In the O.R. Matt, Elizabeth and Epiphany work quickly to stabilize Brianna.

Kristina visits Michael and brings him a joint. She thinks they can get a wheelchair and go for a ride while they smoke it. Carly comes in and asks what’s going on. Kristina gets a wheelchair and Michael says he had a craving for a candy bar. Carly asks Kristina to get him one so she can talk to her son. Kristina leaves and Patrick and Robin enter saying Michael’s numbers are good and he can go home.

Sonny and Jason discuss the possibility of Claudia’s baby being Ric’s. Sonny needs to wait to get a paternity test until he knows for sure and orders Jason to back off until then.

As Kelly performs an ultrasound on Claudia and her baby, she finds a heartbeat, but warns Claudia she’s high risk because she is under a lot of stress.

Lulu and Maxie go to a spa to meet Spinelli who followed Kate there and is ready to crack the case! They overhear Kate and scramble to hide, as she walks by. Spinelli thinks Kate will reveal what's going on while her guard is down as she gets a facial. However, Spinelli is roped into getting a full body wax first. Giselle walks by and they wonder why Kate’s rival is at the same place as Kate. Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli listen in as Giselle instructs Kate to continue to do whatever she asks or else she will go public with the truth about Crimson.

Patrick and Robin flirt at the nurse’s station, but then Matt comes out and announces that Brianna died. Robin tries to console Matt about his losing a patient, but he is unreceptive, saying it sucks, but it happens.

Patrick goes to the O.R. where Elizabeth is cleaning up the room. He thinks he should have done the procedure, but Elizabeth reassures him. He asks what happened in there and Liz says Matt did a good job, but he wasn’t brilliant when he needed to be, not like Patrick.

Michael gets dressed and Carly hovers over him a little. He thinks it would be better if he went home to Sonny’s, but Carly disagrees because it will break Morgan’s heart and she can’t stay calm unless he’s home with her.

Olivia comes to see Sonny to tell him something. Claudia walks up and hears Olivia saying she walked in on Claudia and Ric who were in a close, heated moment. She doesn’t want to see him get hurt if the baby isn’t his. Sonny appreciates her honesty and doesn’t want her to feel bad because he already had an idea about them anyway. Claudia barges in yelling names at Olivia and accusing her of doing this because she told her to stay away from Johnny. Olivia and Claudia argue and Sonny demands they stop. Olivia leaves and Claudia vows she’s been faithful to him, but Sonny says they’ll see. In the meantime, if she wants to leave, she can.

Robin and Patrick discuss Brianna and Patrick thinks his brother will need them. Patrick recalls the first patient he lost and Robin thinks he should remind Matt it’s no one’s fault. Matt walks up and says that’s not necessary. Robin leaves to let them talk and Matt is defensive when Patrick offers to help him figure out why Brianna died. Diane walks up on them and informs them Brianna’s family has retained her to sue them for malpractice. Robin returns and they debate the merits of the case and Diane says she will be in touch. Patrick assures Matt they will fight this and Matt wonders if Patrick has any doubts about him blowing the surgery.

Kristina comes back to Michael’s room and finds the joint he left on the bed. Jason walks in and she hides it behind her back, but Jason finds it. Jason tells her to keep it away from Michael and Kristina thinks maybe he should stay away from him because he’s a hitman and leaves.

Carly and Michael go home to Morgan and Jax, who are dressed for karate class and who have balloons and a welcome home sign up. Carly thinks their family is complete. Morgan and Jax tell Michael they updated his room with video games and Michael is upset to learn of all the changes while he was in a coma. Morgan doesn’t want to go to karate, but Michael doesn’t want him to miss it on his account. He says, “Life moves on. Right Mom?” Jax and Morgan leave and Michael feels like he doesn’t belong there. Carly calls him the center of the family, but Michael notes they went on without him. Carly says they didn’t forget about him, but they had to move on as best they could. She wants to know why it’s so hard for him to be where he’s loved and he yells that what happened to him isn't fair and accuses her of trying to control him and runs out of the house.

Kristina, who has her learner’s permit, waits for Michael in a car and tells him Jason busted her with the joint. Kristina worries Jason will tell Alexis and she doesn’t want to disappoint her. She wants Michael to ask Jason not to tell her mother and then Michael sees Carly coming out of the house and ducks.

Matt continues to be defensive as Patrick and Robin try to help him. Patrick will do whatever he can to help, but Matt doesn't need him.

Claudia packs a bag and comes downstairs. She tells her baby this was supposed to be his/her home, but Sonny doesn't want them there. She promises to take care of her baby because she loves him/her. She vows to be the best mother she can be as Sonny listens.

Jason comes to Carly’s house who is in a panic over Michael. Jason thinks she should give him some space, but Carly tells him the last time she listened to him, Michael was shot.

Kristina and Michael go for a drive.

Next on General Hospital:

Sonny has a change of heart.

The mayor wants Diane to drop the case.

Patrick has regrets.

Matt gets out of control at Jake’s.

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