As it storms, Rebecca comes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas since last time they had an Emily-type date, it’s time she showed him what she liked to do. She asks where his state of the art DVD player is and pops in a scary movie. As Rebecca cowers, Nikolas is disdainful of the genre. She thinks he’s over thinking it and he laughs as she screams over a scene. He thinks he might start to be liking the movie and kisses her.

Monica is outraged, as Edward thinks Jason moving in is the right thing to do. Jason interrupts their arguing and says Edward is right, because it would set the example for Michael, but he can’t move back in. He tells Monica since his accident he knows he pushed her away and it might be too late, but he admits he was wrong. He says Michael needs them and Jason needs the mansion to be a safe haven for him. Jason asks Monica to give the love he wouldn’t accept from her to Michael and Edward says it’s all they ever wanted. Monica tells her son they will make it work and Jason hugs Monica and begrudgingly shakes Edward’s hand. Jason leaves and Edward thinks Sonny will never let Michael live with them.

Carly and Sonny argue over the car he bought Michael, as Michael wants to take it out for a test spin. When he’s denied, Michael lashes out at them and storms off. Carly wonders what planet Sonny woke up on that made him think this was a good idea and he leaves to talk to Michael.

At Kelly’s, Elizabeth thinks Lucky should be mad at her, but Lucky tells her he loves the boys like his own and admits they have both made mistakes. He’s just glad she’s back in his life. Elizabeth wonders then, why he hates Ethan so much, just as Ethan and Lulu enter. Lulu thinks they need to deal with the fact that they are family. Elizabeth says she will try and welcome him, but they boys argue over Luke. Lulu and Liz think they already sound like brothers, but they just continue to squabble. Ethan doesn't want to waste his time and leaves.

As Kristina looks on, Alexis addresses Mayor Floyd’s accusations to the press. Robin and Patrick convince Kristina to leave with them, as Alexis says she will recuse herself from the case, but not as district attorney. The mayor claims his innocence before Mac has him booked. Alexis sees Patrick and asks where Kristina is. He tells her Robin is with her getting a cab and they discuss the Brianna case.

Outside of the police station, Robin tells Kristina to never believe what reporters say and to trust her mom.

Maxie comes to see Spinelli at home, but he tries to deflect her. She persists wondering if he’s having performance issues and that’s why he’s avoiding her. Spinelli drags her inside and tells her his feelings for her are so powerful that he can’t risk having sex with her ever again. She tells him her feelings are more deep and powerful than anything she’s ever known and doesn’t understand why they can’t have sex. Spinelli reminds her their past interludes resulted in remorse and heartbreak and he doesn’t want to repeat that. Maxie understands and admits she messed up. She thinks he deserves better and tells him she’s changed. She knows he’s it for her and wants more than just sex with him. Spinelli thinks she makes it hard to say no and kisses her.

Sonny goes inside to talk to Michael. As they argue about Carly, Michael gets a text from Kristina and has to go. He asks Sonny to prove he trusts him by letting him take his new car.

Rebecca tells Nikolas she doesn’t share her passion for horror films with just anyone and Nik is honored. As the lightning strikes, she sees Ethan standing in the corner and screams. Nikolas gets her a glass of water and she tells him she’s tired and going to take a bath.

Mac tells the mayor his wife posted bail and Alexis talks with Patrick and Robin about Brianna’s injuries. Alexis tells the doctors her affair with the mayor was just one night, after she found out she had cancer and saw Ric and Sam having sex.

Max drops Michael off at Kristina’s and he tells her about his new car. She in turn tells him about Alexis’ affair with the mayor. She’s mortified that her mother’s sex life will be splashed across the newspapers and Alexis comes home.

Jason meets up with Carly at Sonny’s and learns about Michael’s new car. Jason says he’ll talk to Sonny, but she says the damage is done, she just needs him to get rid of the car, but Jason won’t do that, suggesting she not make this a competition. Carly doesn’t care if Michael gets mad at her because the car is too much and too dangerous. Jason tells her to calm down, but she’ll do that when Michael is at the Quartermaines.

Robin and Patrick are unsure that Mayor Floyd is a killer and wonder if someone else killed Brianna.

As Nikolas watches the end of the horror flick by himself, Elizabeth comes over to ask for his help with Lucky, but also makes snide comments about Rebecca. Nik tells her he’s going to ask her to move in with him.

Outside, Rebecca tells Ethan he’s going to screw things up. He reminds her he is her partner and Nik is the mark. For proof of her loyalty, she kisses him.

Maxie and Spinelli kiss on the couch, but Jason comes home interrupting them. Spinelli asks him to stay to help him avert disaster.

Carly goes in the house to talk with Sonny. He knows he should have talked to her first about the car, but he and Michael had a rough day. Carly tells him Michael is going to live with the Quartermaines, but Sonny tells her no way!

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny won’t allow Michael to live at the Q’s.

Jax blackmails Claudia.

Ethan becomes angry with Rebecca.

Spinelli wants to court Maxie.

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