As Sam and Jason drive, they discuss Michael and Kristina and how they will probably cross the border at El Paso. Sam puts her feet up on Jason’s dash, which Jason notices so she pulls them away apologizing because she knows he hates it. He tells her it’s no big deal, so she playfully puts them back. Sam and Jason determine the kids are probably going to Veracruz or Cancun and Sam suggests they split up. Jason doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go alone, but Sam assures him she can take care of herself.

On the bus, Kristina talks to Michael about Alexis and worries her mother will put all that pressure she put on her, on Molly now. Michael wonders why Kristina would throw so much away for him, but she says he has no idea the terrible things she’s capable of. She tells him about deceiving Alexis, but he doesn’t think it’s the same as killing their baby brother. Upset, Kristina says it was no one’s fault. They talk about Keifer and Kristina isn’t sure she’ll miss him and says he’s going to college so it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. The bus driver says the next stop is El Paso.

In the hospital, Claudia gets a call from Jerry who is on a jet and asks about his fee. Claudia tells him she doesn’t need him to find Michael anymore, but he declares this is his game now. Jerry is counting on Jason coming after Michael so that he can now make Jason the target.

Olivia admits to Sonny that his kiss affected her, but the moment’s passed. She tells him if he crosses the line again, it will end their friendship because there will never be anything between them. Sonny wants a real reason as to why she won’t see him and she tells him he’s bad for her. He calls her a lousy liar and she retorts that he’s trouble. She asks him to leave and Sonny reluctantly does so.

Lulu yells at her brothers for beating Dominic up, but they just laugh. Dominic makes jokes as Lulu tends to him. Lucky and Ethan take more shots at Dominic, as Nikolas and Rebecca come in and Nik pulls Lucky away.

Lulu takes care of Dominic, who flirts with her, as Ethan and Lucky laugh at the bar. Coleman gives the guys a bill for the damage they caused and Nikolas learns Dominic works for Sonny. Ethan, Nikolas and Lucky verbally gang up on Dominic and Rebecca wonders who appointed them the dating police. Lulu tells her brothers she can make her own choices and Rebecca backs her up. Dominic asks if Lulu has antiseptic at her place and Lulu walks him out of the bar, as her brothers yell after her.

Johnny brings Claudia a blueberry muffin and a latte. He tells her Sonny has no reason to stay married to her and thinks she is delusional if she thinks she and Sonny have a connection. Claudia defends her relationship, but he tells her the night of the accident he found Sonny kissing Olivia.

As Sam sleeps in the passenger seat, Jason puts his jacket over her. When Sam wakes up, Jason tells her he picked some stuff up at the store if she’s hungry. As she looks through the bag, she says road trips remind her of her brother Danny and talks about her past with him. She misses him every day and thanks Jason for being nice to her and remembering him after he passed away. Jason liked Danny and says she can talk about him anytime. Sam and Jason recall a trip to Hawaii and as they playfully talk about it, they see a sign that indicates one mile to the bus stop.

Still at Jake’s, Rebecca tells the boys to respect Lulu and back off. Rebecca goes to play pool, Lucky leaves the bar and Nikolas exits the room. Ethan asks Rebecca how long she and Nikolas can keep up the charade and tells her she’s nothing but a stand-in for her dead twin. Nikolas returns to break.

Lulu takes Dominic to the hospital, but he doesn’t want to be there. Lulu asks Epiphany to clean him up and Dominic tries to leave. Epiphany tells him he’s not released until she says.

Johnny goes to Olivia’s and notes that she’s been crying. He assumes it’s about Sonny and she tells him what happened. She says she and Sonny will never be together and if it hurts, then she will just have to hurt. Johnny says, “No. You won’t.” Johnny tells her she’s too good for Sonny and she says the pity party will stop now. Olivia wonders why the two of them get along so well since they have nothing in common. Johnny tells her she gets him the way most people don’t and he feels comfortable around her. Olivia worries Johnny thinks she’s using him as a replacement for Sonny, but he tells her she has always been upfront and honest with him, so he doesn’t feel used, just needed. He needs her too and they start to make out on the couch.

Sonny and Mike meet up at the hospital and Sonny admits to his father he hasn’t been treating Claudia very well. Mike tells him he owes it to Claudia and himself to decide if he wants to be with her. Mike tells his son to be honest with Claudia because he’s not doing her any favors by staying with her out of guilt. Sonny says he has to do what’s best for everyone and make a clean break.

Michael and Kristina get a map at the bus stop and plan their next move. Michael thinks no one will think to look in Mexico, but if Jason is on their tail, he’ll assume they crossed the border elsewhere. The kids leave, as Jerry turns around behind them.

Jason and Sam stop at the bus station and make their plan to split up, but to stay in contact. Jason tells her to be careful and hands her a gun.

Claudia has a dream that Sonny happily comes for her and their baby. Claudia wakes up and cries as Sonny walks in the room.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny is conflicted where Claudia is concerned.

Lulu is charmed by Dominic.

Dominic gets a shock.

Nikolas and Elizabeth kick back at Jake’s.

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