro Court. Guess who's pretending to make out on the couch (as a cover)? Carly and Sonny. Jax is none too pleased.

(ABC News interrupts here with an address from the President.)

At the hospital (somehow) Elizabeth is helping Jason with a doctor disguise. The doctor slips away just as Ric lurks by.

In the supply closet, Robin and Patrick are making out.again.

Sonny pays Alexis a visit and learns that Ric was just there. Alexis is livid and vows to recover so that she can kick him out of office. Sonny is glad to see her that way. Sonny then tells her that Carly and Jax aren't going to be getting married any time soon. Alexis wonders why Jax didn't mention it a few minutes ago. Sonny explains that since Jason is a fugitive, Carly will choose not to get married while he's gone. Sonny reminds her that Carly is superstitious, when she married Lorenzo; Jason wasn't there and look how that turned out.

At the Metro Court, Carly explains to Jax that she has Jason's approval to get married, after all, he offered to stand up for her, didn't he? Jax says they can wait for Jason to return if that's what she wants. Carly is firm, she wants the wedding to go ahead with or without Jason. Just then, the wedding planner comes by and shows her a photo of the flower arrangement she was hoping for. Suddenly, Carly becomes difficult and proclaims that those flowers are awful and she can't get married with them on every table.

Epiphany has seen Elizabeth help Jason. She is not pleased that Liz is helping a man who isn't even her baby's father.

At the safe house, Jason returns and realizes that Sam is gone. She's left a note that she is visiting the baby's grave. He knows what that means and he's not happy. His phone rings and when he picks up, he hears a conversation between Ric and the detective who has drawn a gun on Sam at the cemetery. He hears the detective yell at her to freeze, and then a few shots are fired. Over the phone, Jason hears the detective tell Ric, She's down!


Our wedding is jinxed, Carly tells Jax.

The detective says that it's hard to tell where Sam is hit.

Laura and Luke discuss their wedding details.