Alexis explains to a disbelieving Nikolas that Emily’s parents gave birth to twins, but couldn't afford to keep both of them so they sold one daughter on the black-market. Alexis gives Nikolas more proof regarding Rebecca, but he says there is no proof Rebecca knows she had a sister. Alexis wonders even if that were to be true, does he really think he should be involved with his dead fiancée's twin sister? She leaves the file with him and hopes he will see the situation for what it is.

In her room, Rebecca reminds Ethan that they weren’t supposed to have contact. They ask each other if they have changed their minds about going through with their plan. Rebecca says she came to PC to get what should have been hers if her parents had sold Emily instead. She says things have changed a bit, but he’ll still get his cut. They recall meeting at the airport bar where they were grounded due to the weather and he picked up her wallet and ticket and hit on her. She shared her story with him and he proposed the plan that would help her win the Q’s and Nikolas over. Ethan offered to share his expertise in conning if she would cut him in on a piece of the pie. It is also revealed that Rebecca and Ethan slept together and that he helped her learn who all the major players were in the game. After their trip down memory lane, Rebecca tells Ethan she genuinely likes everyone in Port Charles and they aren’t who she thought they’d be. Ethan tells her to remember it’s Emily they see in her, but Rebecca doesn’t think it matters because they want to accept her. Ethan fears she’s breaking the first rule of the con, which is to not get emotionally invested in these people. She admits it would be easier if the Q’s were awful to her and Ethan asks how she feels about Nikolas and if she’s having second thoughts about conning him. Nikolas knocks on the door and enters. He sees Ethan and asks what’s going on.

After falling down the stairs, Carly and Claudia are stabilized and as Carly is rushed off, Claudia asks a concerned Sonny not to leave her alone.

When he can’t take anymore of Kristina’s inappropriate behavior towards Jason, Michael reveals himself. Jason wants to take Michael back to the hospital and Sam rushes in after Jason called her for help with her sister.

Claudia lies in a hospital bed and thinks she’s fine. Sonny asks what happened to cause the fall and Claudia explains, but spins it to make it seem as if Carly attacked her for no reason.

Carly worries about the baby, but Kelly assures her everything is fine right now. Jax asks his wife what happened and she fills him in. Carly worries about Claudia hurting Michael and about where her son might be.

Sam gets Kristina to put some clothes on and Michael says he doesn’t want to go back to the hospital. Jason tells him if he keeps this up he could end up back in a coma.

Claudia calls Johnny and urges him to call her back to let her know if he found Michael. Ric comes to the room and wonders what she’s doing out of bed. She tries to blow him off, but he is concerned about the baby. As Claudia tries to leave, she doubles over in pain.

Jason calls Carly and tells her Michael is okay and he’s working on bringing him to the hospital. She tells him she fell, but that she’s fine. Kelly comes in Carly’s room and tells her that she and the baby are okay, but she wants to keep her longer for observation. Sonny comes to see Carly and gets updated on Michael. Sonny questions Carly as to why she went after Claudia. Carly tells Sonny what she heard Claudia say and Sonny wonders if Carly thinks Claudia would really hurt Michael. Elizabeth rushes in and tells Sonny Claudia could be losing the baby.

Claudia panics as Kelly examines her. After Kelly leaves the room, Claudia wants Ric to get out and he tells her to start acting like she wants this baby.

Jason tells Michael, Sam and Kristina about Carly's accident. Michael gives attitude about going to the hospital and Kristina backs him up even though Sam tells her to stay out of it. Michael eventually agrees to go back to the hospital and Kristina badmouths Jason to Sam. Sam defends Jason and asks what’s really going on with her. Kristina tells Sam about Jason dragging her away from the club without finding out why she was really there, which she says was for a friend. She also says she honesty thought she was helping Michael by hiding him, but Jason was mean and rude and he kills people for a living. She doesn’t think she can tell her parents and asks if Sam believes her.

Jason brings Michael back to the hospital and Epiphany pages Patrick. Elizabeth updates them on Carly, but Michael doesn't want to see his mother. Michael doesn’t get why Jason puts up with her and thinks she is using her condition to control them. Jason defends Carly telling Michael that she loves him unconditionally and he needs to return it.

Carly tells Jax she thinks Claudia will blame her if she loses the baby. Jax insists if that happens it will be entirely Claudia’s fault. Carly wonders why Jax hates her so much.

Sonny goes to his wife’s room and Claudia cries as she tells Sonny about her cramps and worries about losing the baby. Ric returns and Sonny wonders what he’s doing there and why he cares so much about the baby.

Michael begrudgingly goes to Carly’s room and asks if she and the baby are okay. She assures him they are and he tells her he left because the hospital is claustrophobic. Carly isn’t going to give him a lecture, she’s just glad he’s awake, happy and well. Michael tells his mom he’s sorry.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly questions Michael about what he remembers.

Sonny wants a paternity test.

Nikolas confronts Rebecca about Emily.

Patrick and Robin enjoy being together.

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