Mayor Floyd is shocked to see that Alexis wants her job back, before chemo is finished. Since Sonny accompanied her to the station, the Mayor suggests that Alexis wants her job back in order to work for Sonny.

At the Haunted Star, Luke explains to Tracy that if Laura learns too much about her past, it could put her right back in that rocking chair, staring at the wall. Laura walks in just then and didn't hear them talking. She thinks the old place looks incredible, but is puzzled because the sign said Closed. Luke tells her that The Haunted Star opens in an hour. Laura wants to know why Tracy is there, if it's closed.

The old biddy is knocking on the door of Jason and Sam's apartment hideout. She wants to know if his girlfriend is okay. She brought Thelma, from downstairs, up for a visit because they thought Sam looked like their niece Constance. Jason, trying to get rid of them, said his girlfriend, Caroline, isn't feeling well and isn't up for visitors. After they leave, Sam tells Jason that being called Caroline is better than being called Elizabeth. (He gives her a funny look.)

At Shady Brook, Liz tells Lucky not to open the surveillance pictures because it's too soon for him to go back to work. He insists that it's okay for him to do a little work, so he opens the envelope. Once he sees the picture is of Jason, he tells Ric that he doesn't want the assignment if it has anything to do with Jason. He says it would be a conflict of interest.

Mayor Floyd says that Jason's business partner, Sonny, coming along with her makes the timing of her wanting her job back questionable. She tells him that the flash drive isn't evidence. She says the Ric's motives for wanting to bust Sonny are personal. The Mayor says he thinks Ric should remain the DA for a while. She threatens to call the press so that Mayor Floyd's constituents can see how unfair he's being. However, she collapses before she can get to the phone. Guess who catches her? Sonny.

At the hospital, Carly and Sonny are on their way to visit Alexis. She doesn't really want to go, but he promises he'll take her somewhere exciting tonight. Carly tells him that she's already seen the view from his bed.

Patrick and Robin talk about the fact that they always order Chinese food for dinner on Friday nights. He's afraid that they're becoming predictable and boring. Orange chicken and pan-fried noodles. He asks when the last time was that they did anything spontaneous. Robin, who disagrees, tells him if he wants spontaneity, he's got it.

Nikolas finds Emily at the hospital and tells her about Laura waking up. Emily is thrilled for him and their whole family. He tells Emily that his mother's recovery has made him re-evaluate everything in his life. Just then, Jax and Carly come up and ask them if they've seen Alexis.

Tracy tells Laura that a lot more than just the dcor that's changed around the Haunted Star. Luke cuts in and says that Tracy is his business partner now. Luke finds a way to push Tracy out the door so that they can call the kids and them that Laura is ok. Tracy welcomes Laura home before she stalks out. Laura says Tracy hasn't changed and neither has Luke. She wisely tells him that she knows he's holding a couple of cards very close to his vest, perhaps even up his sleeve. She wants some answers!

Laura wants to know more about the accident she supposedly had. She says that even her own mother wants her to just trust what Luke tells her. Luke takes a deep breath and asks her to sit down. Rick Webber is dead. She's sad, but says she hasn't seen him in so many years. He reminds her that he invited him back to give her away at their second wedding. (She flashes back to when Rick came back to town.) She excitedly remembers seeing him again! But then she says that is all she remembers. Was he in the accident too? Laura asks. (We see a flashback to when Luke told her that Rick was dead just before she slipped into the catatonic state. He's telling her that they found him in the attic. He goes on and explains that Rick came towards her with a needle and she thought he was going to hurt her. In the flashback, when she heard this, she freaked out and collapsed.) Is that how he died, in the car accident? Was I driving? Laura begs of Luke. (The flashback wasn't what she was seeing, it was just shown for our benefit, apparently.) He tells that she guessed right, and they didn't want her to remember that because it wasn't her fault. She's a little relieved. She tells him she's okay and then asks him to come with her. She wants to remember more.

In the elevator, Patrick says that Robin is going to Shake 'em up by ordering white rice instead of brown. Robin just tells him to forget Mr. Chang's. She tells him to be ready in an hour and look pretty.

In their hideout, Jason tells Sam that as soon as Stan brings the passports, they need to get to the airport. The plan is to go to Mexico for a while.

Lucky explains to Ric that he set Jason up by stealing cocaine from the evidence room. He goes on to say it wouldn't be right to try to go after him now. Ric appreciates his honesty, and Lucky goes to a session. Ric asks Liz if she thought he was going to show the pictures of Jason with her. He told her that he wouldn't break his promise to her. He claims that he only was there in order to help get Lucky back on his feet, so that her children don't suffer. He wants her to trust him again.
Luke and Laura are at their old pink Cadillac and they have run over a nail. Luke wants to change the tire, but Laura wants to walk. What's the worse that could happen? Thunder and lightning begins.

