Nikolas teaches Rebecca the waltz and she steps all over his toes. He tells her to imagine she is a princess and all she has to do is follow the prince. She gets the hang of it and then she stops and runs away, but accidentally leaves her shoe behind.

As Jax tries to subdue an outraged Michael, Morgan cries for his brother to stop it or else he will make their mom sick. Jax lets go of Michael, who makes peace with Morgan, but gives attitude to Jax. Carly orders her sons to go upstairs and tells Jax what happened with Michael at Jake’s. She thinks his anger is part of the healing process and they can handle it. Jax doesn’t think it’s good for her or Michael and believes he is getting worse. Carly thinks they can deal with it, but Jax reminds her she has a high risk pregnancy and it’s too much stress for her and maybe it will be better if Michael doesn’t live there. Carly wonders how she is supposed to send her son away. It hurts Carly that she is not the one who can help Michael. Jax reassures her and Carly worries about Michael living with Sonny.

In the woods, Johnny pushes Jason out of the way as bullets are fired. They shoot back and make a run for it, but not before Johnny wonders if they are supposed to go on three, or say three and then run.

Sonny and Claudia have sex, which Sonny regrets, but Claudia thinks it’s no big deal considering they are married and she’s already pregnant. Claudia thinks their marriage could work if he gave it a chance, but Sonny calls her treacherous. They argue over the baby again and the phone rings. Claudia yells, “Wrong number,” into the phone and hangs up. Sonny notes she’s jumpy and asks if she’s expecting some news.

Alfred tells Nikolas he saw Rebecca go to the launch and gathers the evening wasn’t a success. Nikolas tells him that, actually, it was.

Rebecca runs into Ethan on the docks and tells him how magical her night was with Nikolas. She says it was like it wasn't her dancing, but Emily. Ethan thinks it sounds like all is going according to plan, but she gets emotional over the connection she felt. Nikolas comes off the launch and asks Ethan to leave them alone. Rebecca tells Nikolas she didn't expect for it to feel so right and Nikolas admits he felt it too. He asks her to come back to Wyndemere and she agrees. He slips her shoe back on her foot, as Lulu and Lucky walk up on them. They awkwardly explain what's going on and Lucky thinks maybe Elizabeth was right, but Lulu thinks they are adults and can do whatever they want.

Michael and Morgan play video games as Michael says Morgan’s the big brother now because he knows how to handle things and doesn’t freak out. Michael has to relearn that stuff and it’s not fair for everyone to have to deal with him until he does. Michael packs his stuff preparing to go to Sonny's, but Morgan asks him to stay. Michael says he can't fix things while living there and Morgan can visit him any time at Sonny's and sneaks out the window.

Claudia covers with Sonny, as Jason and Johnny come in explaining they were ambushed.

The hitman limps in the woods and calls someone saying everything went south and instructs them to send a car for him.

At Johnny's garage, Claudia wonders why Jason is still alive. Johnny yells that he could have died along with Jason. Claudia assures her brother she loves him and wouldn't let anything happen to him, as Olivia comes in the garage. Claudia says catty things to Olivia and Johnny asks his sister to leave. She does so and Johnny says he's glad to be alive and he and Olivia start to make out.

As Carly and Jax discuss Michael, Morgan comes downstairs and tells them Michael went to Sonny's.

Jason tells Sonny they were set up and Sonny is about to say they have to send a message when Michael walks in begging to live there.

Nikolas and Rebecca go back to Wyndemere and discuss how natural it feels for them to be together. Nikolas hopes he can give her some of the happiness she has given him and they kiss.

Sonny calls Carly to let her know Michael is fine and Michael gets on the phone and apologizes to his mom. Carly isn't mad and says he can stay there, but she hopes she can visit him. He says any time and gives the phone back to Sonny.

After she hangs up the phone, Carly tells Morgan Michael wants him to come by and see him and when he gets better he'll come home.

On the docks, Jason and Jax meet and Jax explains what happened that night. Jason says it's a bad time for Michael to move in with Sonny. Jax is flabbergasted saying this is why Michael got shot in the first place. Jason tells him they are trying to make sure it never happens again.

Michael tells Sonny what happened with Carly and Jax and Sonny is proud of him for not hurting anyone, telling the truth and making the right choice. Sonny promises it will get better.

Carly makes Morgan some cocoa, but when she returns from the kitchen, he's gone. She goes to is room and finds his window open.

Morgan is out in the woods with a backpack and flashlight and gets grabbed by the hitman.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly and Michael look for Morgan.

Ric is up to no good.

Patrick and Robin try to solve a murder mystery.

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