Robin sets up some candlelight and wine and Patrick is appreciative of the setting. They start to kiss, but Emma makes some noises over the baby monitor. Even though Patrick assures her those are her happy sounds, Robin goes to check on her. Robin returns telling Patrick to enjoy the wine even though she can’t due to her meds. Robin feels like she owes Emma something, but Patrick assures her their daughter loves her and so does he. Robin wants to be the woman he wants and the best mom that Emma deserves. Patrick tells her she already is who he wants and they toast to new beginnings. They start to kiss on the couch, but the phone rings with word about Michael being back at the hospital so Patrick leaves.

Sonny and Ric exchange words in Claudia’s room and Sonny orders him to get out. Ric leaves and Claudia asks if Sonny was just with Carly. She gets upset that he cares more about Carly and her baby then he does her. Sonny leaves to find Dr. Lee to give her something to calm her down.

Michael hugs his mother upon her request and Carly thinks everything is going to be fine. Jax leaves to make some calls and Carly asks Michael if he left the hospital because of something Claudia said. Michael is confused by this line of questioning, but says he told Claudia he remembered her saying she was sorry while he was in a coma. Carly wonders what Claudia has to be sorry about and then asks why he left the hospital if it wasn’t Claudia. He tells her he just had an opportunity, but he wants Carly to take it easy on Claudia because she’s nice to him. Carly asks if he remembers anyone else coming to visit him or if he remembers her voice, but Michael doesn’t.

Nikolas walks in on Ethan and Rebecca and Ethan says they have something very important to discuss. He tells Nik about a high stakes poker game and Rebecca admits that’s her game, but she can’t afford to buy in. Ethan thinks Nik could buy in for her and Rebecca backs up the story. Nik wants to talk to Rebecca alone and Ethan leaves, saying, “Keep your eye on the prize.”

Ethan leaves and Nikolas shows Rebecca the FBI file on her that Alexis had. He also tells her Emily was her twin sister and Rebecca gets upset as she denies she knew anything about it. Rebecca asks if he believes she didn’t know and he tells her he believes she came to Port Charles to follow a real connection to Emily that she didn’t know existed. Rebecca cries and says it’s like she’s lost a piece of herself because she’ll never know her sister. She says the closest she’ll ever get to her is through him and he tells her he wants to show her someplace.

Olivia catches Jax up on business in the hospital lobby and he tells her he’s concerned Michael will put Carly and the baby in danger with his erratic behavior. Olivia tells him to suck it up and find a way to navigate it until everyone is safe because his fighting with Michael will cause more trouble between him and Carly.

Alexis comes home and tells Kristina she works too hard and needs to have some fun. Kristina tells her she stayed up so they could talk and tells her about the misunderstanding with Jason. Kristina spins the story to make it look like it was all Jason’s fault and Alexis tells her Jason won’t tell Sonny, but Kristina doesn’t think he’d even care. Alexis says the problems with her father have nothing to do with her and then gets called back to work.

Jax returns to Carly’s room to find Patrick checking on Michael. Carly tells them about Michael remembering Claudia while he was in the hospital and Jax asks if Michael could remember everything. Patrick says it’s a possibility.

Sonny runs into Olivia and tells her about Claudia and Ric. He doesn’t trust Ric or his wife and they discuss his reasons for marrying Claudia. Olivia thinks he married her to punish himself for what happened to Michael and tells him to trust his instincts.

Claudia talks to her baby as Ric reenters her room. They fight about him possibly being the father of her baby and Claudia says if he tells Sonny, she will miscarry and then he will have that on his conscience.

Patrick returns home and Robin tells him how wonderful he is for sticking around to see her through her issues. They start to get intimate and Patrick makes sure it’s what she wants. Robin assures him she doesn’t want him to stop. They have sex and Robin can’t believe she almost threw everything away. Patrick thinks they both realized they wanted to fight for what they have. Emma starts to gurgle over the monitor, but Robin is content to stay in Patrick’s arms and just listen to her baby’s happy sounds.

Sonny sees Ric leave Claudia’s room and asks his wife why Ric is so concerned about her and the baby. He asks if the baby is his and Claudia vows she has been faithful, but Sonny wants an amnio done to prove he is the father.

Nikolas takes Rebecca to Emily’s grave and she wants to know what her sister was really like. He tells her she was sweet, generous, kind and funny. She wonders what Emily would have thought of her and Nik says she would have been shocked and upset, but after accepting what happened she would have been ecstatic to know she had a sister like her. Rebecca asks if this changes things for them.

Michael goes back to his room and Carly tells Jax Michael leaving the hospital brought them closer and she hopes things will get back to normal.

As Michael sleeps, he recalls hearing Claudia and a man’s voice saying they are sorry.

Next on General Hospital:

Jason, Elizabeth and Monica learn about Rebecca’s connection to Emily.

Luke confronts Helena.

Olivia happens upon a shocking scene at the Metro Court.

Johnny appeals to Jason.

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