Stan is finally at Jason and Sam's hideout. He brings them separate identities and destinations. He gives them a flash drive with music on it for them. They decide to chuck the destinations that Stan gave for them and agree on Costa Rica. Sam is packing stuff from the apartment even though it's all the wrong size. Suddenly Sam doesn't want to go. She is innocent, after all. She wants to stay and fight the charges. Nothing worth having is easy.

Alexis has been brought back to her bed at the hospital and Sonny came along. Jax and Carly are with her. It seems that Jax was in a big hurry to tell Alexis's job as best person at their wedding will be required on November 16. Sonny's face doesn't register any emotion. Alexis tells Jax that today is her 2nd wedding anniversary. Sonny and Carly have stepped into the hallway. Sonny tells Carly that it takes more than a couple weeks to plan a wedding and Carly disagrees. She hopes that he will be able to attend. He says he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Luke and Laura check into a bed and breakfast from their past. The woman who checks them in remembers them from 4 years ago when they came in for a visit as their 2nd wedding was drawing near. She asks them how marriage is for them the 2nd time around.

At the PCPD, Mac tells Ric that Alexis was there and wanted her job back. Mac tells Ric that Alexis made some good pointsmaybe Ric is making Sam public enemy #1 for personal reasons. Ric reminds Mac that he is his boss. Mac reminds Ric that he is only the interim DA. Mac tells Ric that he'd better hope whatever is on that flash drive is enough to bring Sonny and Ric down.

In the hideout, Jason tells Sam he'll agree with whatever Sam wants to do. Sam wants to stay and expose Ric as the corrupt pig that he is. Jason agrees and starts thinking about a good safe house.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy runs into Lorenzo & Skye and asks why Skye isn't wearing a papoose. She also tells Sky that her mother would roll over in her grave if she heard that Skye named her baby after her (Lila Rae). After Tracy stomps off, Skye wonders if Lorenzo's staff is taking good enough care of the baby. Also there, we see a very dressed up Patrick and Robin getting ready to start gambling. Emily and Nikolas are there too. Tonight's about you and me, Emily tells him.

In their room, Laura is disappointed that it's raining. She had wanted to go for a walk and see the old movie theatre. Luke tells her that Lloyd and Lucy Johnson (the fake names that they used when they hid out there years ago) wouldn't have let a little rain stop them. He tells her they could stay there and be warm in cozy. He turns on a radio and asks her for a dance. Boy is it good to see them so close again. He's holding her head into his shoulder and she just lets loose with her tears. He says, I know baby. She pulls back and they slowly kiss. Luke shows such tenderness. She wipes her tears and says that it's probably time for bed. She pulls off the comforter and tells him to do the honors Lloyd. He says Why Miss Lucy, I thought we were a little past the old Walls of Jericho. (Years ago, they had slept there and weren't lovers at that point. Since there was only one bed, they rigged a blanket to hang and separate the bed in two equal spaces. They called in the Walls of Jericho.) She explains that maybe they could both use a little privacy. He gently agrees.

Detective Cruse runs into Jason and Sam as they flee to their safe house. He tells them that he should be arresting them, but instead, he offers some help. He tells them that Ric wanted all the evidence locked up, but first the flash drive disappeared. He also tells them that Ric had some business to take care of and that must've been when he planted it in Sam's drawer. He tells them that Ric has the flash drive now.

At the Haunted Star, Jax and Carly have arrived. He announces to the crowd that they are getting married on November 16 and he wants them all to be there to celebrate. Then he orders champagne for everyone. Emily has a funny look.

At Alexis's bedside, Sonny and Alexis talk about Carly and Jax's wedding. Sonny tells her not to worry about pledging her everlasting support at the wedding. It's not gonna happen.

Having you back is like waking up, Luke tells Laura. It's waking up things that I thought were lost forever. She pulls down the blanket wall that separates them and tells him that nothing is lost. She tells him they can have it all back againall they have to do is claim it. She asks if he'll marry her, again.

At the Haunted Star, Skye asks Lorenzo how he feels about hearing about Carly marrying Jax. He tells her that he has a new life now, a new daughter with her. The wedding announcement has jarred another couple, too. Nikolas asks Emily if Sonny being free and clear means anything to her. She assures him that she's where she wants to be. Robin and Patrick bet their pile of chips on red 16 and they win. They agree that it's fun to take risks and then kiss. Just as Carly and Jax pull out a wad of bills to start gambling, Sonny shows up and says, Deal me in.

Ric creeps up on Detective Cruse while he's talking to Sam and Jason and they all quickly cover. Jason and Cruse draw their guns on each other and act as if it's a standoff. Ric races in, takes the gun from Cruse's hand and shoots.

Laura, You are the life that I was meant to have.
Luke, And you are mine.
Laura, What do you want to do about that?