Sonny thinks Carly is trying to get back at him, but she tells him Michael isn’t safe with him. He thinks the Qs will turn Michael into another A.J., but Carly thinks Michael will have opportunities that won’t land him in prison or get him shot. Carly tells him they are on the same side and want Michael to be happy, but Sonny thinks they will ruin him.

Elizabeth can’t believe Nikolas wants Rebecca to move in with him and they argue about her. Nik stands his ground and she hopes it turns out to be everything he wants it to be.

Ethan wants to go back to Kelly’s with Rebecca, but she tells him Nikolas will get suspicious if she does and she’s come too far to ruin everything now. She says their deal is still on, but he thinks she wants to take Emily’s place in Nik and the Q’s life. She assures him he will get his cut and when they hear Nikolas come out, Ethan warns her he can make this end any time. Ethan hides, as Nikolas chides her for running away from the scary movie and she tells him she’s tired of running and that there’s no place she’d rather be than with him. They kiss, as Ethan watches.

Spinelli asks Jason to stay nearby as he decides he will engage in courtly love with Maxie, who is intrigued.

Kristina lashes out at her mother about her affair with the mayor. Alexis tries to explain, but Kristina and Michel both disrespect her and Kristina runs up to her room.

At Jake’s, Patrick catches Johnny and Coleman up on Alexis and the mayor. Patrick thinks their affair will clear him and Matt of the malpractice suit and thanks Johnny for helping out with Matt when he was drunk the other night. Robin shows up, but only orders a cola because of the meds she’s on.

Michael makes arrangements for someone to pick him up and then makes snide remarks towards Alexis. He accuses Alexis of never liking him, but she says it’s not him, she just doesn’t want Kristina around Sonny and their environment. She wanted her daughter to have a safer life with better values. Michael retorts, “Like yours?” His ride shows up and he leaves, as Kristina comes back downstairs.

Olivia and Jax go over some paperwork at the Metro Court and he learns Carly wants Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Olivia doesn't think Sonny will ever allow it, but Jax says he has a secret weapon and all Olivia has to do is make a simple phone call.

Maxie and Spinelli go to Jake’s and she asks him to explain what courtly love means. He goes into a detailed explanation and she thinks it would be easier if they just had a couple of beers and hooked up.

Alexis tries to explain why she slept with the mayor, but Kristina doesn’t feel any better towards her mother. Alexis apologizes for the scandal and will make sure she and Molly won't be affected. She thinks the best they can do is try and get through it. Kristina doesn’t think so and walks out.

Michael comes home and tells Sonny about Alexis and the mayor. Sonny can’t believe it and thinks he should call over there. Michael tells his dad he lucked out with his parents because they own their mistakes and don’t pretend they are perfect. He says even when it’s bad they all still love each other and he knows they are just trying to do what’s best for him. Sonny explains his relationship with Alexis and Kristina and Michael is glad he never let anyone keep them apart. Jason comes in and tells Michael Carly has a solution to his living situation and he will support it. Michael walks off and Sonny and Jason debate the issue. Michael listens in as Jason tells Sonny it’s not healthy for Michael to be around the mob and Claudia. Sonny wants Michael to have everything in life and Jason says he has to let him go then.

Rebecca thinks she hears something, but Nikolas thinks she’s been watching too many scary movies. They start kissing, which leads to sex. Afterwards, Nikolas asks her to move in with him. Rebecca warns Nikolas she’s not Emily and lists all the bad habits she has. Nikolas thinks they should take a leap of faith and asks her to say yes.

Ethan goes to Jake’s and starts to make himself a drink behind the bar, as Patrick and Robin discuss the possibility of the mayor not actually killing Brianna.

Johnny walks by Maxie and Spinelli’s table and she asks him to confirm that they never had sex and that she has been faithful to him. Johnny obliges and Maxie thinks she and Spinelli should go upstairs. Patrick and Robin come upon Spinelli and Maxie and they discuss the case.

Olivia summons Claudia to Jax’s office and then leaves the two of them alone. Jax informs her he knows everything about her involvement in Michael’s shooting and if she doesn’t convince Sonny to let Michael live with the Qs, he will tell Jason and Sonny all about it. She counters she will tell Carly he knew everything when Carly shows up wondering what’s going on.

Olivia shows up as Johnny plays pool and they talk about the power of secrets. Johnny thinks they should go back to her place and say nothing at all.

A drunken Ethan calls Lucky and tells him to meet him at Jake’s because he has some information that may interest him.

Maxie is excited about Spinelli’s idea of courtly love until Robin tells her it means they will never have sex. Maxie thinks not and drags Spinelli away from Patrick.

Elizabeth shows up after hearing Ethan’s message and wonders what’s going on. They talk about Lucky and Luke and Ethan says maybe he’s not the lovable drifter he pretends to be. He warns Elizabeth if a long lost family member suddenly shows up, there has to be an angle.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny changes his mind about where Michael should live.

Jason fears the worst.

Rebecca is conflicted.

Coleman asks Spinelli and Maxie for advice.

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