Morgan tries to run from the hitman, but he pulls a gun on the boy. Morgan says he is Sonny's son, thinking this will scare him, but the man can't believe his luck. Morgan learns the man is from Bensonhurst before he doubles over. Morgan realizes his assailant was shot and finds out Jason did it. Morgan says if Jason shot him then they are enemies, but the hitman thinks they can help each other.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Rebecca passionately kiss and rip each other's clothes off before landing in bed and taking things further.

Sonny tells Claudia since Michael is staying with them now, he won't tolerate any acts of violence against him. He'll find out who ambushed Jason and Johnny and when he does, they will be eliminated. Claudia plays innocent, but Sonny questions her because he thinks Johnny should have been able to ID the attackers...unless he has a reason to protect them.

Sonny calls Johnny's phone, but he's busy making out with Olivia. Olivia answers and giggles that Johnny can't come to the phone. Sonny demands Johnny get on the phone, but she says he's off the clock. Sonny orders Olivia to tell Johnny he needs to come to his house with or without his pants on.

Carly frantically looks for Morgan and calls Michael's cell phone when she can't find him. She tells him Morgan may have climbed out the window to follow him. Michael thinks maybe Morgan took the shortcut to Sonny's house and Carly worries that he is alone in the woods. She wants to talk to Sonny, but Michael doesn't want to involve him, saying they can find him by themselves. He tells her to meet him in the woods and hangs up. Carly grabs a flashlight and leaves the house.

While they sleep, Rebecca has a dream that she sees Nikolas with Emily, who declares the prince will always be hers.

At their house, Robin and Patrick go through Brianna's autopsy report and learn there were no drugs in her system. Robin goes to put Emma to bed and leaves Patrick to pour over the report.

Over the phone at Ric's place, Andrea tells Garrett she is in no mood to see him because his affair could ruin both their lives. After she berates her husband some more, Ric walks in and Andrea tells him their plan is going south. They talk about the mayor and his mistress. Ric thinks she should cut and run, but Andrea thinks she can contain it and she needs his help. Andrea tells Ric they have to get rid of this lawsuit and asks Ric to approach Brianna's family. He thinks they deserve an explanation and he does too.

After Sonny gets off the phone with Olivia, he lashes out at Claudia, who thinks he is just upset Johnny is with Olivia.

Johnny stops things with Olivia so he can deal with Sonny. He says the job went south and she thinks Sonny sent him on the job because of her and worries he'll keep putting him in the line of fire. Olivia tells Johnny to come back when he's done no matter how late it is.

As Carly searches for Morgan in the woods, the hitman asks Morgan to find the GPS on his phone. As they talk about how to get back to the road, Carly comes upon them and the mystery man grabs Morgan and points the gun at Carly. As he lets Morgan go to Carly, Michael jumps out and tackles the man, but is quickly taken down. The hitman learns Michael is Sonny's kid too and tells him to stand with his mother. He lets them know he doesn't want a hostage, he just wants to leave with no hassles. Before he takes off, he asks them all to toss their cell phones in the woods and then instructs Carly to tell Sonny he could have shot them all, but he didn't, so Sonny owes him and he will collect.

Nikolas finds Rebecca outside and she tells him it feels like she's living Emily's dream. He assures her he didn't think about Emily once tonight and that it was all about her.

Patrick calls Maxie to come over and asks about Spinelli working on Brianna's case. Maxie notes Robin isn't there and he says she's with Emma, so who knows how long she'll be. Maxie points out Robin didn't even want to touch Emma, but now he can't pry the baby out of her hands.

At Sonny's Claudia tells Johnny to be careful with what he says and then Sonny comes out wondering who tipped the guys off at the meeting. Sonny wants to know if he can trust his brother-in-law and Johnny defends himself.

Robin returns to discuss Brianna's case with Maxie and Patrick. Maxie tells them Sam's information on Brianna was taken by the lead detective and they speculate over what could have happened. After Maxie leaves, Robin finds something in Brianna's file, which is that Brianna was hit twice in the head in the exact same spot, which means she was probably murdered.

Nikolas and Rebecca go back inside and she wants to leave, thinking they should work up to spending the night together. Nikolas, however, wants to wake up holding her, because you never know how quickly, or what, you may lose. He says it's up to her and she kisses him.

Johnny goes back to Olivia's and even though she looks sleepy, she pulls him inside. He tells her Claudia thinks she's only sleeping with him to get at Sonny and wonders if it's true. She responds that she's already been there and done that, she doesn't sleep with older men and if she wanted Sonny she would say so. Instead, she wants Johnny and they kiss.

Sonny and Claudia argue over Johnny and the baby's paternity. He says if the baby is his, it will be protected just like all his kids will be and will never be part of his business. Sonny goes upstairs and Claudia goes outside and finds her hitman who tells her he's been shot.

Carly asks her boys what they were thinking and Michael apologizes to his mother for all his wrong decisions. Carly agrees both Morgan and Michael blew it, but she loves them anyway and would do anything to keep them safe. She then hugs both her sons and gets teary.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia hides Dominic.

Kristina is the next Corinthos in trouble.

Ric and Andrea continue to plot.

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