As they drive, Kristina narrowly misses hitting someone and Michael playfully chastises her for her driving skills.

Sonny softens towards Claudia after hearing her talk to the baby, but Claudia is too tired of their constant back and forth, so she’s leaving. Sonny stops her saying he doesn’t want her to go. Claudia says they have to come up with new rules, such as no more interrogations and Ric isn’t allowed on the property. Michael walks in the room and tells Sonny he wants to come home.

Carly apologizes to Jason for lashing out at him, saying she’s just scared. She needs his advice because she doesn’t know how to get through to her son. Jason reminds her how she was with him when he had his accident, but Carly points out it’s different because Michael is her son and she has to look out for him. Jason suggests she not make herself the person he has to fight, but Carly says it’s not a popularity contest and that it’s her job to make sure he’s okay. Jason thinks she’ll only make things worse though if she doesn’t give him some space. Carly eventually agrees, even though she’s not making any promises. Carly gets a call from Sonny and learns Michael is okay. Before she leaves to pick him up, Jason tells her to listen to what Michael has to say.

Johnny goes to Jake’s and Coleman pours him a scotch and then shows him the piano he bought for the bar in order to class up the joint. Johnny sits down to play, but his music is too morbid, so Coleman asks him to play something more upbeat.

Alexis walks in to Jake’s and orders a glass of wine and enjoys Johnny playing Chopin. Diane meets Alexis who suggests she drop the malpractice suit against Matt. Diane has no sympathy for the mayor, but Alexis says if this scandal gets out, Floyd’s career will be ruined. Diane thinks if he stepped down, Alexis could run for mayor.

Spinelli and Maxie go back to his office and discuss Kate being blackmailed. Maxie thought Jax was the primary investor, but Spinelli thinks he’s just one piece of the puzzle. Spinelli is concerned about Sam’s whereabouts because she should have been back from her infidelity case by now, as someone lurks in the hallway. Spinelli pulls up Kate’s financial records to trace her funding thinking if they figure out who is blackmailing her, then they can help her. Spinelli doesn’t find anything and they head out to Jake’s to take a break. After Spinelli and Maxie leave, the shadowy figure returns.

Spinelli and Maxie enter Jake’s and Spinelli orders a whiskey, which doesn’t go down so well. They notice Johnny playing piano and Spinelli is dismayed. Maxie says she’s heard Johnny play before at a party in New York, which makes Spinelli jealous, but she tells him it bored her.

After deducing that she drove Michael to Sonny’s, Jason goes to see Kristina. He suggests she not be such a wild child, but Kristina assures him she can make her own decisions and shuts the door in his face.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s and Sonny tells her Michael went for a walk with Claudia. Carly isn’t pleased and assumes Michael asked to move in with Sonny. They debate the issue and Sonny thinks it might be best for Michael to live with him right now.

On their walk, Michael and Claudia bond over how awful it was to be in the hospital. Michael thinks she is the only person who understands, but she tells him he needs to be careful as well. Michael talks about how mad he gets with Carly and Claudia suggests he play it smart by picking his battles and not flying off the handle at everything. Michael is upset the world went on without him and Claudia thinks they should set goals that have nothing to do with getting the year of his life back. He wants Carly to stop babying him and for people to treat him the age he is instead of the age he was. Claudia gets tired and wants to go back to the house. Michael tells her he needs to live twice as much and twice as hard to make up for lost time.

Matt enters Jake’s drunk and Diane makes remarks about how young he looks for a doctor. Matt hits on Maxie, as Diane and Alexis discuss Matt’s role in Brianna’s death. Spinelli tries to get Matt to leave, as Maxie blows him off. Matt persists and insults Spinelli. When Spinelli tries again to get Matt to walk away, Matt hits him. Johnny comes to Spinelli’s aid, as Maxie yells at Matt. Spinelli tries to hit Matt back, but misses, so Johnny steps in and takes care of him.

Rebecca comes to the Haunted Star and after learning Ethan is alone, she tells him the plan isn’t working because Nikolas has been avoiding her since he found out she is Emily’s sister. Ethan wonders if Nikolas has reservations and Nik walks aboard asking, does he have reservations for what? Rebecca covers by saying she was making reservations for them at the casino and Ethan tells them the place is theirs. Nikolas and Rebecca sit at the blackjack table and she asks why he’s been avoiding her.

In her office, a man attacks Sam as Jason comes to the door with his gun drawn. Jason knocks him out and Sam tells Jason he’s a cop working for the mayor.

As Carly and Sonny continue to discuss where Michael should live, Claudia and Michael return. Michael says he should live with Sonny, but Carly says his parents should decide that. Michael asks what Claudia thinks and she says he should live with his mother for now.

At the hospital, Patrick beats himself up for letting Matt operate on Brianna, and won’t let Robin take any of the blame for luring him to the park. Patrick is certain Matt did all he could, but it wasn’t good enough. Patrick thinks he could have saved the woman by being the one in the OR, but he wanted to prove to his brother he had confidence in him. Robin tries to console him and Patrick thanks her for listening to him.

Coleman calls Patrick to tell him to come to Jake’s because Matt’s in big trouble.

Next on General Hospital:

Michael fears he will hurt someone.

Sam reveals she was hired by the mayor’s wife to prove he was cheating on her.

Patrick gives Diane more ammunition in her case.

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