At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin the injuries of the mayor’s mistress don’t match up with his story he told and thinks they are in the middle of a cover up. As they discuss the case, Alexis walks up and wants to talk to Brianna (the mayor’s mistress). Patrick says they need to run more tests because the injuries are more serious than originally thought. The mayor comes off the elevator and Alexis tells him she will not cover up an assault of Brianna. The mayor tells Alexis there was no assault and goes into the same story he told Patrick and Robin, but Alexis tells him it doesn't match up.

Jason comes to Michael’s room as he yells and throws things at Elizabeth. Jason grabs Michael to calm him down and Elizabeth leaves. When Jason lets go of Michael, the boy punches him. Jason restrains him again and Michael cries as Jason tells him everything will be okay, but Michael doesn’t understand why he’s acting like this. Jason explains Michael has to take some time to relearn everything, but Michael wonders what happens if he can’t relearn all that stuff and does something terrible while in a rage. Jason thinks he won’t because of who he is at his core and offers his help any time.

After Kelly examines Claudia, she tells her she’s having trouble picking up the baby’s heartbeat and she’d like to do another ultrasound. Sonny comes in and asks an upset Claudia why she’s crying. She says she is crying tears of joy because the baby is fine and Sonny asks how soon they can do an amnio. Kelly tells him August and he books the date.

At Crimson, Spinelli, Lulu and Maxie discuss Kate’s underhanded doings and Lulu worries about losing their jobs if they expose her. Maxie wants Spinelli to crack the case so his P.I. career can take off, but eventually agrees with Lulu. Kate comes off the elevator and asks what they are talking about. Maxie says Spinelli is there to fix her computer. Kate demotes Maxie to second assistant for the day because she continues to call Spinelli over instead of calling tech services. Kate orders Lulu to come to a party with her and after she’s gone to her office, Maxie says they need to shock some reality into their smug boss.

Carly and Jax prepare Michael’s room for him to come home and Morgan comes in the room asking after his brother. They tell Morgan Michael has a lot of adjusting to do and he’ll have to be patient with his brother. Morgan will do whatever he needs.

Sonny and Claudia come home to a changed living room. Claudia says the decorators must have come and suggests he change it back if he doesn’t like it because it probably doesn't matter anyway. Sonny wonders if she’s admitting the baby is Ric’s. They argue about it and Claudia storms off.

Patrick orders another round of tests and wants to talk to the mayor, who continues to tell Alexis she needs to let it go. The mayor won’t answer any more of Patrick’s questions and suggests if Brianna has any problems it is because he botched her treatment and leaves. Alexis wants to be kept updated on Brianna and also leaves. Matt runs out and tells Patrick Brianna is seizing.

Carly asks why Jax is so distracted and he tells her Morgan and Michael remind him of how much he wanted to be like his own brother. He thought there were lines Jerry wouldn’t cross, but he was wrong. Carly thinks he is not responsible for Jerry and that they have to focus on the good in their lives.

Matt and Patrick discuss who will perform Brianna’s surgery and Matt states his case to his brother, asking him to have faith in him. Patrick decides Matt will perform the surgery on Brianna and goes to the park with Robin and Emma.

Carly and Morgan play video games in Michael’s room and Carly tells her youngest son he was brave and really came through for her when Michael was in a coma. Morgan wonders if Michael will be so different that he doesn’t like him anymore, but Carly assures him his brother loves him. Morgan can’t wait for Michael to come home and thinks Michael will teach him how to drive since he will have a car to drive back and forth. Carly thinks she’ll have to cross that bridge when she comes to it.

Jason goes to Sonny and tells him what happened with Michel and that he’s worried. Sonny get a call from Michael who tells him about his outburst and worries it will happen while he is at Carly’s house. As Carly and Morgan walk in Michael's room, he asks Sonny if he can live with him.

Johnny and Claudia meet up in the hospital lobby and she tells her brother she thinks her baby is dead and if that’s the case, Carly will pay for what she did.

Alexis happens upon Jax in the park who is worried about keeping secrets from his wife. Jax wants the kids in his house to know who they can trust and who they can’t and Alexis wonders if he’s talking about someone other than Jerry. Jax says no one else was involved in Michael’s shooting and Alexis urges him to keep the secret from Carly.

Lulu, Spinelli and Maxie debate the Kate issue and their boss comes out instructing Lulu to follow her. They leave and Spinelli thinks maybe they should back off the investigation, but Maxie is intent on blowing Kate out of the water.

Patrick, Robin and Emma enjoy quality time at the park and Patrick has every confidence in his brother’s surgical skills. Robin thinks it’s good for them to have family time so they can keep their balance.

In the O.R., Epiphany, Elizabeth and Matt joke about the mayor having a mistress and the surgery goes fine, until the monitors go off indicating that her vitals are dropping.

Sonny tells Jason Michael wants to live with him, but he doesn’t know if that’s the right thing. Jason doesn’t like the idea because of Claudia and Sonny says if Claudia’s baby is Ric’s he doesn’t know what to do with her.

Kelly performs an ultrasound on Claudia, but doesn’t see a heartbeat.

Next on General Hospital:

Claudia gets confirmation on her baby.

Michael comes home.

Kristina and Michael go for a dangerous ride.

Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli discover what’s really going on with Kate.

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