At the hospital, Robin and Patrick tell Epiphany they think Brianna was murdered. Andrea comes up to them and says she is afraid if the lawsuit goes forward, her husband’s career won’t survive the scandal. Robin thinks most scorned women wouldn’t be so concerned about it, but Andrea tells them she once had her own goals, but gave them up for her husband’s. Patrick is more concerned about his and Matt’s career.

Sam meets Kristina at her house to talk to her about her recent actions. Kristina tries to defend herself, but Sam thinks she is crying out for attention. Kristina thinks she is overreacting and Alexis walks in, informing Sam of Kristina’s latest stint at Jake’s. Alexis thinks it’s admirable that she is so worried about her brother, but fears Kristina will get caught in the crossfire with Michael and tells her to keep her eye on the prize because she has too much to lose.

Michael tells Jason about the guy who attacked them and offers to help take care of him, as Claudia overhears. Jason won’t let him get involved, but Michael wants to prove himself. Michael thinks being in the business is part of his heritage and wants to learn it, but Jason refuses him. Michael is disappointed and says Jason is just like the rest of them.

Claudia goes upstairs to where she is hiding her hitman named Dominic. She puts a pillow over his face, but he fights back. He asks if she’s trying to shut him up or kill him. She says, “Whatever comes first.” He tells Claudia about what happened with Carly and she asks why Jason didn’t die last night. He tells her Johnny pushed Jason out of the line of fire and asks whose side Johnny is on.

Matt lashes out at Epiphany when she tells him all his files regarding Brianna Hughes are being confiscated and his office is locked. Maxie listens in and Matt storms off.

Toussaint catches Maxie trying to break into Matt’s office. Matt returns as Maxie spins a story explaining why she's there. Toussaint says the office is closed until certain files are obtained.

Patrick and Robin go to the mayor’s office, who isn’t receptive to them. Patrick says they want to find out what really caused Brianna’s head injuries. Patrick tells him Brianna’s injury doesn’t match his story and he’s shocked to learn Brianna suffered two blows to the head. Patrick supposes the mayor wanted her death to look like an accident. The mayor insists he was in love with Brianna, so he couldn’t have killed her. He explains how he was disillusioned after getting into politics and his marriage was grounded in mutual ambition, but that fell flat for him too. He says he was going to leave Andrea for Brianna and if she was murdered, he wants to know who did it.

Claudia goes to Johnny and angrily wonders why he saved Jason’s life. Johnny retorts Sonny would have been suspicious had he returned alive when Jason didn’t. He also says Jason vouched for him in front of Sonny and tells her to deal with the fact that they are both Corinthos soldiers for the foreseeable future.

Jason and Sam meet at his place and she tells him about Kristina. She says Kristina is acting out because of Alexis’ pressure and that, combined with Michael’s problems, spells disaster. Jason worries about Michael’s identity search and tells her how Michael approached him like he approached Sonny years ago. He feels like a hypocrite, but Sam thinks it’s understandable he wants to give Michael other options. She thinks Michael will eventually come around and see that Jason is looking out for him.

Kristina goes to see Michael after taking Alexis’ other car and apologizes for leaving him to hold the bag over the Jake’s incident. Michael understands and tells her about his run in with Dominic and how he wanted to get into Sonny’s business. As they talk, they hear Alexis walk in the house. Kristina runs upstairs and Alexis walks in and asks Michael to talk. She wants him to know she cares about him and appreciates how much he’s struggling, but she was upset that he was in a bar with her daughter. Michael says it won’t happen again, as Claudia approaches the door and listens in. Michael takes offense to Alexis wanting Kristina to stay away from him and Claudia walks in, shooing Michael out so she can take care of Alexis. Alexis tells Claudia she won’t take care of her or her daughter and if she thinks otherwise she is mistaken. Claudia warns Alexis sheltered daughters turn out to be the wildest and thinks Alexis shouldn’t shut her out of Sonny’s life. Alexis doesn’t want her daughter hanging around any house with her in it.

Matt apologizes to Maxie for what happened at Jake’s and asks why she is trying to break into his office. She tells him she doesn’t think he’s at fault for Brianna’s death and he assumes they are making progress on a personal level. Maxie tells him she’s not interested in him, but he thinks she should get to know something about him first before she blows him off. He tells her to follow him on Twitter and she says that’s all she’ll do.

Toussaint runs into Epiphany at the hub and he tells her the tour was a little rough on him because there weren’t as many fans as before, but he won’t give up.

Ric tells Andrea to let the lawsuit go through and if it is proven Garrett killed his mistress, so be it. Andrea, however, can't do that and won't be held back by a tawdry indiscretion.

Michael goes to see Johnny at the garage and says he wants to learn Sonny’s business from him. Johnny doesn’t understand why he would want this and tries to convince him to find another line of work. He tells Michael he won’t be the reason he gets shot again and Jason walks in asking, “What do you mean, again?

Back at the hospital, Patrick says he believed the mayor, but Robin isn’t so sure. They overhear Andrea yelling at Matt accusing him of killing Brianna and therefore ruining her husband’s career.

As she tries to hide, Kristina runs into a room and finds Dominic.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny and Michael get into a serious fight.

Claudia finds Kristina and Dominic together.

Patrick and Matt hire Ric to represent them.

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