Luke and Robin walk down the hall to Laura's room together, discussing Laura and when to tell her all about her past. When they enter the room, Laura's gone. Guess where she is, on the front porch of her old house! It's all dressed for fall with pumpkins and stalks of wheat and corn. She lifts a flower pot and finds her old key. She goes into that lovely old house and you should have seen her face and heard her sighs of joy.

At the PD, Sonny is telling Ric that Alexis is a great mother, so he would consider give custody of Kristina to her if Ric drops charges against Sam. His thinking is that if Alexis has Kristina, she'll let Ric have Molly.

On the roof, the cops are banging on the stairwell doors and Jason is gripping Sam by her handcuffed hands. He pulls her up and hugs her briefly before they run. The cops have busted through the door!

Liz is telling Lucky how nice the grounds are at Shady Brook. She asks how often Lucky is able to visit his mother. (Liz doesn't know yet that Laura is back.) Lucky notices that Liz is wearing the bracelet he gave her, and she cheerfully says thank you. She tells Lucky to put the b-day check that he gave her in the bank so that interest can add up. Then we'll see how it goes, she says. Liz tells him how proud his whole family is of his efforts in recovery. Then, Lucky is called into his session.

Back in Laura's room, Robin has just called security. Nikolas comes for a visit and learns that she's missing. Robin needs a reminder of the trauma that caused Laura's break. Luke tells Robin about the attic that Laura was digging through before their wedding. Laura had been upset by some repressed memories while up there and when her step father, Rick, came to retrieve her from the attic, Laura freaked out and killed him.

At Laura's house, she's looking at her original wedding picture and remembering the conversation she had with Luke the night before they were to wed again (through flashbacks). Before she could remember anything else about that night, her mother Lesley came through the door with groceries and was thrilled to see that Laura had returned.

Ric tells Sonny that he'll call off the search for Sam only after he sees legal papers for Molly's custody, signed by Alexis. Sonny goes to take care of it after Ric won't budge and call off the search first.

In her hospital room, Alexis is brushing her hair and gets very upset when she sees more of her hair is falling out. After she's contained herself, somewhat, Sonny pays her a visit and notices that she's been upset. She chatters on and on and tells him that she doesn't understand why such a tough cookies like herself is falling apart over losing her hair. She thinks she's being shallow and Sonny is trying to be supportive, but she won't let him finish. She is funny when she talks about how not vain she is, she says she doesn't have an obscene amount of shoes in her closet, takes pride in what she wears, corrects her fashion faux paus right away. She doesn't understand why the only thing that bothers her about the cancer poison that is running through her is that her hair is falling out. Sonny tells her If the chemo is doing that to your hair, just imagine what it's doing to the cancer. Good point, Alexis agrees. They have a good laugh together, albeit tearful.

The cops have their guns pointed at Sam and Jason and Jason leaves it up to her what to do, she chooses to run. Jason gives her a gun so that they can both fire as they take off. The shootout begins and Sam has to shoot the lock off a door so that they can escape. Sam covers so that Jason can go through the door.

Robin, still trying to learn about Laura's trauma, hears from Nikolas that Laura as a teenager found her step father cheating with a nurse and accidentally killed her. Her step father sedated young Laura and it ended up repressing her memory for years. So, years later when Laura was digging through that attic looking for some wedding things, she remembers the whole thing. Her step fathe, having figured out what was going on, went up to the attic with the same medication to repress her memories again, only this time Laura was afraid that he was there to hurt her, so she whacked him on the head and killed him. That's when she slipped into a catatonic state.

Back at her house, Laura is having a great talk with her mother. She's explaining about the experimental medicine and that she's seen Luke and the kids. She admits to her mother that she feels a little confused and that she doesn't remember the accident. Lesley, you can tell, decides to go along with the accident story. Laura starts to ask her what kind of accident it was and Lesley suggests that they follow Luke's lead. He must have a medical reason for not burdening her with all that just yet. So they switch conversations to how grown up Lulu is, Lucky married Liz, etc. Laura says that Luke seems the same, only he's a little nervous. Laura says she just wants her life to make sense again. Lesley tells Laura to trust the man she loves and everything will be okay.

Jason and Sam have escaped the shootout and are making their way through a hallway to an apartment door that they want to break into to hide. A busy-body old lady neighbor stops them and asks who the heck they are? She tells them that she's lived in that building for 16 years and has never seen them. Jason quickly covers, of course. He tells her that he spends most of his year in Toronto. (Sam is hiding behind Jason because her hand is bleeding and they don't want the old biddy to see her injury.) The old lady buys Jason's story. She tells him that he's arrived home just in time; it seems that his apartment plumbing is leaking because she lives just below him and it's dripping into her unit. She tells Jason that she'll come inside with him.

