After Jason questions his statement, Johnny explains himself by saying they are all responsible for Michael's shooting. Michael and Jason argue over Michael wanting to join Sonny’s business. Johnny jumps in and tells him Sonny took a brain damaged Jason and turned him into an enforcer and it’s wrong. Michael asks Jason if he had to do it over again, would he choose a different life? Jason wouldn’t change his decision, but says once Michael gets well he can do anything, but it was different for him. Jason hopes he understands someday, but even if he doesn’t he has to stop Michael from ruining his life because he will never fail him again.

Kristina asks Dominic to pretend he didn’t see her, but he needs her to get him some supplies and a hot dog because he’s starving. She can do the supplies and he asks for the keys to a car. He says if she’s not up for it, she can just leave and he’ll pretend he never saw her. Kristina agrees to help and leaves the room.

Claudia and Alexis continue to argue over the kids and Sonny comes in. Alexis tells Sonny about Jake’s, but he doesn't have a problem with that if the kids weren’t drinking. Alexis says it’s not okay with her. Alexis thinks he’s dangerous, but Sonny throws Jerry in her face. Alexis concedes, but says she stopped her stupid behavior so her daughter didn’t pay for it. Claudia leaves and Sonny says he stayed away from Kristina for her own good, but her and Michael are close and he won’t let Alexis keep them apart.

Ric pulls Andrea off Matt and then she walks away with Robin. Matt and Patrick ask Ric to represent them. Diane walks up and tells Patrick and Matt that the papers for wrongful death have been filed. Matt says their attorney will take it from here, but Ric says he can’t handle their case.

Andrea thinks if the case is settled confidentially the whole thing will go away, but Robin says it will only get worse.

Robin returns, as Ric says he is leaving Port Charles because he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. After everyone else leaves, Patrick and Robin set out to solve the case.

Maxie walks into Spinelli’s office and catches him in an embrace with Mercedes. She angrily assumes he’s hooking up with her, but he tells her he was thanking Mercedes for helping with the Brianna case since her cousin was the hotel maid who found the mayor’s mistress. Mercedes leaves and Maxie tells him she would die if she thought he was going to be with anyone else.

Elizabeth comes to see Nikolas and asks him to sponsor Cameron in his run-a-thon. Nikolas wants to sponsor too much, until Liz talks some sense into him. Talk turns to Rebecca, who Elizabeth thinks doesn’t deserve Nikolas.

Carly comes home and finds Jax and they talk about what happened in the woods. Jax is upset and says Michael is a real problem because he puts everyone in danger. Jax tells her Jason is expecting some trouble in the upcoming weeks and the guy she encountered is probably involved. They talk about Michael’s living arrangements and Carly says they have to come up with a solution that doesn't involve sending him away to school.

Kristina stands at the top of the stairs and hears Alexis and Sonny talking about Michael. Alexis doesn’t want Michael’s life for Kristina and wishes Sonny had let their daughter go a long time ago so she could have a safe future. She wants Kristina to have a better life than Michael and if Sonny loved her, he’d want that too.

Claudia comes to the garage and tells her brother Dominic is hiding at Sonny’s house. Johnny is furious thinking she is going to get them both killed. Claudia needs his help to get Dominic out and Johnny reluctantly agrees.

Kristina returns to Dominic with everything but car keys. Dominic is worried about getting out of there, but Kristina just talks about her problems with her parents and says Alexis hates her dad and since they share the same genes, that means on some level her mom hates her too.

Jason brings Michael to Sonny and tells him about the incident in the woods and that Michael wants to be in the business. Sonny says that will never happen. Jason leaves and Sonny vows he will never turn his organization over to any of his kids and instructs Michael to put that out of his mind. Johnny comes up to the door outside, as Sonny tells Michael how illegal, evil and dangerous his business is. Sonny thinks it's a miracle Michael came back to him and he will have a better life than he had whether he likes it or not.

As Maxie and Spinelli talk about their relationship, Robin and Patrick interrupt to talk about the case. Spinelli tells them he hacked into Brianna’s bank account and that she was receiving money transfers of over $100,000 from the mayor’s private account over the last three months. They think she was blackmailing him, which is a good motive for murder. Robin wants to bring the info to Mac, but Maxie thinks Spinelli will get in trouble for hacking into the bank’s files. They also think Patrick and Robin could be named as accessories to murder since they didn’t call the cops the night they found Brianna in the hotel.

In Alexis’ office, Diane tells her friend Ric is leaving town. Alexis is surprised by the news and thinks Molly will be heartbroken.

At the hospital, Ric meets Claudia and tells her he’s leaving. Claudia is happy, and he tells her he’s going to Los Angeles to do some interesting and legal work. He warns her if he finds out her child is his, he will take it because Sonny won’t raise his kid. Claudia warns him her father has lots of friends in L.A., but Ric smiles and says, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back.”

Jason comes to Carly's house to lay into her for the incident with Dominic, but Carly turns the tables and asks if Michael is safe at Sonny’s. Jason says no and Carly thinks she could take Michael to live at the Q’s.

Kristina gets Dominic keys to the gardener’s truck and she offers to help him out of the house. Claudia walks in the room and fakes surprise at finding Dominic.

Next on General Hospital:

Michael lashes out at Sonny.

Sonny overcompensates in order to make things right with his son.

Mac arrests Mayor Floyd.

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