Nikolas tells Rebecca he can’t be with her anymore because she reminds him too much of Emily.

Michael tells Carly he’ll go to therapy by himself so she can’t police his every move. Jax offers to take him, but Michael doesn’t like that option either. Michael wants Carly to have some faith in him and his cab pulls up. Michael leaves and Carly announces she’s going to the hospital, but Jax doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Carly reluctantly listens to her husband and he goes out for a bit, but wants her to stay there.

At the garage, Olivia helps Johnny work on her engine, which seems to turn him on as he grabs her and kisses her. Sonny walks in and wants Johnny to do some work for him – now! Olivia tells Sonny his problem is with her so he needs to deal with her. Sonny says as soon as he’s done with Johnny, the sooner she can get her car back. Olivia relents and leaves and Sonny tells his brother-in-law he wants him to go with Jason to the Zacchara meeting because he knows them. Johnny says as long as Sonny stays out of his personal life he will remain loyal to him.

Claudia talks to someone on the phone and says it can’t be traced back to her, but she wants to make sure Jason doesn’t come back alive from his meeting. She hangs up and Jason makes his presence known looking for Sonny. They bicker and Claudia accuses him of feeling guilty over not protecting Michael, so he’s laying the guilt on her.

Andrea wants Patrick to settle the suit confidentially so she doesn’t become tabloid fodder. She doesn’t think she should be punished for supporting her husband’s career. Robin comes in looking for Emma’s toy and meets Andrea. Robin leaves and Andrea thinks it would be better for him and his family should the lawsuit go away. Andrea wants to know what she can do for him if he makes the lawsuit go away. Patrick says nothing, but she tells him she will be in the position to offer him any number of favors and she always pays her debts.

Elizabeth grabs Lucky at the hospital to talk to him about Tracy’s doubts regarding Rebecca. Lucky thinks she’s on the up and up, but Liz thinks she’s cheating on Nik with Ethan.

Alone, Rebecca talks to Emily’s grave about the hole she left in Nikolas’ heart. She wishes she knew what it was like to be loved so completely and then Monica walks up. Monica knows she’s not just like Emily and offers to listen if she wants to talk. Rebecca doesn’t know what to do about Nikolas and Monica urges her not to give up on him.

Robin comes back to Patrick’s office who tells her Andrea wants the suit settled out of court. Robin informs Patrick Andrea hired a P.I. to follow Brianna because she knew about the affair. Patrick wonders why Andrea lied about just finding out about it.

Andrea instructs her husband not to call attention to his connection to Brianna and to let her do the talking.

Monica goes to Nikolas and wonders why he ended things with Rebecca. She thinks Emily wouldn’t think it was wrong and asks him not to use Emily’s memory to shut out the rest of the world. Monica leaves and Nikolas calls Rebecca.

Claudia comes back downstairs and she and Jason argue some more. Sonny comes in and tells Olivia Johnny needs to show the people he cares about some respect and tells her to get her brother under control. Claudia storms out and Sonny tells Jason he doesn’t want to see Olivia get hurt. Jason notes that’s how it always starts with him. Sonny tells Jason if he needs a human shield with Johnny at any point…He says he’s just kidding, but warns Jason not to turn his back on him.

Olivia goes to see Carly and tells her she and Johnny are involved. Carly is shocked, yet tickled as Olivia tells her how they hooked up and how Sonny and Claudia are getting involved. Olivia is afraid Sonny will go after Johnny and asks Carly to talk to Sonny for her. Carly doesn’t think Sonny will hurt Johnny. Jax comes home and tells Carly to meet him upstairs in ten minutes. Olivia leaves and Carly goes upstairs.

Johnny plays the piano at Jake’s, as Michael comes in and orders a beer. The bartender refuses him, but he throws his last name around and Johnny takes notice. With a beer in hand, Michael plays pool and Johnny offers to play him for money. They talk about Claudia and Jason and then Johnny says everyone in the mob was at fault for what happened to him and apologizes. Michael says he’s known about what his father does for a living for a long time and thinks he and Johnny come from the same place.

At the hospital, Ethan tells Rebecca he’s setting up the card game and Liz sees them. She runs to Lucky who mocks her, but Liz thinks Nikolas will get hurt in all this.

Claudia rushes into Johnny’s garage warning him about Sonny, but Johnny isn’t worried saying he’s going to the meeting with Jason. Claudia is happy because that means the plan is still on. She tells him when they get to the meeting, Jason will be ambushed and all Johnny has to do is let Jason die.

Kristina and a boy go into Jake’s and buy beer with fake IDs Michael walks over to see his sister and meets her friend who makes fun of his brain damage. They get into it and Michael hits him. The boy hits back and Michael goes flying.

Rebecca shows up at Wyndemere and Nikolas says he’s sorry he hurt her and wants to try and make it up to her. He has a special evening planned and opens a box that contains something he wants her to wear.

Carly and Jax enjoy a rose petal filled bath and he gives her a necklace. He thanks her for trusting Michael and him. Carly thinks she hears the door slam, but Jax says no one is coming home for some time and they heat things up in the tub.

Next on General Hospital:

Alexis finds Michael and Kristina at Jake’s.

Michael lashes out at Carly.

Olivia is concerned for Johnny’s safety.

Johnny holds Jason’s life in his hands.

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