Spinelli, Maxie, Robin and Patrick come to the police department and tell Mac and Alexis Brianna’s death was probably a murder. They lay out their evidence and Mac overlooks the fact that Spinelli hacked into the bank accounts, while Alexis thinks it isn’t that strange for a cheating husband to give his mistress money. Spinelli doesn’t think the mayor is the guilty party, based solely on the fact that he is the first suspect, but Mac wants to pursue it. Alexis says they need to investigate further and goes to the judge to get a warrant issued immediately.

Kristina tells Claudia she doesn’t know who Dominic is and begs her not to tell Sonny. Claudia plays along and pretends she needs to tell Sonny, but eventually says she’ll keep quiet.

After learning Michael wants to join the business from Jason, Carly thinks her son living at the Q’s is the only solution.

Sonny and Michael argue about Michael joining the mob. Michael thinks Sonny won’t let him in his business because he is brain damaged. Sonny denies this and after Michael reminds him he is not his biological son, Sonny tells him he loves him no matter what. Sonny says he is a terrific, amazing young man and he is the best part of him. He says Michael has his whole life ahead of him, so he can have whatever he wants. Michael thinks he can only have what Sonny wants for him and leaves.

Lulu and Ethan go to Kelly’s and meet Lucky, Elizabeth and the kids. Lucky is upset to see Ethan, but Lulu explains she wanted Ethan to get to know his nephews. Elizabeth tries to broker peace between the siblings, but Lucky insists Ethan will never be around Cameron and Jake. Lulu thinks their new brother is a good guy and the kids will like him. Lulu and Ethan leave and Liz and Lucky talk about what Lulu did.

Liz and Lucky turn around to see Jason kneeling down with Jake. Jason picks his son up and hands him to Elizabeth. They awkwardly talk about Michael and he asks Lucky to take care of Jake. Lucky agrees and Jason leaves.

Claudia tells Kristina she will cover for her, but she can’t come back there unless Sonny asks her.

Johnny comes to find Dominic to help him get out of the house. He tells him to be happy he’s alive and get out of town, but Dominic thinks this is the land of opportunity.

Carly goes to the Q’s and tells Edward, Monica and Tracy she wants Michael to live with them. Edward and Monica are happy, but Tracy is skeptical. Carly’s conditions are that she get full access to her son, they can’t say a word against her, Sonny or Jason and that Michael be treated with respect.

Kristina texts Michael to meet her and he tells her about his and Sonny’s fight. Kristina thinks Sonny won’t let him join the business because he can’t be bothered if Michael gets hurt again. Michael defends Sonny saying he just wants to keep them safe, but Kristina remains bitter.

Claudia returns to Sonny and they talk about Michael. Claudia suggests Sonny give Michael something he doesn't know he wants to let him know how much he loves him. Sonny gets an idea and calls for Max.

Max wonders if Sonny is overcompensating, but Sonny thinks this is the only way he can help his son and thinks this is a good start in letting Michael know how much he means to him.

Johnny goes to see Olivia who is at her apartment on her lunch break. She invites him in and she pulls off the belt from her dress and blindfolds him with it, as they start to kiss.

Mac says they will need statements from Patrick and Robin so the case is airtight. Spinelli thinks they are rushing, but Mac says he is doing it by the book. Maxie leads Spinelli away and Kristina shows up looking for her mother.

After Carly leaves and Tracy storms off, Monica tells Edward not to get his hopes up about Michael because Carly was just having a bad day. She doesn't think Michael will ever live there and Jason shows up, saying it depends on them. Monica asks Edward to leave so she can talk to Jason alone. Jason fills Monica in on what’s going on with Michael and they discuss their own similar experience. Edward returns and asks Jason to come home with Michael.

Lucky and Liz sit in Kelly’s and she thinks Lucky is angry with Ethan because he won’t let himself be angry at her for cheating on him and having Jason’s baby.

Sonny calls Michael down and gives him a new car, which will be waiting for him when he gets his license. Michael is thrilled and Carly walks up, learning Sonny bought their son the car.

Olivia gets dressed after her romp with Johnny and tells him he can stick around if he wants because he is always welcome, but she has to go back to work.

Back at his office, Spinelli tells Maxie he doesn’t think the mayor is the culprit. He is convinced there is another suspect and Maxie likes seeing him at work and kisses him. She tells him he is everything to her and that he is brilliant. She starts to kiss him again and unbutton his shirt, but Spinelli stops her.

A news crew comes to the police station and asks why Mayor Floyd is there. Mac arrests the mayor, who tells the press he is innocent and there is no way Alexis can prosecute him because they were lovers. Alexis is exasperated and then sees Kristina who overhead.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly is furious with Sonny.

Rebecca shows Nikolas her idea of a fun evening.

Rebecca kisses Ethan.

Kristina is embarrassed.

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