At the hospital, Robin and Emma drop Patrick off at work and she asks him to play hooky, but he can’t because of Michael. Olivia calls Patrick and asks him to come to the Metro Court right away and to be discrete.

Maxie barges in on Jason and tells him Johnny heard the tape of Claudia and babbles on about how she loves Spinelli, but is attracted to Johnny.

Nikolas comes to see Monica to tell her about Rebecca being Emily’s sister and they discuss the possibility of Rebecca scamming them.

On the pier, Helena eavesdrops as Rebecca tells Ethan Nikolas knows she is Emily’s sister. Ethan thinks this is a great way to get even more money, but Rebecca thinks people are getting too suspicious. They discuss who might be an obstacle to them and Rebecca says the only one she’s really worried about is Jason. Ethan says she should get to him before anyone else does and win him over.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy looks over the books and bemoans the fact they aren’t making any profits. Luke tells her about the card game he’s putting together when Holly calls. She tells him she’s in trouble, but she’s really getting a massage. Luke is disbelieving, but she tells him to hurry before it’s too late. Tracy grabs the phone and tells Holly to make her distress calls to some other sucker and hangs up. Luke and Tracy argue about Holly and he assures her he isn’t leaving her for anyone else, but wonders why she is determined to shove him out the door.

Patrick and Robin come to the Metro Court and Olivia asks them to have some discretion. They walk in on the mayor, who is with a woman passed out in his bed. Olivia calls for an ambulance as Robin and Patrick examine her. Mayor Floyd panics and says he can explain. Robin says the woman’s pupils are dilated and Patrick finds a bump on the back of her head. The mayor is cagey, but then admits she slipped in the shower while they were having sex in there and hit her head on the showerhead. He says she was fine and then they came back in the room to relax. He went down to get her some acetaminophen and when he came back, she was passed out and then he called Olivia for assistance. He doesn’t want this indiscretion to ruin his career and Olivia gets a call that the EMTs are coming up. Mayor Floyd gives them her name and then runs out. Patrick says his story doesn’t add up and Robin says they need to run some tests.

Ethan comes to the Haunted Star and overhears Luke and Tracy arguing about Holly. Tracy again tells Luke if he walks out on her, he should just keep walking. Luke warns her she is making it a self-fulfilling prophecy, but Tracy tells him this isn’t fun for her anymore. She hopes he stays, but she won’t hold her breath. Tracy leaves and Ethan understands Tracy’s stance. Luke tells Ethan he won’t leave because everything he wants is there. He says he may take off one day though and hopes Ethan will come with him if that happens. Ethan still doesn’t believe Holly is his mother and they debate the issue. Luke says the test results are coming in today, but Luke already knows in his gut that Ethan is his son. Ethan wants Luke to be his father, but that doesn’t mean he is. Luke is confident that he is, but if he’s not he will love him like a son anyway. Ethan can’t just sit around waiting and leaves.

Jason tries to get Maxie back on point about Johnny and she asks him not to go after the mob prince. Rebecca knocks on the door and asks to speak to Jason alone.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth and Lucky that Rebecca and Emily are twins. Elizabeth thinks Rebecca already knew about it, but Lucky doesn't think it matters because they got a piece of Emily back. Nikolas recounts the story and says he is still trying to put the pieces together. Elizabeth is disbelieving and thinks Rebecca is conning them, but Lucky defends her.

After Maxie leaves, Rebecca tells Jason she and Emily are twins. She explains the story and Jason tells Rebecca how much he loved Emily because she accepted him for who he was. Rebecca wishes she had known her and Jason thinks she would have welcomed her with open arms. Out of respect for Emily, Jason tells Rebecca if she ever needs anything he will help her.

Johnny and Maxie meet at Kelly’s and she tells him to be careful because she told Jason he heard the recording, but she asked Jason not to go after him.

Johnny goes to see Jason to tell him Maxie doesn’t know much and he didn’t hear much of the recording either. Johnny asks him to leave Claudia alone, but Jason says he needs to stay out of it and no harm will come to him. Johnny appeals to Jason’s love for Emily to understand his relationship with Claudia. He urges Jason to let the past be the past, or Jason will have to kill him before he kills Jason first. Jason says that’s how their world works and Johnny understands that, but asks, “What would your sister think?”

Ethan goes to Lucky’s house and Lucky begrudgingly invites him in. Lucky says Ethan is just like Luke and Ethan notices Lucky works hard at not being like his father. Ethan tells Lucky about the DNA test and tries to get Lucky to soften towards Luke. Ethan gets a text that confirms he is Luke’s son. Ethan is happy, but Lucky warns him that Luke will break his heart.

Rebecca goes to the Haunted Star to see Ethan under the guise of talking about the poker game, but he's not there. Helena reveals herself and taunts her about her scam, as Luke watches from the shadows. Helena threatens to tell Nikolas she is conning him if she doesn’t team up with her. Helena will contact her with instructions to get several things from Nikolas, but Rebecca tells her not to count on her help and leaves. Luke confronts Helena and as he starts to blackmail her, Helena's new bodyguard knocks Luke out. Helena says it’s been far too long since she’s had Luke at her mercy.

Monica brings Rebecca in her office and invites her into the Quartermaine family. They hug as Nikolas looks on through the window.

Next on General Hospital:

Michael lashes out at Elizabeth.

Kelly performs an ultrasound on Carly.

Jax confides in Alexis.

Matt faces a crisis while operating on the mayor’s mistress.

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