Ric visits Liz at work to tell her happy birthday. Ric reports that Jason helped Sam escape and they are now fugitives. He wants to know if they've tried to contact her. She agrees to let him know if they contact her. He shows her the picture that he showed Sam of Jason and her hugging and tells her that it's obvious that they are still involved. Liz gets mad and tells him that she doesn't want to be with Jason. In fact, I'm getting back with Lucky.

Just as the old woman tries to bust her way into the apartment with Jason and Sam, Sam comes up with a pretend coughing fit and the lady leaves them alone. Inside the door, Jason looks at her wound. As he's doing so, Sam asks Jason about the pictures that Ric showed her of him and Elizabeth. Jason explains that Ric set that whole thing up. Sam asked him if he has feelings for Elizabeth. Jason tells her that she's who he has feelings for. He takes off her cuffs and they almost kiss. She says she wants to take a shower.

Lulu visits her grandmother and asks if she's noticed anything unusual today? Lesley says, I dunno, do you mean perhapsyour mother? She tells Lulu that Laura just left and then chastised her for not letting her now that Laura is okay now. She assures Lulu that she didn't report anything that might upset Laura. Luke walks in and Lesley goes off on him to. He explains that they are just protecting Laura from remembering what happened to her.

Laura is at the hospital looking for Bobby. When Bobby spots her from across the hall, she is so surprised and hugs her. Laura asks how Tony is. (Laura and Tony used to be very close, when Bobby was married to him. Luke used to call him Doc Ex Bro In-Law after he divorced Bobby.) Bobby doesn't have time to figure out how to tell Laura that Tony has died. Just then, an irate Tracy tracks Bobby down and asks Have you seen my worthless husband? before she realizes that it's Laura that Bobby is talking to.

Laura says hello to Tracy and tells her that it's nice to see her again. Laura asks, "Does your husband work here?" Nicolas comes to the rescue and asks Tracy if she's as excited as they all are to see Laura back. Tracy says she is overwhelmed and storms off. Laura apologizes for scaring them all and tells them that she needs a day to feel like herself again. She wants a day to look around Port Charles and promises to get a cab back to Shady Brook when she's done. (She has taken some of the running money stash from the bag in the closet at the house.)

Bobby calls Luke and explains that Laura doesn't know yet that there is another Mrs. Luke Spencer, but that Tracy knows that Laura is awake. Luke leaves a voicemail for Nikolas. Luke explains to Lulu and Lesley that he's not going to force Laura to look at the truth, he wants to get her someplace safe.

Alexis thanks Sonny for visiting and apologizes for the meltdown. He tells her that Sam escaped police custody. He explains that Sam could get caught in the crossfire, and when Alexis asks what she can do, Sonny explains his plan about (pretending to) giving custody of Molly to Ric.

Luke goes to the Haunted Star and asks the bartender if a beautiful woman came in today. Tracy pops out, drink in hand, and asks if he's talking about her. She tells him that she knows their marriage is a joke, but that lately she's been kind of wondering (Then she notices that Luke has taken off his wedding off.) Luke tells her that Right now it's more important to protect my first wife's sanity than protect my second wife's feelings. Luke goes on to explain that Laura is not to learn that she killed her step father, she needs to think it was a car accident. Tracy asks what he thinks will happen to Laura when (Laura has arrived at the Haunted Star and it's hard to tell if she hears the rest)she hears that you're married to me?

Ric visits Lucky at Shady Brook and asks if Lucky wants to get his feet wet on the job again. Just a little something he can do while in recovery, he explains. Lucky is flattered that Ric wants him back at work so badly. So Ric hands over the surveillance photos he wants Lucky to check out. Just as Lucky's about to open the envelope with the photos, Liz catches up to him and tells him not to.

At the PCPD, Mac and Mayor Floyd argue over how the prisoner was able to escape from custody. Mac asks who called the Mayor. Alexis, dressed and pretty, stomps in and announces that she did. She wants her job back.

Sam returns from the shower, and Jason tells her that they're waiting for a call and then they can take off. He lifts her sleeves up and checks out her bruises from the cuffs. They finally kiss...a long hungry kiss. In the background we hear the old biddy in the hallway talking to someone and explaining that that girl and that guy are inside that door.

Robin (to Patrick) We are not boring!
Liz (to Lucky) If you open that, it could ruin everything.
Tracy (to Luke, after Laura asks why they are together) You want tell her, or should I?