Nikolas sets up a romantic setting for himself and Rebecca as she walks out in the dress he got for her. She wonders what changed his mind about her and he says he knows he can separate her and Emily and even appreciate the little bit of his ex he sees in her. Rebecca wants to enjoy what they have together right here, right now. She has never met anyone like him and only cares that she is in this gorgeous dress with him. She says some fairytales only last one night and she wants to enjoy every minute of it. They kiss and then Nikolas turns on some music, but Rebecca can’t dance so she declines his invitation. He holds out his hand and offers to teach her the waltz.

Johnny and Claudia fight about the hit she set up on Jason when Olivia walks in. Olivia and Claudia exchange heated words and Johnny orders his sister to leave. After Claudia is gone, Olivia asks Johnny over for dinner, but he has to work for Sonny.

Sonny tells Jason he needs to make a statement at the meeting because he wasn’t forceful enough last time and Michael got hurt. He tells Jason to take a no tolerance policy in regards to disloyalty and that includes Johnny if he gets out of line. Sonny will not allow another innocent person to get hurt because of him.

Carly and Jax revel in their love when Lulu comes over. Jax leaves to pick Morgan up and the cousins catch up on Michael, Ethan and Johnny.

At Jake’s the boy Kristina is with, wants to leave the bar, but Kristina wants to help her brother who is lying on the floor. As the boy leans over Michael, Michael punches him and after the boy leaves, tells Kristina that’s the most fun he’s had in over a year. The siblings sit at the bar discussing how they each got there when Alexis comes in. Kristina says Michael had a hard day and she was trying to talk him into going home. Michael plays along and Alexis tells Kristina she was using poor judgment. Alexis calls Carly and tells her Michael is at Jake’s.

Jason and Johnny get ready for their meeting and Johnny asks Jason if he ever wanted to get out of the business. Jason says he tried, but it didn’t work. His job is to make people disappear. Someday he’ll disappear because that’s the job. He doesn't want any innocent people to get caught in the crossfire, but outside of that it’s all business.

Olivia goes to Sonny and after overhearing his phone conversation about Johnny, yells at him for sending the mob prince on a dangerous mission because he slept with her. Sonny tells her to get over herself, but Olivia begs him not to single Johnny out and to send someone else. Sonny won’t discuss business with her. Claudia comes in while Olivia and Sonny argue and the women exchange ugly remarks. Olivia again accuses Sonny of punishing himself for Michael getting hurt by hooking up with Claudia and leaves.

Alexis brings Michael and Kristina to Carly’s and although sympathetic, says she only wants Michael to visit Kristina under supervision. Alexis and Kristina leave and Carly interrogates Michael. He says he wanted to have a little fun after therapy and there’s nothing she can do to stop him from doing it again. Michael gives Carly attitude and she asks what happened to his face. He lies to her and she assumes he got in a fight. As Jax and Morgan come in Michael shoves Carly and Jax grabs him.

Olivia goes to Johnny’s garage and gets a call from Dante. She tells him she doesn’t need him in Port Charles right now and will see him on Sunday. She tells him she’s proud of him and the choices he’s made. Lulu comes in asking for Johnny, but Olivia says he’s gone. Lulu has his check from his last club appearance and they have awkward conversation about Johnny.

Claudia and Sonny argue about Olivia and their own relationship, which apparently serves as foreplay as they start to passionately kiss.

Jason and Johnny walk through the woods scouting out the meeting and Johnny sees a red dot aimed at Jason’s head.

Next on General Hospital:

Rebecca runs away from Nikolas.

Jason and Johnny are ambushed.

Jason doesn’t think Michael is safe at Sonny’s.

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