Diane and Alexis watch and provide commentary, as Johnny manhandles Matt. Coleman pulls Johnny off the young doc and Matt throws a glass, as Olivia walks in.

Sam and Jason discuss her assailant who was in her office and Sam doesn't think the guy ever saw Jason’s face so they won’t have to worry about getting arrested. Jason is distracted though because he doesn’t know how to help Michael. He’s afraid Michael is going to flip out on the wrong person and do something he can’t take back. They discuss Michael’s living arrangements and why Michael is so frustrated and angry. Jason informs Sam about Kristina’s reckless behavior and she worries for her sister. Sam says she will handle her and assures Jason Michael loves him and in the end love will win out.

Claudia and Sonny try to convince Michael why living with Carly is best. Michael thought Claudia was on his side and she assures him she is. Carly is bothered by their closeness and Michael says he doesn’t understand why anyone wants him around due to the way he’s been acting. Michael worries about hurting Carly or Morgan and doesn’t want to disappoint everyone. Sonny tells his son he is a miracle because he woke up and nothing he does will ever disappoint them. He says the decision for him to live with Carly has been made and they will not back down. They will get through it because that’s what families do.

At the blackjack table Nikolas apologizes to Rebecca for not returning her phone calls, but admits he feels like he’s betraying Emily by being with her. Rebecca understands and wonders if anyone in town would want to see her if she didn’t look like Emily. She’s starting to have feelings for Nikolas and wonders if he reciprocates. Nikolas says he does and she thinks maybe they can build on that. Ethan jumps in and asks if it’s creepy for Nik to be falling for his true love’s twin. Rebecca gets offended, but Nik thinks as Luke’s son, Ethan has a unique perspective. Rebecca is surprised to hear about Ethan's parentage and Ethan wonders if Nik can expect someone, a twin no less, to replace the love of his life. Nikolas thanks Rebecca for the game and leaves. Rebecca then wonders what Ethan is up to and he lets her know he can blow her out of the water anytime he feels like it. She tries to slap him and he stops her and then they kiss.

Coleman tries to reason with a drunk Matt, as Spinelli is dismayed the mob prince had to save him again. Matt continues to bait Johnny and lunges for him. Johnny hits him as Patrick and Robin come in. Coleman wants everyone to just get along, as Diane takes notes about Matt’s behavior and wonders if he was drunk while performing surgery. Matt belligerently talks about the surgery to Patrick, as Olivia is afraid she knows what this is all about. Matt yells out to Diane that he didn’t do anything wrong in the surgery and Patrick tells his brother Brianna’s death wasn’t his fault.

Kristina comes to Carly and Jax’s house looking for Michael, but Jax tells her he’s not there. He asks how she thinks Michael is holding up and Kristina says Michael feels like he’s missed out on a lot, but she’ll help him any way she can. Jax thinks maybe she can get him on board with one of her volunteering projects. Carly returns with Michael and he and Kristina go out on the porch.

Carly tells Jax about Claudia siding with her in front of Michael, but she doesn’t buy it for one minute. She worries that Michael doesn’t see Claudia is manipulating him and doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

Michael tells Kristina he wants to move in with their father, but Sonny doesn’t want him to. Kristina says at least he has contact with him and suggests he play his parents to get what he wants. She then asks him to get Jason to keep quiet about the joint he found on her.

Sonny is surprised by Claudia’s support of Carly and she tells him she still hates Carly, but her maternal instinct kicked in when she fell down the stairs and understands how worried she is about Michael. Claudia cares about Michael, but the most important thing right now is her baby. Sonny notes she’s sounding like a mother and then Ric comes in. Ric tells them after what happened to Michael there is no way in Hell he’s letting Sonny raise his child. Ric warns Sonny to get control of the Zacchara revolution before another kid gets shot.

Spinelli goes to Johnny to thank him for his assistance. Johnny says he got lucky and calls Matt’s attack on Spin a sucker punch. Spinelli and Maxie leave as Alexis continues to try and dissuade Diane from going through with the lawsuit. Diane calls this the most fun she’s had in months, aside from Max of course.

Patrick tells Matt he shouldn’t have let him do the surgery alone, but Matt insists the surgery was textbook. Patrick says Brianna Hughes died because of him, so it’s his own fault, as Diane’s ears perk up. Alexis walks over and tells them not to discuss the case anymore and Robin agrees. Across the bar, Olivia fills Johnny in on what’s going on. Robin and Patrick take Matt home and Alexis tells Diane she can’t formulate evidence on a barroom brawl at Jake’s, but Diane says, “Watch me.”

Maxie and Spinelli go back to the office and fill Sam and Jason in on what happened at Jake’s. They talk about Brianna Hughes dying and Sam says the mayor’s wife hired her to tail Brianna because she thinks her husband is cheating on her. Sam thinks maybe the cop who confronted her knew Brianna died. They all recap the recent events and Spinelli suggests the case was not an accident, but murder.

Robin and Patrick go home and wonder what they’ll do about Matt, but they don’t come to any conclusions. Diane comes to their door to tell Patrick he is being named a co-defendant in the lawsuit against Matt.

Johnny and Olivia play the piano at Jake’s and then get flirty. Olivia wants to take him home and patch him up and they start to make out.

Michael comes back inside the house and after making nice with Carly, says he’s going upstairs. After he leaves the room, Jax says he knows this isn’t what Carly expected, but she insists she won't let it upset her because it’s not good for the baby, as Michael listens in.

After arguing with Sonny about Ric, Claudia says she doesn’t care who the father is. She only cares about the baby and will do what’s best for him or her.

Next on General Hospital:

Diane questions Alexis’ actions.

Robin and Patrick recreate the crime scene.

Tracy finds Ethan and Rebecca together.

Patrick gets a surprise visitor.

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