Robin comes to the hospital and she and Patrick plan to figure out what happened to Brianna, starting with the shower.

Maxie enters Spinelli’s office telling him she has two weeks free from Kate because she is out of town. Maxie wants to explore their deeper connection, but Spinelli is distracted by the mayor’s case. Maxie lists a string of things they can do while Kate is away, but Spinelli wants to solve the case first and then they can go away together. Maxie is thrilled he wants her help and they take off for the mayor’s office.

At Emily’s grave, Rebecca tells Nikolas she can’t fight her feelings any longer. She tells him she loves him and they kiss, but then Emily walks out of the crypt in the dress she wore the night she died begging him not to do this. Nikolas wakes up from his dream and Elizabeth is there, who came by to check on him. Nikolas explains his dream to Elizabeth and she thinks it’s just his conscience telling him he still wants to be with Emily. She thinks he needs to really grieve for her and then let her go.

Rebecca comes to the Haunted Star and slaps Ethan asking what is going on with him and if he is trying to sabotage her plans now. Ethan explains that by shining a light on what Nik was already thinking, he was forced to defend himself to Rebecca, thereby furthering their bond. As they argue, Tracy walks in and wonders what they are talking about so intently. Ethan says there is no scam here, they are just talking about the card game he is setting up. Rebecca leaves and Tracy says Rebecca needs pointers from Ethan because she isn’t as good as he is. Ethan has more pressing things to talk about because he thinks Luke is in trouble. Tracy thinks he just took off and then Lucky and Lulu come in at Ethan’s request. He tells his siblings that Luke is missing and they roll their eyes. Ethan is outraged that no one is taking this seriously, but he’s told Luke does this all the time and it’s nothing to worry about.

Alexis summons Max to her office to talk about Diane. She wants Max to encourage her to drop the suit against the Drakes. Max is sorry, but he won’t touch this one. Diane comes in wondering what is going on and Alexis lies saying he came by to give her an update on Michael. Diane doesn’t buy it and Max says they are worried about her because she’s working so hard. Diane says her mob clients have been law-abiding of late and she’s bored so she took on the Brianna Hughes case. She wonders if he’s concerned about that case and he crumbles and tells her Alexis wants her to drop the case. Diane can’t believe Alexis did this and Max says he agrees with Ms. Davis. Diane doesn't want his advice on her career and an offended Max storms out. Diane wonders why Alexis is trying to protect the mayor and Alexis urges her friend to drop the suit. Diane says when Alexis is ready to tell her what’s really going on she will be there to listen and to help her any way she can.

Spinelli tries to break into the mayor’s office, but has trouble so Maxie does it for him noting that Robin taught her how. As they look around the office, Mac and the mayor come in talking about the police budget. Mac sees Maxie and Spinelli hiding in the corner, but doesn’t alert the mayor and gets him to leave the office. Spinelli and Maxie laugh and kiss over how close that was.

Robin and Patrick hit the hospital showers to figure out how Brianna could have bumped her head as they try to recreate the situation, Matt walks by smirking and saying, “I can’t wait to hear your explanation for this.” Patrick and Robin explain and Matt apologizes for getting drunk at Jake’s and how he acted. Patrick informs his brother he’s been named in the lawsuit as well. Robin walks away and Matt is sorry Patrick has gotten pulled into this mess. Patrick says it's not his fault and that something else happened to Brianna that caused her death and they have to prove that.

At the hospital, Epiphany asks Nikolas to conduct his personal business on his own time, but Nikolas retorts that she is assuming things and she has no say on who he sees or when. Epiphany isn’t intimidated and warns him she will take this matter to the board if he interferes in her staff's work. She walks away and Nikolas apologizes to Rebecca for the way he acted last night. Rebecca just wants to know if they are over. Nikolas needs to sit with this for a while, but he thinks Emily would have loved to have her as a sister.

Mac comes to the hospital to talk to Robin and tells her about Maxie being with Spinelli in the mayor’s office. He doesn’t think he can ask Maxie what she was doing there because it will just turn into a fight and asks Robin to find out what is going on.

Spinelli and Maxie return to his office and he worries about Mac coming after him. Maxie assures him no harm will come to him and Spinelli thinks the conversation they overheard about the mayor wanting detectives at his disposal means they are on to something.

Nikolas goes to Emily’s grave and Rebecca walks up, just like in his dream. He asks what she’s doing there and she explains she followed an impulse to visit her sister’s grave. She thinks maybe Emily is bringing them together. She says her feelings for him are getting stronger and Nikolas can’t stop what he’s feeling for her.

Elizabeth meets Lucky at the Haunted Star and they discuss Nikolas, while Tracy fires Ethan because he is bad for business. Lulu thinks Tracy is being vindictive and Ethan thanks his sister for her defense, but Lucky wonders why Ethan would want to stick around. Tracy tells him she saw Ethan and Rebecca with their heads together.

Robin stops by Spinelli’s office and asks Maxie why they broke into the mayor’s office. Spinelli explains and Robin is interested to learn the mayor’s wife already knew about the affair.

Patrick goes into his office to find the mayor’s wife there who wants Patrick to settle the case or else it will ruin her life.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia sets out to eliminate Jason.

Olivia turns to Carly for help with Sonny.

Michael and Kristina meet up at Jake’s.

Monica changes Nikolas’ mind.

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