At Sonny's place, Carly sees that something is bothering him, he tells her that Ric had Sam arrested. Sonny tells Carly that Sam is just the bait so that Ric can go after Jason and himself. Sonny tells her that he is in the position to help Ric get custody of Molly if that's what it takes.

At the hospital, Ric visits Alexis and wonders why all of a sudden Sam is considered a daughter to Alexis. Ric says that Alexis gave Sam a job and Sam used that position to try to clear Jason of all of his various crimes.
Jason storms in to the PCPD and hugs Sam. She tells him that she didn't steal anything and Jason tells her that she's being used to get to him.

Elizabeth walks into Kelly's and is surprised by Cameron, Audrey, Emily, Nicolas and Mike. It's her birthday. (Cameron is a cutie!) It's a Finding Memo party, Cameron picked the theme. Audrey points out that everyone except Lucky is there.

Jax brings a big plastic pumpkin full of candy to Alexis at the hospital. Alexis can't even be cheered up by chocolate, she tells Jax about Ric framing Sam. She's surprised at how capable Ric is of all the evil he's done lately.

Back at Sonny's, Carly warns Sonny against blaming himself for all the havoc Ric is playing on the people he cares about. He wishes he would have let Jason kill him the other night, and Carly reminds him that his mother wouldn't have wanted Ric dead. Sonny is worried that he can't stop Ric anymore he's the DA now. Carly says, So, we slow him down. Sonny quickly tells her that we aren't doing anything. He is going to take care of Ric.

Jason tells Sam that she needs to be strong and stay cool. He promises to get her the best defense attorney. Ric cuts their 10 minute visit short, at the DA's discretion. After Jason leaves, Ric closes the blinds in the interrogation room and shows Sam some pictures of Jason hugging Elizabeth on the docks. Ric suggests that Jason was happy to leave so that he could go be with his new lover.

The birthday party is starting to ramp up, Cameron gives his mother a train for a gift. Elizabeth loves it! Nicolas gave Liz a day at the spa. Nicolas announces that Lucky has a gift for her that he wants to give her in person, but jus then Mike comes in with the Finding Memo cake and candles for Liz to blow out. Liz is clearly upset that Nicolas is trying to make her feel guilty about not wanting to see Lucky. Emily takes her off to the side and helps Liz realize that since she's having Lucy's baby, she should find a time to let go of the pain and anger.

Still in her hospital bed, Alexis talks to Jax about Ric and his deviant behavior. As angry as she is at Sam, Alexis feels that Sam doesn't deserve this. Furthermore, Ric is using Molly to punish Alexis and she feels backed into a corner.

Jason goes to Sonny so they can discuss a plan about dealing with Ric. Sonny wants to play their game by their rules and let Ric make a mistake. He warns that Jason shouldn't even consider breaking Sam out.

Ric shows Sam the pictures of her Hero who has been cheating on her for a long time with Elizabeth. Ric says Jason is not sending a lawyer for her; he's free to be with Elizabeth now. He tells Sam that Liz is kind, beautiful, moral and the opposite of her. The evidence points to Sam and she will be going to prison. But, as he walks away, Sam slams a chair over Ric's head and makes a run for it. Before she makes it to the door of the PCPD, the Detective Cruse draws his gun on her. After he notices that Ric is knocked out cold, he signals for Sam to make a run for it!

Carly is sitting on the waterfront and Jax runs into her there. He has just left Alexis and wanted to look at the water to clear his head he's upset over Alexis's problems with Ric. Carly is worried too, about Sonny and how he's trying to honor his mother by letting his half brother live. She admits she has no idea how to help Sonny. She told Jax that he should rethink whether he wants to marry her, she feels herself getting pulled back into Sonny's world.

Elizabeth meets Lucky at Shadybrook and he tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. He asks about the party and apologizes for not being there. He has an anniversary gift for her and Liz wishes he hadn't. It's a beautiful bracelet, but she can't accept it. She just wishes he could get well. Then he pulls out a birthday gift. It's an envelope with a check for $300,000. He wants her to use it for a new house for the kids. She demands to know where he got that kind of money?

Sonny tells Jason that he's always suspected that Ric married Alexis to weasel is way into his life. Also, it makes Ric insane that Elizabeth has been with Jason even though it was only one night. Sonny points out that Ric only slept with Sam one night- isn't that bad enough? Max enters the room and told them that Sam escaped from jail. Jason takes off.

Sam, in handcuffs, is on the roof scrambling to find a way out of there. We hear a PA system announcing that the suspect is on the roof.
On the waterfront, Jax asks Carly if she still wants to marry him. She does, of course. Jax says, then they don't have a problem. When two people marry, it's always more than just two people. There will always be a Sonny, a Brenda, a Courtney; a Jason.Carly says it's getting really crowded in here. Carly suggests that they get married on November 16. She wants the wedding soon so that nothing messes up their plans. He agrees, the sooner the better.

At Kelly's, Nikolas and Emily are cleaning up after the party and Nikolas wants to know how she was able to get Liz to visit Lucky. Emily explains how people make mistakes and forgiveness comes. They look deep in each other's eyes and agree that things do get better over time.

Lucky admits that he borrowed the money from Nikolas. She tells him that must've been hard for him. She tells him that she can't take the money it would send him the wrong signals. Lucky says she knows he is filing for divorce and that he doesn't expect to live there with her. He just hopes that they can find their way back to each other.

Detective Cruse pays Alexis a little visit. He tells her that DA Lansing must've framed Sam. He doesn't understand how he could have conveniently found a flash drive full of incriminating evidence against Sonny and Jason. He says there's now way that Sam would steal anything from the PCPD and then hide it in her room for them to find. Plus, the evidence itself is bogus. Alexis tells him it will be hard to prove. She thanks him for coming and warns him not to tell anyone that he came there. After he leaves, Alexis runs her hands through her hair in frustration. A big chunk of it falls out.

Sonny goes to the PCPD and talks to Ric, who is now as awake as ever. Ric tells Sonny that he has an APB out on Sam. She has added assault with a deadly weapon to her list of charges. Sonny tells Ric that what he really wants is Molly, not Jason and Sam. Ric doubts whether Sonny has that much influence over Alexis. Sonny says that if he gives up his visitation rights, she might be persuaded to give up custody of Molly. If Ric is right, and Alexis loves Kristina more than Molly, the plan will work. All Ric has to do is drop the charges against Sam and call off the search. Then, he will get his daughter.

On the roof, Sam has barricaded the door to the stairs so that the officers can't get to her. She jumps over to another building (it looks somewhat doable), but ends up hanging from the ledge with her handcuffed hands. Just as she's about to fall, Jason's hands grab onto hers.


Laura is missing from Shadybrook and her family wonders if she has remembered anything.